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The Best Sex Positions for Guys With a Small Penis

The Top 10 Sex Positions for Guys with Smaller Penises: 

You're not particularly endowed? Don't worry, you can still feel like a porn star in these sex styles.


The average penis length is 5.16 inches, per a 2015 study. You are statistically considered to have a penis that is smaller than average if it falls short of that standard. Most folks don't find it to be a deal-breaker. Research suggests that women aren't concerned with penis size in the first place. According to an old proverb, what matters is the motion of the ocean, not the size of the wave. Additionally, you'll be in great shape if you know the ideal sex positions for men with little penises.

Even so, you could still feel self-conscious if your penis is smaller than usual.

According to Holly Richmond, Ph.D. a somatic psychologist, a licensed marriage and family therapist, and an AASECT certified sex therapist, some men make the mistake of equating themselves to porn stars—the equivalent of the Olympic athletes of sex. "In my experience as a therapist, few women express a desire for a man with a large penis. They discuss seeking a good bed partner. That implies a person who is approachable, careful, and aware of her requirements."

Additionally, if you know how to manipulate it, you can benefit from having a smaller penis. According to anecdotal evidence, Richmond claims that guys with small penises do better in bed because they exert more effort.

Here are 10 sexual positions that will give you the most value if you aren't particularly endowed (pun very much intended).

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The Doggie Style

If your penis is small, "to use the entire length of your shaft, you should aim for any position that promotes deep penetration," advises Richmond. "Doggie Style is a fantastic choice because of this." It's simple, it gives you a fantastic view behind you, and you can reach behind to give her more clitoral arousal. For the most penetration and pleasure, you regulate the speed and pattern of your thrusts.

The Face-Off sex position

Because it involves more "wiggling" inside your partner than "in and out" penetration, this position is ideal for guys with small penises. It also permits extensive petting, nipple playing, and kissing.

"She Comes First" author and sex therapist Ian Kerner, Ph.D., LMFT, suggests wearing a vibrating cock ring while in this position. According to him, deep clitoral thrusts made with a vibrating ring will make up for a lack of cervical stimulation by intensely stimulating the clitoral region.

The Smaller Dipper position

In The Little Dipper, your partner lifts their body over you using a bed, couch, or chair. Then, depending on how you both feel, you insert your penis into your partner's anus or vagina. If everything went according to plan, you would be arranged in a T.

According to Kerner, this position enables both easy access and deep penetration for clitoral stimulation. He continues, "The clitoris is the engine of female pleasure." The clitoris, which is only intermittently stimulated during the majority of standard intercourse positions, has far more nerve endings than the vagina. So, for people with a smaller penis, the best positions are ones that allow clitoral stimulation and deep penetration of the vaginal canal.

Cowgirl Position

Check out some of the many cowgirl versions available here. Given that it depends on the size and angle of the penis, it is difficult to provide just one option for guys with smaller penises. Check to see if a typical cowgirl can complete the task. If this doesn't work, try switching to a squatting cowgirl position, which allows deep penetration, manual stimulation of the clitoral area, and stimulation of the G-spot.

Rise and Deliver position

Stand and Deliver, often known as The Bicycle, enables extraordinarily deep penetration. While your partner reclines and crosses their legs over their chest, you should stand at the edge of a bed or desk. Their knees are bent as though performing an exercise called "bicycling." Grab their ankles and enter them from there.

According to Kerner, this posture also permits manual clitoral stimulation and deep penetration.

The Elevated Reverse Cowgirl Position

A straightforward modification of the traditional reverse cowgirl is the elevated reverse cowgirl. Put a pillow under your hips for maximum penetration, "advises Richmond. "So they're sitting on you while you're lying on the floor or a bed, facing away." The added elevation in your hips will make the encounter seem more intense to them, which is why it works.

The  Spork Position

"This one is fantastic since it lets you apply pressure to your partner's leg." Ask your companion to lie on the floor with one straight leg. Kneel in the space between their knees, then straighten the other leg so it rests on your shoulder. As you enter, grip onto their leg and push and pull with it as you thrust in and out, advises Richmond.

Pole Position One

"Ask your spouse to sit on you while you lean against the side of a couch, with their legs turned to the right or left rather than straight ahead. This will give you the extra penetration you want by causing their hips to descend a little bit further than they would in a typical cowgirl pose, recommends Richmond. If you're sitting down low enough, they can push off the ground with their feet to build momentum, or you can use your hands to elevate and lower their hips.

The G-Whiz Position

"This is potentially the best position for deepest penetration. According to Richmond, have your spouse lie on their back, bring their knees to their chest, and roll back until their hips rise off the ground. Following that, you can creep up in front of your spouse and enter. Richmond continues, "If your knees allow, you can squat next to them with your knees moving outside of theirs." Because their hips are raised and you can regulate the strength of your thrusts, it's an excellent position. Make sure you do it on a couch or carpeted floor to ensure their comfort

The flatiron Position

Put your partner's feet firmly together as they lie on their stomach. Ask them to place a pillow beneath their pelvis to aid with entrance. They lie on their backs and approach from the rear. According to Richmond, there will be more friction caused on their vaginal walls since their hips are in a position that is more closed than open. You'll both experience increased friction and pleasure as they squeeze their legs more tightly.

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