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Shemales are so Sweet, Now I know!

Hello, dear community, this is my first story, it is based on a true incident when I was drunk. It is about the desire for cheap hookers, horniness, and a mix-up that allowed me to live out my shemale fetish for the first time in my life.
It was a mild summer night and I was coming home from the late shift. A quick shower and a buddy called, off to the disco. After all, it was a Saturday.
As usual, all hell broke loose at Monkeys. Off to the bar, down a few drinks, dance, and pick up girls. That was the plan. My inability to dance and my drinking level threw it out for me.

The more successful my buddy was, the drunker I got. And the more times he danced with a new pretty girl, the more depressed I got. Finally, I said goodbye and said I would take a cab and go home. He believed this "white lie" and I followed another idea.

Get money, off to the taxi and to the whorehouse. The drive to Porkys took less than five minutes, the taxi driver winked at me and wished me a lot of fun. "Fuck me you idiot!", I thought to myself. Finally, I stood in front of the door to the whorehouse.

I knew from acquaintances that there were always at least 3-5 international ladies available. I already had a latte when I rang the doorbell downstairs. Up to the first floor and spoiled for choice. The pictures of the ladies hang on the wall, you just have to ring the bell under the picture and the lady will pick you up.

Well, I was horny and drunk, my first choice was a young African girl. So we rang the bell twice and waited at the door full of lust. This also went up promptly, but there was a sweet Latina in front of me. About 1.65 tall, slim figure and huge boobs.

Sweet and really slutty face, shoulder-length blond hair. "Can I help you sweetie?" she asked me in her seductive southern accent. "Yes," I replied. "I wanted to *********, is it there?". “ Sorry darling, she has already left.

In the night from Saturday to Sunday, the hookers change here. Should I get another lady or can I help you?" "Well, I hope so. I already have a mega pipe and I want to lay it today." "Okey, then come to my room, we can clarify what you want to do there". Convinced of her hot curves, I followed her to the room.

Because I was drunk, so her rather deep, smoky voice seemed normal to me and didn't make me suspicious. Arrived in the room was negotiated. 70 for half an hour, 150 for a whole, all-inclusive. "Great, there's your money.

So I want you to blow me, I want to play with your huge tits and kiss you when you have a lot of drool in your mouth from the blow job. Nice with tongue and stuff. Then it would be awesome if you tied me to the bed and sat on my face so I can lick your pussy nicely. (I ignored her raised eyebrow at this statement). Well, and then I want to try anal, so with you.

For me, at most, one finger during a blowjob or something.” If I had been sober, I would have become cautious at the latest now with her diabolical grin. Luckily I wasn't. "All right sweetie," she cooed at me." I'm going to freshen up and put on something horny made of latex. Is that ok for you?".

I agree. She walked out of the room and I undressed. I left only my panties on and made myself comfortable on the bed. I massaged my 15 × 4 cm cock and thought to myself "you've already taken care of other people with that."

The horny bitch is due". Then the door opened and she stood there in the bright light of the hallway. High heels, with loose 10 cm heels, black latex panties, and a red latex bra. She had tied her hair in a tight ponytail and was still wearing thick red lipstick (at that point I didn't know that she had a surprise in her panties for me).

I almost fainted when I saw it. I pulled her onto the bed with me and off to battle. I immediately undid her bra to access its contents. Gentlemen, these things can knock you out.

I played with the nipples, sucking them, twirling them, and caressing her breasts. I quickly grabbed her head and pushed it toward my crotch. Was hardly necessary. In a split second, she had my shorts off and was sinking my little friend all the way down her throat.

I was taken aback that she didn't pull a Parisian over it, but I was so mesmerized by her art that I couldn't and didn't want to complain. She deepthroated without any problems, sucked and sucked on my crest, pushed her tongue into the Nille, and nibbled on the foreskin. I writhed with lust in bed and not shooting my cream in her face. When my first drops of pleasure landed in her mouth, she also groaned.

She let go of my cock, which was twitching nervously with lust, covered with remains of sperm, lipstick, and a lot of drool. Nice and sloppy, just how I like it. She pulled my head towards hers and kissed me passionately. Our tongues danced around each other, spreading the cum/spit mixture around our mouths and a horny taste spread in my mouth.

"Shall we continue with face-sitting, bondage, and anal now baby?" she asked me. I just nodded, I couldn't get anything out of myself because of my lust. Click-click, two handcuffs tie me to the head of the bed.

Quickly identified a safe word. "I'm a sissy boy" I should scream if it got too much for me. "Close your eyes and have a good time," she beguiled me. I closed my eyes and kissed them.

"Mh still tastes great," I said and looked for her lips with closed eyes and open mouth. "here you have more" she laughed. *Plop*. I widened my eyes, I was still drunk but WHAT THE HELL!!!!.

I stared at her stomach, looked down, and saw a huge penis in front of me. And the tip stuck in my mouth!!! "Shit what's going on now" flashed through my head. "Baby, it's not for nothing that it says TS in front of the Kenyan. I am a Brazilian transsexual or shemale as we are often called.

And this in my hand is a video camera, which by the way is on. Now you are my object of desire. if I had my fun I delete the video, if you fight back or do something stupid, the video will come online.” She explained to me. And laughed at me.

I looked at the camera in fear, well fuck it. I could only nod. "good sweetie, now it's your turn". She increased the pressure on her cock and pushed it deeper into my mouth until I gurgled.

She didn't go any deeper. Nice of her, that 22×6 would have made me throw up all over. But there was that awesome taste again. I totally gave in.

I licked the giant cock, played with it, drooled all over it. "Well, you're doing that. Remember baby you wanted to fuck your ass and the spit is your lube!" I jumped. Was she serious, just fuck me with spit in my virgin ass?

I was perplexed, she took advantage of that and stuffed a ball gag in my mouth. I lay there in front of her as if on display. she moaned. Spit on my ass and a couple more times on her tail.

She smiled. She bent over me. Her boobs are hanging in front of my face. At least a nice view.

She gave me a sloppy kiss on the cheek, put her gigantic cock on my little ass, smiles, spits in my face, and pushes. (Honestly, I didn't know such pain coupled with lust). The gag muffles my cries of pain. She moans with lust, I with pain.

Again and again, she hammers into me like a jackhammer. Up to the stop. Your balls smack on my ass. I'm getting hornier and hornier, starting to moan in pleasure instead of pain.

She likes that. She fucks me even harder. Wow, the old lady can only do full throttle and even more full throttle. I'm getting even hornier.

Shit, am I getting away with having a horny Latina fuck my ass with a beating? The answer is yes. She screams in Brazilian and pumps her juice up my ass. At the same time, I come and shoot myself a load across the chest. She lies down exhausted next to me and snuggles up against my still trembling body.

She takes off the shackles and the gag and smiles "did you like the surprise?". “Oh yes, that was the greatest experience of my life. If I had known that you were a tranny, I would have let myself be banged right away. I'm really into shemale porn and stuff like that.

But actually, when I said anal, I meant your ass,” I joked. "You can lick it clean if you like". I was confused, after all, I didn't even fuck her. But this devil woman is full of surprises.

She runs her hand over her cock and my chest, rubbing the sauce up her notch and hole. Well, why not. I lick her clean, then take a shower with her and make my way home.

Since this experience, I've been living out my anal fetish.

In addition, I visit the dominant shemale hooker every time she is around. I hope you find my experience just as awesome as I do. I am available for questions, requests, information, or self-experiments.

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