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Story: The Hot Sex Story of Christine, the "good" Woman (Part 4)

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Wednesday evening, we went to the driving school, I met Stéphane, a handsome man in his forties. Quickly I noticed that between him and Virginie, certain complicity existed.

There too, I fill out a form, he gives me the codebook to study and we go into the room where he projects my slides, I have to answer A or B depending on the question posed on a response card.


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When the session is over, he corrects it.

- Failed, I made almost one in two mistakes.

- It is normal, within three weeks if you work your book well and if you go on sites of slides identical to those which I presented to you, you will pass the exam successfully.

- With the code in our pocket, we'll tackle driving.


Thursday, I went to the divorce lawyer. The secretary receives me, even though she was a very beautiful woman, she must be close to retirement.

She ushers me into her office.

He gets up to greet me, older than his secretary, in a suit, white shirt, pope's bow, a real engraving from the Musée Grévin.

I hold out my hand, he grabs it and gives me a hand kiss in the traditional way. He leans in and brushes the back of my hand. For a fraction of a second, I think "watch out grandpa you're going to get stuck."

I almost burst out laughing, I contain myself and I sit in the chair facing his desk.


Virginie recommended me before leaving, especially not to fall for my interlocutor.

Let her be reassured, given the character, there is no risk.

- My little lady, your husband came to see me wishing to divorce, he asked me to initiate the procedure entirely to his fault. He takes care of everything. The two of you have only one common asset, your apartment, he has put it up for sale and I understand that several buyers are interested. As such, if you agree, I will have you sign an authorization for your husband to initiate the sale of the property on behalf of the couple?

I sign without regret.

To facilitate the sale, he asks me to remove everything I want to keep as well as my personal effects.

- As soon as this good is done, I will make an appointment at the palace so that a judge can initiate the conciliation procedure.

- If you sign the statement of disagreement, he will pronounce the divorce.

- Do you accept the procedure as it is proposed to you called "amicably", or do you want me to contact one of my colleagues who will take care of your interests.

I confirm my choice for the first formula, hoping that everything is finished quickly.

- Thank you for your trust, you can be sure that I would have at heart to give you all my support in this difficult ordeal.


He gets up, walks me back to the threshold of his office, I extend my hand to him, he advances his, begins to lean, I grab it quickly and squeeze it avoiding the risk of back blockages.


Saturday, the week ended, we find our Charentaises.


This evening, my big one decided after eating to initiate me to love men.

To this end, she brought a porn DVD which she bought in a sex shop near the institute.

As usual, in two steps three movements, we are naked.


We swallow our meal quickly, then we sit on the sofa, she starts the film. After the recommendations concerning the protection of minors, the first images appear.

A couple is in a kitchen, Madame is in front of her sink washing vegetables, she wears only an apron, her buttocks are bare, her husband walks behind her and thanks her for finally agreeing to be naked at their place.

He embraces his wife with his arms, she turns around and kisses him lovingly.

He takes off her apron, she is naked.


Virginie takes me in her arms and at this sight serves me more strongly.


The woman kneels in front of her man undoes his belt and pulls out of his pants a rod of a good size.

She rubs it all over her face with envious eyes. Quickly, she opens her mouth and begins to suck this beautiful cock meticulously.


Virginie freezes the picture.

- These images do not shock you?

- No, but I never had a cock in my mouth.


She brought near her a dildo that I do not know, she grabs it and begins to take it in the mouth. Running his tongue over the foreskin of the penis. She runs her lips all the way back and forth, taking it back into her mouth pushing it even deep in her throat.

After a few minutes, she passes me the rod. - To you, let me see how you suck, my beautiful bitch. You should know that a "blowjob" is what it's called, is one of the things women can do to men that they love. Nothing is degrading about giving guys a blowjob. I can tell you that this is one of the love practices that I like to do to them. I like to feel this rod, which I knead and suck, swell in my mouth until it becomes a very hard bar that will be able to penetrate me.


As a good student, I take the object, make it penetrate between my lips.

I let my tongue go over the end and suddenly I swallow it as far as possible as I saw it do by my big one.

The head of the saw touches my glottis and retching takes hold of me.

- Oh! My beautiful, calm down, take your time. She's not going to fly away, catch your breath.

I spit out the rod, and a few minutes later I start to handle the machine again.

- Well done, you just learned something new, you will become the queen of pipe cutters.

She relaunches the DVD.

Before getting up, Madame takes the latex hood that her man passes her and with his mouth slides it all the way down the penis to the testicles.

DVD stop.

Virginie takes a velvet bag from a table behind the sofa, opens it, and pulls out an out-of-nature ebony penis in front of me.

