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Reasons to respect the LGBTQIA+ people

People disrespecting the LGBTQ community is one problem we have in the third world. They are labeled "sinners" or "disgusting" by some. Gay people shouldn't face prejudice. They should be respected and treated equally with others because they are regular people. Most gay individuals do not mean to hurt or disturb anyone. Why should I go ahead and harm someone whose lifestyle does not pose any threat to my existence?

And again, did the holy scriptures not say, "Don't judge"? To me, even just being gay is enough challenge on its own. They don't require judgment from society. It only makes their difficulties and barriers more difficult. Many LGBTQ people are simply seeking acceptance. Discrimination will make things worse for them and finally cause them to lose confidence. Depression can result from all of that, and nobody wants it.

The LGBTQ community must deal with a significant religious dilemma. Many religious folks completely dislike gay people or think that being gay is sinful. Some deeply religious people feel that because LGBTQ people prefer the same gender, the entire LGBTQ community is made up of people who reject God. It is excellent to take one's religious convictions and faith seriously, but it is awful to judge another person. Religious families occasionally have children who are born queer, but they are forced to accept them as they are. Parents should encourage their kids in everything they do and in whatever they desire to be.

There are many good, unintentional people in the LGBTQ community. Simply put, gay people are those who fall in love with people of the same gender. It is painful that they are being murdered. On June 12, 2016, a shooter at a gay nightclub killed fifty people in the US. This is an unacceptable problem that shouldn't exist. 50 innocent individuals were slain by the shooter just because they were gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender, etc. All they wanted was to enjoy themselves with their partners and friends. No one was harmed by them. However, someone hurt them.

Nowadays, everyone should strive to be happy. However, some people seek to stop gays from experiencing happiness. The legalization of gay marriage is becoming popular in some developed countries. The decision to legalize same-gender marriage was quite thoughtful. Not only do people who marry someone of the opposite gender deserve to be happy with their relationship, but so do gay people. Even today, many people make an unnecessary fuss about gay marriage. As long as someone's beliefs and lifestyle are not harming you, you must keep your religious convictions to yourself, stop judging and let God be the judge of all who He sees as sinners.

Bullying may be the biggest challenge the LGBTQ community encounters. The majority of those involved are young adults who need nothing but love and guidance. Bullies treat any child who belongs to the LGBTQ community with extreme contempt and call them offensive words like "fag."

Young individuals frequently do not even have an opinion about the LGBTQ community. Parents teach their kids from an early age to believe that homosexuality is wrong and to never identify as gay. As a result, they believe that being gay is a negative trait. All of this contributes to bullying, which occurs primarily at school. Bullying others will eventually have a negative effect on the targets of the bullying.

Nobody is aware of what anyone else is going through at home, with their family, in their living circumstances, or if they are able to eat every day or not. Bullying worsens every aspect of their lives. Nobody is unaware of the potential effects of bullying. Bullying might be the final straw for someone who already has very poor self-esteem. And being gay is extremely difficult. LGBT children had higher suicide rates than straight children. It comes as no surprise. Many members of the LGBTQ community struggle every morning just because they have to deal with society's prejudice toward them.

Nobody can really know the challenges the LGBTQ community goes through. Bullies ought to put themselves in the LGBTQ community's shoes. The LGBTQ community's bullies and discriminators would loathe to be the target of such treatment themselves. Society shouldn't view LGBT people as less than human or as bad people. Little kids witness all of this as well, so they believe it is acceptable to treat them disrespectfully, bully them, and make fun of them. That is one of the factors that makes LGBTQ people feel unwelcome, excluded, and unwanted. Nobody should be going through this.

They should be treated with respect by everyone. People from the LGBTQ community will also make up the next generation. Children who are raised believing that being gay is wrong will not be happy with who they are and will likely experience long-term depression. They must start receiving respect from society. Since everyone is a human, after all. 

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