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Sex Therapy

  • Do you want more pleasure in and during sex?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the expectations placed on you as a woman/man?
  • Don't you feel at home in your biological gender (sometimes)?
  • Do you feel comfortable with your feelings/your behavior/sexual desires that do not conform to the norm and you feel that you are not allowed to express yourself?
  • Does your body not "function" during sex as it is expected?
  • Do you experience pain during sex?
  • Do you cum too early or not at all?
  • Do you have weak erection, no erection or low libido?
  • Are there discrepancies in sexual togetherness with your partner; different desires that you cannot reconcile?
  • Are you single at the moment and would like to know how you can live a fulfilling sexuality with yourself?
  • Has your body/sexuality changed after pregnancy and childbirth and you still haven't found yourself?
  • Are you looking for a partner?
  • Do you need porn entertainment?
I invite you to contact me with these and other questions. It's good to talk about things, to learn that what you're feeling might not be all that unusual, and that there are many ways to work on your issue and find your own sexual balance.

I believe that every person has the potential to change, from within themselves. Sometimes all we need is a little impulse from outside to get your ball rolling.

As a sex counselor, I want to help you get this impulse, to be an accepting, non-judgmental listener and thereby give you the opportunity to see yourself in an appreciative light.

Come let us solve all your sexual and relationship issues!

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WetPoints is a blog for adults who have reached and crossed the average age of minors as stipulated by the laws governing the location from where an individual is assessing this site.

Work with professional sex therapists

WetPoints do contract specialized Sex Therapist, who are on standby to attend to every sexual need of our numerous Clients.
We compile relevant sex materials; stories, articles, and videos for the education, reading, and watching pleasure of our visitors.

We sell sex toys, fertility products and other adult products

WetPoints also sell and deliver sex toys and accessories, breast, dick, and butt enlargement natural products with the willingness to accept payment on delivery.

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