The base of this extraordinary shape and volume dildo is flat. She places it on the table and takes a condom out of the bag.

- It's up to you, put on his hood.


Be careful, whenever in the next few days you have sex with men, you will never forget to cover it up. Sexual illnesses, including AIDS, tend to roam the streets of our time. Even if your future partner looks good to you, you can never know where he dipped his brush beforehand. If you forget this precaution all you have to do is cry until the end of your days.

- Now try.

I take in hand the magnificent ebony penis, the condom of the other, and sliding the whole in two licks and mouth I unfold it correctly along the column.

- Bravo, my slut told me my sex sister, me, the first time I did not succeed, a few more lessons and you will soon be more expert than me.

She relaunches the DVD.

The woman stands up, leans on the table, lifts a leg that she places at ninety degrees on the latter, her man comes from behind and plunges his rod into her gaping pussy. He pounded her vigorously until she uttered little cries of pleasure.

Again stop the DVD.


- You see, my beauty, for a woman, any position can be practiced. So you see that when your man was content to cover you and penetrate you, he lacked imagination. In addition, you will notice when I relaunch the images, that the husband has only one ball, yet he is one of the most famous porn stars with his ball, which does not prevent him from making his partners cum. It's called "Tof".

She was going to relaunch the DVD.

- Can you stick your pretty ebony dildo in my cunt. I want to, look how my little wet pussy.

Seizing the object of my lust, she removes my private lips with one hand, puts it on me directly to the bottom of my cave.

This violent movement should have made me cry out in pain, but it is a shrill cry of pleasure that I launch.

My God! That my pussy is full! I hope that this black protuberance that comes out of my penis will stay there as long as possible, stretching my raw flesh to continue to provide me with these violent pleasures which break in waves.

At this moment a telephone rings.

Virginie takes her bag and takes out a cell phone that I did not know her, she takes the pen and the pad from the table and notes, “Eurotunnel, departure from Gare du Nord, 4 pm, Sunday. London, Rubens Palace near Westminster, room five hundred and sixty, eight o'clock, hotel bar.

I am very surprised by this information transcribed on her pad by my friend. Seeing my surprise, she takes me in her arms, gives me a big hug, and begins to explain.

- I haven't told you everything about my life, since I was eighteen, I've been a woman who appeals to both men and women. Also, I was introduced by a friend in an escort-girl network. On my first dates, I made them with her when contracts for two women were offered to her.

Since then, I have continued to make regular trips around the world when gentlemen, sometimes women, need female companionship of great aesthetic and intellectual quality.

We must always be dressed to the nines.

They like us to be learned, it showcases them in front of their friends.

This gentleman or these gentlemen take us almost every time to high-standing restaurants, proud to show themselves with pretty women on their arms.

I travel all expenses paid and receive an indemnity rarely less than one thousand to five thousand euros per evening, depending on the easements.

For eight years, I have been going to these appointments several times a month.

I have amassed a nice sum.

I was able to afford the institute, as well as the pavilion where we are.

I am leaving tomorrow for London where I will meet a man who wishes to have my company.

- Won't you be afraid alone here?

I return Monday afternoon Gare du Nord.

- I am used to staying alone in my apartment, but there, I am not reassured at the idea of ​​staying in your isolated house.

- I have an idea, I'm going to ask Anne if she is available to come and spend the evening and the night with you.

Immediately, she picks up her phone and calls him. No problem, the little one can come, all she has to do is call her parents to look after her daughter for two days.

The grandmother will be angelic.

Virginie takes me to the bedroom to take a deserved rest, the next day will be very busy for her.


The next day, we spend the morning sunbathing and lazing by the pool. We eat quickly at noon, she takes a bubble bath, does her hair, does her makeup, and dresses in clothes out of her wardrobes that I have never seen her. She prepares a bag in which she only has to place the work phone and a small sports bag from a brand well known for its exorbitant prices. She also takes out a suitcase from the same brand.


She explains to me that sometimes the time to honor a contract is very short and she always has to be ready. When she returns from a meeting, before putting them away, she checks them completely.


At two-fifteen, we go out. A taxi is waiting, we take the direction of the Gare du Nord which we reach at three o'clock. One hour early. We - we sit on the terrace of the bar at the station, ten minutes later, a helmeted man arrives at our height and deposits an envelope near Virginie, turns on his heel, and walks away quickly.

Discreetly she hides it and goes to the bathroom.

When she returns, we drink a coffee and take the direction of the train.

On the way, she explains to me that the courier that we saw, is part of the organization and brought her, the return train tickets, the reservation for the room, and part of the sum of money.


