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Sex Story: Contagious Orgasms (Part 3)

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Mandie had spent a good deal of time thinking about exactly how this encounter should unfold. She'd decided she needed to be forceful. Her needs were rather specific and she figured that this was the best opportunity she would have for quite a while to get them met. She'd worked herself into a bit of a state really, squirming and dripping wet as she contemplated all of the delicious details of the scene that she wanted to create this evening. Chris and Amanda were definitely in for a surprise.

For her part, Amanda had completely shied away from her, avoiding any conversation wherever possible and shooting angry glares her way when she thought Mandie wasn't looking. Of course, Mandie had expected this. You don't just horn in on your boss's new love affair without causing a bit of irritation, after all. She was ok with it as well. That bitch had everything, a nice apartment, a great job with a salary four times her own, and now this little fling with Chris as well. Why shouldn't she enjoy just a little taste of what Amanda had?

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She wondered whether Amanda had told him about her, but suspected she hadn't. Chris' glorious hands had been just as professional during her appointment on Wednesday as they had been the previous week and there was no trace of recognition, no terseness in his tone to suggest he was upset. Whether he'd be turned on by the idea or upset by it was the one part of her plan she was most nervous about. She couldn't quite decide how he might react but she figured she could count on her leverage against Amanda to win him over.

He seemed like a nice guy, not one to simply allow her to destroy his new love interest's career, even if they'd only fucked once. Besides, he was a guy. He had a cock that she could harden and that usually served as sufficient distraction to forgive all manner of transgressions.

Beyond that, there was the nature of her demands to consider. The triangle she hoped to create was definitely outside the bounds of what most people would consider participating in. She worried that he might go along with it until he found out her true intentions, and then run for the hills. So, she would have to break them in slowly, but firmly, and she thought she'd concocted just the scenario that might work. One that she could make good use of both at the office and at home as well.

Even with all of her fears, the work day drug on forever, each visit to Amanda's office reminding her of what she'd planned for this evening. Had her patients been paying attention they might have noticed the extra squirm in her step. As it was, she'd had to ask several of them to repeat their answers to the questions on their forms, and she wondered whether anyone might suspect something. Thoughts of this evening were driving her to distraction, but she needed to do everything she could to hide it. When the final patient had stepped out for the day she hurried over to Amanda's office, catching her just as she was shutting the door.

"Not so fast. Did you forget about our little agreement?", Mandie said.

Amanda rolled her eyes. "Do you really intend to go through with this?", she said.

"Of course! Why would I miss out on an opportunity as delicious as this one?" Mandie replied, smiling broadly and darkly.

"But you're married! We'll tell your husband. The whole town will find out.", she whispered.

Mandie just chuckled. "No you won't. You know as well as I do that if people find out you're touching yourself in your office and fucking the massage guy you'll be finished here. Besides, who better to break the news to everyone than the Mayor's wife. No, we're doing this. Like it or not."

Amanda sighed, shoulders slumping as she realized there really wasn't any good way out of this.

"Fine, just let me go over there on my own first. Give me ten minutes to explain it to him."

"Ha! No, I don't think so", Mandie replied. "We're going together or your career is finished."

Brought to you by Amanda rolled her eyes, looking as though she might just stomp her foot and leave in protest.

"Fine! Let's go", she grumbled. "He's not going to like this any better than I do. You might as well just fucking tell everyone all about it."

"I'll take my chances", winked Mandie.

Locking the door firmly behind them they strode the few steps down the sidewalk, Amanda taking a deep breath as she turned the knob of the door to Chris's office. It was locked. Confused, she gave the door a light tap.

After a bit of shuffling, Chris's muffled voice came from somewhere within his office, "Come on in. Just finishing up a few things before our session".

Amanda opened the now unlocked door and stepped in, Mandie following closely behind. The room was exactly as it had been before, and, despite the situation, Amanda found herself caught up in looking at Chris's photos again.

"Amanda, right? 4:30 appointment?", Chris said, more shuffling coming from the massage room.

Amanda wrinkled her brow, wondering at the formality. "Yes”, she called back.

"Ok, come on back. I've got a little surprise for you.", he said.

Mandie smirked, catching a flash of skin from the crack in the doorway. This was going to be perfect. She let Amanda lead the way, pausing in the other room while she entered.

"Chris, I'm really sorry. I, she caught me…", Amanda began.

Mandie stepped into the room, grinning as she spoke. "No need to be sorry, Amanda. I'm sure Chris knows all about what a dirty little slut you are. He wouldn't be surprised in the slightest by the rather sticky situation you've gotten yourself into, now, would he?"

