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Secret to Cardi B’s long and shiny hair is Onion Water, see how she does it

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Cardi B recently revealed the trick to her gleaming, lustrous hair. It's not a pricey leave-in conditioner or an exclusive salon service. Not at all, it is simply onions! 

She adds in the caption of a recent Instagram post that included a picture and a video of her hair, "My previous two washes, I have been cooking onions and utilizing the water to wash my hair." First, there is a back view of her long hair that purports to show how it appeared before she applied her home remedy. Then, in a video, she displays straight, shiny hair that appears healthy, strong, and smooth—possibly as a result of water that has been infused with onion.

"When I first began my path toward healthy hair growth six years ago, I used to do this. I quit because I became so lazy." She goes on to add to the caption. You may ask, does the onion water smell? Cardi B claims, "It's odorless. She continues, "I find that it's giving my hair a shine."

The post received a ton of supportive replies. A fan's reply on the official Instagram account read, "If Cardi washes her hair with onion water, we wash our hair with onion water." Others say that they have used onions, especially onion juice, on their own to treat their hair, and some have pointed out that the "WAP" singer's Dominican roots may have something to do with this hair secret.

You might be persuaded to try the trick for yourself after watching the footage of Cardi B's hair after she gave it a DIY shine treatment at the grocery store. However, experts agree that the DIY method has some actual advantages.

According to a few studies, topical onion juice may be an effective natural treatment for non-scarring alopecia, a disorder that causes hair loss, according to Tiffany St. Bernard, Ph.D., the CEO of HairDays. She continues, "This is probably because onions contain sulfur and have antioxidant characteristics."

What do you think of Cardi B's claims that onion water makes her hair shiner? According to St. Bernard, "Hair shine could be brought on by a variety of different circumstances and products, but it would be safe to assume that if Cardi B frequently uses onion rinses and experiences results, they may be helping to bring out that healthy shine." Additionally, according to St. Bernard, utilizing onion juice as a rinse or treatment prior to using shampoo or conditioner shouldn't leave a fragrance behind. She says that after the onion rinse, you should use apple cider vinegar or aromatic oils to get rid of any smell.

According to St. Bernard, using onion juice, such as Cardi B's boiling onion water mixture, should be safe to use on all kinds of hair. If you have an onion allergy, you shouldn't try this hair hack. St. Bernard continues, "Whether you're conscious of having allergies or not, you should always test new products or treatments on a small area of skin before using them all over your scalp. She also says that you should talk to a qualified dermatologist or trichologist about your hair problems.

If you're unsure about using onions for hair health, there are other options to encourage shine and development. According to St. Bernard, rosemary has been scientifically shown to be excellent at encouraging healthy hair development. "Your hair will be nourished from the inside out by exercising and eating a good, balanced diet," she continues. To prevent unintended damage, you might prioritize utilizing protective styles.

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