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Part 1: The Hot Sex Story of Christine, the "good" Woman (Part 1)

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My name is Christine, I am twenty-six years old, I am a pretty woman, blonde, BCBG, married to Pierre, four years older than me, a long-haul airline pilot on a large company.

We have been married for six years and my sex life is that of a young girl raised religiously with respect for tradition.


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I lost my virginity on our wedding night as my education wanted.

When Pierre penetrated me, while I was lying naked next to him leaving the bathroom, not even having seen his penis, I gave a little cry of pain when he tore my hymen.

I felt his cock come and go quickly in my freshly opened cave.

I did not take pleasure when Pierre burst into my vulva.

Satisfied with him and tired from our long day, he turned around and within minutes fell asleep. I heard him breathe calmly without going so far as to snore.

I dozed off until morning, Pierre woke up, kissed me tenderly, lay on top of me, and picked me up.

His penis found its way and despite a very slight pain, quickly a small orgasm rose in my stomach. Pierre ejaculated and I was able to fall asleep again for a few hours.

When I woke up, I was happy, true to what my mom had instilled in me, I became a respectable little woman.

The funny thing is, I still hadn't seen a man's rod with my own eyes. I just felt it inside of me...

Opening one eye, I hear Pierre whistling in the bathroom, I get up, put on the negligee offered by mom. I walk through the door determined to see the object of which, since the age of fifteen, I have heard about it without ever seeing it except in photos.

Pierre is in front of the sink naked, seeing me enter, he quickly grabbed a towel to put it in front of his penis.

I tell her that we are married and that it is normal that between husband and wife we ​​can see each other naked, I drop my negligee showing him for the first time my golden apricot.

After a hesitation, Pierre drops his towel and I can finally see the object of my young girl's desires.

I walk up to him, kiss him tenderly, thank him for making me a woman.

I dare to move my hand towards my lust to touch it. Pierre recoils a little but lets himself go.

We exchange a languid kiss and taking his hand I guide him to my cock so that he caresses me.

In my hand for the first time, I feel a man's rod grow and reach a size that seemed quite small to me.

Pierre takes me in his arms and carries me to the bed where once again I did my marital duty.

When he had finished, both naked on our wedding bed, he explained to me that he had had a very rigorous education and that I was the first woman with whom he had made love.

Virgin myself, I had been deflowered by a virgin that I had deflowered, we laughed about it.

For six years our sex life has been so calm, Pierre taking me tenderly during his visits to the house in the classic missionary position.

We both agree that I take the pill not wishing to have a pregnancy before I turn 30.

During these six years, I had many requests from men of all kinds but my education forced me to discreetly reject them.

Today I have an appointment at my beauty salon to do the body treatments that my husband's salary allows me to afford even if I do not work myself.

I walk through the living room door, Virginie welcomes me and from that moment my life will change.

She directs me to a cabin, shows me a bathrobe, asks me to get naked.

I do so, lie down on the worktable, and wait for her to join me.

When she enters, I admire the plastic of this woman who is certainly approaching the same age as mine.

Since the time that I practice her salon, our habits are well established and it is without problem that I let her lavish my usual care.

She begins her work with general waxing, a facial massage, and gives me a face mask. She finishes this operation by putting a hot towel on my face which prevents me from seeing what she continues to do to me.

This heat on my face allows me to be in a very pleasant state of drowsiness.

Virginie starts massaging my body with creams.

Was it the relaxing atmosphere that made me for the first time feel the caresses of his fingers spreading in my body?

For the first time, the center of my body appeared to me as autonomous. A very pleasant tingling has passed through that part of me that for years, as a good wife, I have ignored, even rejected.

When Virginie's hands reach the edge of my vulva, the sensations are more precise and stronger.

Has Virginie at her fingertips felt my emotion, certainly, because, for the first time since I left my body to this professional, she increased her massage in this area.

Under the towel, still, on my face, I find myself emitting a little cry of pleasure.

Virginie takes this warm piece of cloth from me and looks at me with a smirk.

My face is red, with shame or with pleasure?

My reason prevents me from facing the truth in the face, for the first time, I had a beginning of pleasure provided by a woman….

Virginia seeing my excitement, gently takes my hand, her light caress, provided by the tips of her fingers, quickly plunges me into a still new torpor.

All around us, I hear the clients pass and re-pass in front of our cabin, accompanied to the exit by Virginia's assistants.

The fear that someone or someone between me, by a movement of modesty, quickly put my bathrobe. I get up and put my things back without a word.

Virginie has left the cabin and is waiting for me at the cash desk. I pay for all the care and when I take my leave, she hands me the bill with my bank card.

Arrived at the house, Pierre being absent for six days, I drag my soul in pain, take a bath in order to relax.

Back to the salon, I take my bag to look for my handkerchief and my eyes are drawn to the beauty salon bill and more particularly to a piece of paper stapled to it.