Amanda just hung her head, but only briefly, barely able to take her eyes off of Chris's body as he towered over them wearing only a loosely wrapped towel around his waist.

"She caught us Chris. What was I supposed to do?", she whispered.

Mandie could tell by the set of Chris's jaw that this was all about to go terribly, terribly wrong if she didn't make her move fas t.

"Oh my, little slut. You know you want him, with or without me. Let's just push past all of the stuttering, whining, explanations", Mandie said.

"All I want is to watch the two of you play. Is that too much to ask? If you like, maybe I can play too?", she asked, biting her lip.

Chris just stood there, eyes flitting between the two of them, the gears in his mind cranking. Mandie was not an unattractive woman. 5' 4" with long blonde hair and a scrumptious looking bit of cleavage peeking from beneath her scrubs. She had mesmerizing hazel blue eyes and a pair of pouty lips that looked as though they belonged on his cock.

She sidled up to him, pulling her top off to reveal her curvy waist and the strappy black bra she wore beneath. She touched his chest, fingers playing over his abs as they made their way down to his towel. She pressed herself against him and gave him a well practiced pout as she looked up into his eyes.

"Amanda, what's going on? Are you OK with this?", Chris asked, clearing his throat.

Mandie glared at her meaningfully as her hand grasped the towel.

"I-I, I guess. I mean, if she just wants to watch", Amanda stammered.

"Good, you horny little slut", Mandie said. "Strip off all of those nasty work clothes. I'm sure Chris would love to see a bit more of his naughty little bitch."

Amanda felt a shocking stab of desire at the command. As uncomfortable as the situation felt, she could feel those tendrils of heat curling around her loins. Did she really want this?

Without much recourse, she did as she was told, awkwardly climbing out of her scrubs as the both of them looked on.

"Take it all off you stupid slut!", Mandie said, nonchalantly insulting her as she began to loosen the towel around Chris's waist. "I'm sure your man here would love a glimpse of those perky little tits of yours and he'd love to inspect your dirty little cunt."

"See, you've given him a semi already", she said, dropping the towel from around his waist and revealing Chris's rapidly hardening cock.

Amanda obeyed, first removing her bra, and then peeling off a very wet set of panties.

"Now touch yourself for him", Mandie whispered, sliding her hand beneath her scrubs, fingers kneading.

Amanda obeyed, fingers sliding shyly down across her waist, dipping into her slick wetness as she glanced up.

Chris's hand had wrapped around the base of his dick and he was stroking it slowly, seemingly mesmerized by the show that she and Mandie were putting on.

" like that don't you?", Mandie whispered, throatily. "Stroke that cock for your dirty little slut".

Mandie reached back and unhooked her bra, letting it tumble to the ground as her tits bounced, capturing Chris's attention.

"Do you like these?", she said, taking her breasts in her hand and tweaking her nipples. "Wanna touch?".

He reached over, clearly interested and her hand shot out, slapping him across the chin.

"I'm only watching for now, remember", she reminded him, a glimmer in her eye.

"But, perhaps I could be a little more...participatory...if you would like. Would you like that?"

Chris nodded, eyes glued to her lips as she spoke.

Mandie turned toward Amanda and bent over, pulling her panties down as she went, inches in front of Chris's throbbing erection.

She looked over her shoulder as she slid her hand back, parting her lips so that Chris could get a good eyeful of just how wet she was.

" like that don't you?", she said, biting her lip and slinking around Chris.

She pressed her chest against his back and reached around to grab his dick, cupping his balls in her other hand as she took over for him. She continued stroking him while Amanda touched herself, feeling the heat rise in her loins as Mandie slowly worked his dick.

"I think Chris's cock is still a bit dry. Don't you, little slut? Maybe you should come over here and get it nice and slick for me." Mandie said.

Amanda paused, looking up at Chris, wondering whether he really wanted this or not. He seemed to be quite alright with it though, moaning softly as Mandie's hands continued their efforts, smearing precum over the tip of his cock as she slowly stroked.

"Hurry up you pathetic fucking whore!", Mandie barked, sensing her hesitation. "Can't you see how badly your man needs his cock sucked? He's practically begging for it!"

Amanda blushed, giving her fingers a break from massaging her swollen lips and tweaking her nipples as she strode over.

"On your knees you fucking bitch! You do know how to suck cock, don't you?!"

Amanda could feel her clit throb with each insult, the ache spreading as each command rang in her ears. Fuck! This was turning her on! She knelt, opening her mouth as Mandie pointed his cock down toward her waiting lips. She pushed forward, thrusting him rudely into her mouth and drawing back his skin so that it was tight.