I accompany him to his wagon, we stay hand in hand, our eyes are riveted and the desire to kiss us overwhelms us. Decency prevents us from taking the plunge, she enters the airlock, I jump on the step, she turns around our mouths are briefly. I reach the platform and wait for the doors to close to go back to the taxis.


An hour later, I arrive at the pavilion. Anne comes to receive me and drags me inside. She prepared the table, I dare not get naked, not wanting her to feel obligated to do the same.

When the meal is finished, the kitchen tidied up, she asks me if she can go to a sauna. She loves this hot and very dry atmosphere.

No problem, I'll give you a bathrobe and a towel so you can enjoy it without getting burned.


I go to the garage to turn on the device as I learned to do, while she undresses in the bedroom.

Twirling and hopping like a little flea that she is, she leaves for the garden.

I undress, remove my makeup, and put on a bathrobe. I walk over to the sauna, open the door a crack, and ask her if I can come in.

- Of course, the lower bench is free.

With the door closed, I sit down. We are seated face to face. Anne took off her bathrobe and put the towel on her stomach. I can admire her tiny bare breasts with the raspberry that I saw through her tank top.


The heat starts to make me sweat, I take off the robe and place it under me.

My right hand is a few inches from her stretched legs. I am bolder and take her ankle, no reaction, I move my hand from the ankle to her knee, she still doesn't say anything.

Her wet skin allows my hand to come and go. She slides wonderfully.

She grabs my hand, drops the towel, and places it on her fork.

I, who was afraid of shocking her earlier, find myself caught in a whirlwind of sensations. Its slit is covered with very thick fleece and black as jet. Position in front of her, I see the lips of her pussy. I move forward and I enter one, then two, three of my fingers into her well-moistened penis.

She spreads her legs, the fourth finger, then the fifth come together. They are like an arrow positioned in the axis of his cave. She takes my wrist and while turning it from right to left, then from left to right, makes it penetrate inside her penis. When you see this little woman, it is unthinkable that such a small penis, such a small belly would be able to swallow my five fingers. And yet the rotational movement makes penetrate a phalanx, two phalanges, the third is passed, the widest part of the wrist crosses its intimate walls, and a few seconds after my whole hand is inside.

Her belly seems to me as distended and I'm afraid of having hurt her, of hurting her, her eyes almost completely rolled back attest that it is not so, she seems to take enormous pleasure in this penetration. Emerging, she asks me to open my hand.

I start to spread my fingers, her belly increases in size, her vaginal secretions flood my fingers but in a different way from that of Virginia. I feel a thick liquid pouring over it. Little by little I manage to open my hand.

She is completely flat at the bottom of her sex.

From that moment, she screams her enjoyment like I never heard the two other women with whom I made love scream.

I dare to move my hand back and forth.

This doll is so small that I feel like the tips of my fingers in her stomach are at the height of her heart.

I feel like I can feel it beating at my fingertips.

I remain for many minutes the hand fully entered his privacy.

I finally take it out, his cock emits a sucking noise as if he regrets being abandoned.


We come out of the sauna and dive into the pool.


Night has fallen, we return to my room, still naked.

Take! it is the first time that I am going to sleep in this bed having from the beginning share the layer of my beloved.


We go to the bathroom and take a bath face to face. I placed my legs on either side of my chip, her toes are placed at the entrance to my cave. Insidiously they touch me, caress me, she makes them make a movement from bottom to top which quickly ignites my vulva. I enjoy making very nice little noises.

Out of the tub, I wipe her off, hug her and kiss her on the tip of her nose. Strangely, I hesitate to take her lips, certainly being impressed by her little girlish looks.

We lie down, she snuggles up against me, I ask her how and since when she practices the penetration of a hand into her penis.

After the birth of her daughter, when her father abandoned her, she vowed not to have any more men in her life.

One evening her little tickle was itching so much that to extinguish the fire that was burning her, she introduced herself, as I had done one, two then her five fingers in the vagina.

Until this day her only hand has gone to the bottom of her.

As she asked me in the sauna, she learned to open her hand and thus to have pleasures never before achieved with the only male who made love to her, making her a child the first time.

As we fall asleep, I realize that for the first time in my life, I have taken the initiative to provoke an action causing a partner to achieve enjoyment.

My initiator will be proud of her slutty student when she returns and I tell her all about this adventure.

Let’s sleep, now, after what I have just experienced and learned about my friend regarding her secret life, a night's rest can only benefit us. Without forgetting a thought for Virginie who must honor her contract in London.

I can't wait to find her tomorrow….

And yes see you tomorrow, good night everyone.

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