It is my surprise to see a phone number with these few words:

"Call me after seven o'clock".

The red comes to my cheeks, determined not to respond to this request.

As the afternoon wears on, my determination is less and less assured.

At six o'clock Pierre calls me from Beijing to inquire about me. We talk for a few minutes and he wishes me good night.

Calling me an hour before the fateful hour proposed by Virginie will precipitate my future.

If he hadn't called, I would have waited for his phone call and wisely stayed with us.

At seven o'clock I couldn't stand it any longer and dialed the number. Virginie responds immediately and without giving me time to think about it, gives me her address by inviting me to come and have dinner with the girls.

I dress very soft and leave my home, I get in the taxi that I had called.

Fifteen minutes later I ring the doorbell of the pretty pavilion where she lives.

The door opens and we exchange a chaste kiss like old friends.

I enter a dining room where the subdued light immediately puts us in

the mood. The table is set with two lighted candles in its center.

Two chairs are placed side by side, Virginie helps me take a seat, taking the opportunity to brush my chest.

I immediately feel the tips of my breasts stand up. We taste a few sweets, all laughing at everything and nothing.

Suddenly I feel his hand on my thigh. What a feeling! my body is electrified.

Taking advantage of her advantage, she takes my head and places a kiss on my mouth. First surprised, I realize that my lips agree to let his tongue pass and come to surround mine.

Nothing comparable with the loving kisses of Pierre, I have the impression that my body does not belong to me anymore and that it floats in the room.

My new friend advances her hand to my vulva and begins to stroke it very, very

gently. Quickly this simple caress brings up in me a pleasure never achieved with the penetration of my man.

Continuing her advantage, Virginia removes my bra and with her tongue begins to lick my nipples. Again my vulva reacts and a new orgasm seizes my whole body.

We get up and she leads me to her room, fortunately, a few meters away, my legs having trouble supporting me.

In a daze, I feel that she undresses me and that she quickly gets naked.

While kissing us, more and more greedily, we fall on the silk sheets which increases the sensations of softness that I feel.

She begins to browse my body with kisses, licking the most sensitive parts, my breasts, my navel, going up to my mouth, my ears and finally she arrives at my blonde tuft which she has maintained very well in the early afternoon.

Cries of pleasure reach my ears. I put a few seconds to understand that it is I who enjoy strongly. For a time that I can not define my body cums, cums, and cums again. I must have lost consciousness slightly because when I put my feet back on the ground, we are both lying entwined like the lovers we have become.

Finally, almost a lover, because quickly I realize that I was the only one to enjoy the caresses of my friend. She looks at me lovingly, too, and as I thank her for having made me discover pleasures that I did not know when she had not had her pleasure, she bursts out laughing telling me that the future would satisfy us both.

This is the first time that you make love with a woman she asks me?

When for a few minutes I find myself explaining my love life to her since my youth, my marriage, not reaching a tenth of what I had felt since the beginning of the afternoon with her, she hugs me tighter in her arms promising me to make up for these lost years.

She is very surprised when I explain to her my youth, my life as a young girl, and especially my life as a woman since my marriage.

She better understands my reaction when hidden by the towel, my body opened up to pleasure during her caress near my apricot which, however, was not very supportive.

She asks me if since I was a teenager and my body has transformed to obtain this little wonder of the woman that I have become, with my own fingers I have given myself pleasure.

Seeing my embarrassment and the flush of my cheeks, she tightens her embrace, giving me a light kiss on the lips.

The desire returns in me but there I want to be active towards it. Eyes closed, I free myself, I go down to her magnificent breasts and I take one of her nipples in my mouth.

It grows under my tongue and the feeling of returning to the age when I was my mother invades me

. As I was the second, Virginia began to moans which were for me immense satisfaction, for the first time I gave pleasure to a woman.

Feeling more and more daring, I made my lips go down along her belly,

not forgetting to pass my tongue at the bottom of the small hole formed at birth and which is her navel.

Finally, I arrive at its source, she tenderly spreads her long legs, and finally daring to open her eyes, I can admire the sex I covet.

Naked like the day she was born, Virginie's penis is as naked and smooth as my apricot when I was ten years old.

Taking my head in her hands, she guides me towards her slit, I take a little step back, but remembering the pleasure I had when her tongue a few minutes before had plowed me, I bring down this last barrier and I also greedily suck her private lips. Despite my lack of experience, her pelvis oscillates under my tongue, and a jet of liquid floods my mouth. A first, a second, another, and yet another.

My face is flooded and my little mistress does not stop screaming with pleasure.

The tension falls, I go back to his face resumes his lips and we exchange a very languid kiss. This time she came, I didn't come but I am the happiest woman. This is how we fall asleep snuggled up, tightly entwined.

I believe that the first chapter of my love life is over for today, the time to sleep a little, to recover some strength and I will tell you the rest in a second chapter.

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