"Mmmm...that's right little slut. Fuck, you look like you belong...just, like, that. It's too bad you can't always have a cock between your lips. It definitely fucking suits you."

Amanda moved back and forth along his length, taking him into the back of her mouth and sucking, tormenting the underside of his head with her tongue.

Mandie continued to stroke him in time with Amanda's mouth reaching down with her other hand to push on his ass, timing his thrusts for him.

"Ohhhh fuck, that feels good.", Chris moaned.

" like that?", Mandie whispered throatily. " Is your dirty slut behaving like a good girl?"

"Fuck yes!", Chris whispered.

"I bet she'd love it if you really fucked her face. C'mon Chris, show this little bitch what her mouth was made for.", Mandie said, taking Chris's hand and gently setting it on the back of Amanda's head.

He began to thrust a bit harder then and Amanda started to gag a little each time his head hit the back of her throat, coughing and spluttering as Mandie thrust him forward.

"Fuck! You really are a pathetic little bitch aren't you?", Mandie shouted in disgust, coming around from behind Chris and pulling her off his cock by her hair.

She knelt in front of her and shoved her over. "I guess I'll just have to show you how to do it then, won't I, you pathetic fucking whore."

With that she released Amanda and impaled her face on Chris's cock, plunging it all the way down her throat until she was licking his balls.

"Ohhhh fuck!", Chris moaned, grabbing a handful of her hair and twisting as he thrust against her.

Mandie showed no sign of hesitation, simply allowing him to use her throat as his cock sleeve and glancing sideways toward Amanda as her hand crept down, toying with her swollen pussy.

After a while Chris's thrusts became a bit more urgent but Mandie wasn't ready for him to come yet so she pushed back against his legs, withdrawing his twitching, throbbing member from her throat. Drool splattered on the floor as a thick string of it broke between cock and lips, Mandie's half landing neatly between her breasts.

"Did you pay attention you pathetic fucking slut? That's how you fucking suck a dick!", she shouted, grabbing Amanda's chin and drawing her close, before releasing her.

Mandie glanced down then, noting the sodden state of Amanda's fingers as they worked up and down her slit.

She turned toward Chris and watched as he began stroking his cock again. "Would you like me to play with your little whore?"

Chris could only nod his assent, far too close to coming to speak.

Amanda blushed, heart beating hard against her chest. Why was she so incredibly aroused? Yet she was, her fingers still dancing along the edges of her clit as Mandie grabbed her hair and drug her unceremoniously over to the couch.

"I bet you'd love for me to play with this pathetic slut's cunt wouldn't you?" Mandie said, pulling Amanda onto her lap and spreading her lips for Chris's pleasure.

Mandie's hands slipped around her waist, inching toward her pussy . "Mmmm...and I know you'd do anything to turn him on, wouldn't you? Fuck you smell delicious.", she whispered in Amanda's ear.

Amanda closed her eyes and whispered,


Chris walked closer, his hand pumping his dick slowly, plainly aching to come, but not wanting to halt the action.

Mandie's fingers traced Amanda's lips, teasing the space below her clit and circling around it while Amanda looked up at Chris and moaned.

"Mmmmmm...fuck...that feels so fucking good."

"Mmmm...yes, I knew you'd like that you dirty little slut.", Mandie said, tapping at Amanda's clit and causing her to buck and twitch in her lap.

"Will you come for us little slut? What will it take to make you come?", Mandie whispered.

"His cock. I fucking need his cock inside me right now!", Amanda moaned.

Mandie laughed, circling her clit in fast circles, dragging a finger across it now and then. "I'm afraid your man is just about ready to come. I can't have that. Not yet. Maybe if he got down on his hands and knees to eat my pussy I'd let him slide that hard dick inside of you."

"Would that be ok with you, dirty little whore? Do you want to watch me sit on his face while he fucks your sloppy little cunt?", Mandie whispered, punctuating her question by flicking her finger over Amanda's clit, making her twitch and moan.

Amanda could scarcely think. Her pussy positively ached. She felt flushed with need, desperate to come, desperate to fill herself with his cock.

"Ahhhh...mmmmm….Yes! Oh fuck yes, ride his face while I fuck his cock!", Amanda half whispered, half moaned.

Chris was stroking quickly now. Thick drops of precum dripping onto his fingers from the tip of his cock as Mandie toyed with Amanda's pussy.

She looked up, noticing his reaction, and gave him her most devious smile. "Get on the floor Chris. Let's see just how good you are with your tongue."

