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Story: The Hot Sex Story of Christine, the "good" Woman (Part 2)

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In the morning the presence of a body nestled in my arms questions me?

My brain cleared up. Outside the sun is shining.

How good I am! life is Beautiful! how beautiful my life has become!

Virginie feels me move, opens my eyes, smiles at me and we exchange a kiss, two kisses, hundreds of languid kisses.

As I start to stroke her breasts first the right then the left, I titillate them with my mouth. She stops me, leads me to the bathroom to get ready, having to go and open her living room.

She hadn't foreseen what had happened to us the day before.

Very intrigued by what happened during our lovemaking, I ask her what flooded my face when my lips traveled her penis.

She bursts out laughing and explains to me that she is what we call a "fountain woman".

Seeing my astonishment, she teaches me that when her sexual tension is at its peak, her glands trigger her little jets of liquid, mainly odorless liquid. "Did that bother you?" "No, so much so that when our lovemaking ended, I fell asleep in your arms. At no time did I feel the need to go and wash”.

We bathe, dress, makeup, dress up, take his car and reach the capital. She drops me off in front of my home. She goes back to her beauty salon, not without having given me an appointment the evening after Pierre called me.

She kisses me chastely not wanting to compromise with my neighbors. I see her move away, my heart quickens, I'm in love.

Back in my room, I take off my clothes and take a bath again.

In the water, when I soap my breasts, to begin with, I find myself dwelling on one then the other, then coming back to one and the other, which, given my education, I have never done so insistently.

My hands continue their exploration and find the entrance to my penis.

With the soap, I start to rub it very gently, the pleasure rises in my stomach and what may seem strange considering my age, I cum for the first time under my own fingers. I grew bolder, between one, two, and then three fingers in my vulva. I stroke my clit with my thumb, stroking it gently.

My god it's good, what didn't I do this sooner! God my education made me waste time in my young life!

A lump is starting to grow in my stomach. I scream my pleasure.

I soap myself completely. I get up and with the shower, I rinse myself.

I part my lips intimate and as the jet touches my tender flesh, a beginning of pleasure is felt.

Alas! I can insist, I can not start my pleasure.

I dress quickly, I look in my wardrobe for sexy clothes.

No matter how much I look, I only have BCBG outfits.

At noon, I go out to my neighborhood, I go to a restaurant. In view of the good weather, I eat on the terrace, I catch myself watching the women go by, assessing whether one or the other could be quality lovers. My experience of love between women is too recent for me to take the step of approaching one. Besides, I have too many feelings for Virginie to cheat on her from day one.

I go to a jewelry store where I buy a nice watch to give to the one who, in one evening, made me discover more pleasure than the rest of my life.

All afternoon, I wander the streets. My god, time flies! I try not to look at my watch, but my wrist goes up to my eyes every five minutes.

Around four o'clock I returned to my apartments, a stroke of luck Pierre called ten minutes later. I chat with him for a few minutes, forcing myself to have the voice of a good little girl that I have always been for him. I ask him what he did on his day off. "I stayed in my room and went to visit the city. I did some shopping, you'll see that when I get back. In the evening I had dinner with my team at our hotel restaurant. I went to bed early. I want to be in good shape to resume the flight tomorrow ”.

After a few kisses, we hang up not without meeting around three o'clock the next day, hours of his return. It's true, the whirlwind of what happened to me made me forget that my dear and tender come home this Saturday.

Quickly, I leave my house to join Virginie. I don't forget my gift package bought in the early afternoon.

When I go through the door, she's at her cash register, I see her face light up. I stay near her until closing time. I am helping him prepare for this closure. His employees came to greet me before going back to the cabins to take care of these ladies.

We take his car back to our love nest. Congestion is delaying us. Joinville le pont, Champigny sur Marne and finally Chennevière.

Barely entered, Virginie asks me if I am against naturism?

She is a follower of this practice especially at home and as soon as she enters her first job is to get naked. I never asked myself this question when I was in my apartment and therefore never did.

Quickly I give him my agreement. Immediately said, immediately done: her clothes are thrown off and she appears to me naked like a worm.

I admire its admirable plastic and especially its fully shaved slit which gives it a girlish look.

"Are you not afraid that your neighbors will see you?" »

She bursts out laughing and tells me that when buying her pavilion, the first criterion asked of the agency was to find a pavilion with a garden and especially that the whole has no visibility with the neighborhood. And here is the jewel. The front facade is not overlooked, the wall and the vegetation isolate entirely. sunbathe safely in the deckchairs.

If you wish, do like me, you will see the freedom that we feel ”. Sitting on the sofa, I hesitate, Virginie goes into the kitchen to prepare the meal, I join her to help her.

She flutters from right to left, goes back to the dining room, sets the table, without asking me anything more about my outfit. After a few minutes, this beautiful naked woman around me, while I am dressed, makes me uncomfortable and I begin to remove my clothes one by one. The blouse flies off, downtime on my part and my bra takes the same path. My skirt, my stockings, my garter belt falls an ace. A minute's thought and my wise girl's panties disappear. I am naked.

Virginie seeing my initiative takes me in her arms and kisses me lovingly. Our bodies united, find each other, find each other and a shiver runs through our spines. We join the room where the bed welcomes us. Always awkward, I let myself be guided, especially when it goes down to my vulva, turning around to bring her little pussy above my face. The licks she practices on my privacy are starting to have an effect on me, I move my face towards her private parts eagerly waiting for the wet waves that sex will pour into my mouth. The pleasure invades us, at the same time a phenomenal orgasm overwhelms me, and the jets she pours me is nectar for me. We fall back into each other's arms, I just practiced my first sixty-nine. Eh yes! I haven't played love games since the start of my life, but I'm not a eunuch knowing anything about certain daring terms.

We quickly take a shower together, which allows us to play with our hands while soaping each other. We dry off, not forgetting to dwell on our sensitive parts.

Then still naked we go to the table, our chairs, like yesterday, side by side, allow us to continue touching our bodies eager for sensations.

Installed on the sofa, we start a conversation between women.

Virginie wants to put things right. If she likes love between women, she loves to be taken by a man's sex, and even if she has no official lovers, she likes to meet men from time to time.

As on my side, I have Pierre, who even if he satisfies me less and less, remains my husband and as such, has the right and the duty to satisfy my body, I can only agree.

Even though I love her, I agree that we will have our personal moments of privacy in the future. I get up, go to my bag and bring my friend the gift I brought her. She finds this watch magnificent and spends a great time contemplating it on her wrist where I have attached it.

Wanting to continue my sex education, she asks me if I have ever seen Sex-Toys or, more vulgarly, dildos. My negative response, even though I have heard about it, fills her with joy. She will be able to initiate me into this practice if I wish, of course. In no case does she wish to impose on me situations that I would not accept with envy. She goes into the bedroom and comes back with three of these devices. She asks me to choose the one I want to feel in my little slit. The choice is very fast, two of these Sex-toys are of imposing size and I'm afraid that my little pussy simply penetrated by Pierre's small penis will tear me apart. So I choose the last one, a very simple object in the shape of a man's sex and pink in color.

Virginie asks me to lie down on the sofa with my legs slightly apart, she puts the dildo in her mouth to moisten it, with her hand, she caresses my vagina before penetrating me with one finger, then with two before end up introducing me a third. Immediately my body reacted and tensed. My gaze plunges into his and becomes cloudy.

She takes out her fingers snatching a moan of pleasure and turns the rear part of this sex. A sound of a rotating motor reaches my ears and she quickly introduces it to me at the bottom of my stomach.

The vibrating movement emitted by the dildo surprises me for a fraction of a second but very quickly I feel the pleasure invade me. My stimulated clitoris bursts with pleasure. Once again, I enjoy as the machine all reaches the bottom of my stomach.

Despite the size and the normal length of the Sex-Toy, I feel for the first time in my life that a penis completely enters my vagina and touches the bottom of my cave.

Now it is certain, Pierre really has a very small penis.

At the mention of my man's attributes, we both burst into laughter. Virginia is installed in turn open leg, I take the device, after having parted his lips with my fingers, I introduce it to the font. The enjoyment catches up with her for long minutes, without triggering the little jets that I like time. For this day our games have exhausted us, we return to our bed to take a rest full of erotic dreams.

Saturday is the most intense day for my friend, she has to be in great shape to take good care of her clients.

We let our friends fall asleep, do not make noise, we will find them in episode three of their erotic and amorous adventures.

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