Chris wasted no time obeying, lying down at the base of the couch and continuing to stroke himself as Mandie slid out from under Amanda. She knelt over him then, straddling his face and pressing her swollen clit into his mouth. His cock twitched as he began to work, a fat drop of precum dripping from the head of his straining cock and falling down onto his stomach.

As soon as Mandie closed her eyes and began to take her pleasure from Chris's tongue Amanda got down and straddled his cock, centering it at her entrance and whimpering in anticipation as she felt his heat press against her.

"Not so fast little slut", Mandie said, eyes suddenly locked onto Amanda's as she humped against Chris's face. "We can't have him getting too distracted yet. Can we? I haven't come yet." Chris's hips bucked upward, desperately wanting to slide inside of Amanda's waiting pussy.

"Mmmm, but he seems to need a little attention. Doesn't he?", Mandie said. "Why don't you get down there and lick him clean for me? He seems to be making quite a mess with all of that precum.

With that, Mandie closed her eyes again, grinding her pussy harder against Chris's mouth, her thrusts becoming steadily more urgent. A stifled moan escaped from between Mandie's legs as Amanda obeyed, gently lapping the precum from his shaft and tasting herself on his head.

Mandie could feel Chris's grip on her thighs tighten as Amanda set to work on his cock. She smiled and ground harder against him, little jolts of pleasure flashing between her clit and her nipples as Chris drove her toward orgasm. She teased herself as she rode, taking her nipples in her hands and rolling them between her thumb and forefinger, drawing those bolts of lighting out into her flesh, feeling her orgasm building throughout her body. This was going to be intense.

She knew she didn't have much time either. The tension in the room had built to near bursting. Everyone was on edge, throbbing and aching, desperate to come. Yet, she'd decided that she would be first. She wanted to be the one to break first so that she could watch and command all that followed. They both clearly needed to come if she was going to make this tryst into something more, but she wanted to make sure it was on her terms.

Mandie tossed her head back and moaned throatily. "Mmmm...that feels good. You're better at that than I expected."

She found herself humping desperately against his tongue, so close to the edge that she was positively burning with need. Her fingers twisted against her nipples as she tried desperately to push herself over the edge. Yet, she wasn't able until she looked down and saw Amanda looking up at her, a fat drop of precum dripping down onto

her tongue as she licked the underside of Chris's head, his hips thrusting desperately. He reached up and slid a finger over her tight rosebud, teasing her asshole as he worked her clit and pulled down with his other arm around her thigh. THAT was all it took, and she arched her back as she let go.

"OHHHHHH FUCK! FUCK! FUUUUCKKKKK! Fuck YES! Oh, fucking play with my ass you You DIRTY fucking boy! MMMMMMMmmmm FUuuuUUCK!".

She became a writhing mass of whimpers and moans for a while after that, leaning back as wave after wave of pleasure blasted her into oblivion.

When she regained her senses, she looked down to see Amanda's face covered in thick ropes of cum. Her orgasm had driven Chris over the edge as well. She licked the last drop from the tip and was making to clean the rest from her face when Mandie bent down and grabbed her by the chin.

" look delicious. Fucking perfect with his cum smeared across your face like that. Don't touch it! I want to see you like this for a while. Dirty, well-used, like the desperate fucking slut that you are!"

Amanda seemed ready to protest. Mandie could tell she was a bit frustrated. After all, she hadn't gotten the cock that she'd been promised and she still hadn't been allowed to come.

Mandie gave her her best smile. "Oh, little slut...don't pout. I know you need a little more attention."

She wiped a dangling string of cum from her chin as she lifted her fingers, sliding it slowly into her own mouth and making a show of just how much she enjoyed it.

"Lay back up on the couch, little slut. I'll make sure you get what you need."

Amanda did as she was told and Chris crawled out from under Mandie as she pulled Amanda's hips toward the edge of the couch, placing her tongue over her clit and flicking it gently.

"Mmmmm...fuck", Amanda groaned, spreading her legs wider and humping against Mandie's tongue. She was so desperate for release that she no longer cared where it came from and Mandie seemed to know EXACTLY what she was doing.

She placed a hand on the back of Mandie's head as she humped her clit against her tongue, clearly enjoying her efforts.

While Mandie began to focus on giving Amanda exactly what she needed, Chris stood and watched, cock stiffening remarkably fast so soon after orgasm. He was finding the show quite irresistible and began to stroke his throbbing member as Amanda's soft moans began to become more intense. He watched her hands tangle in Mandie's hair, clenching and unclenching as she slowly gave herself over to the sensations.

Playing off of the last queue he'd been given he strode over to the cabinet, wetting his hands with lube and bringing the bottle over to the couch. He stood behind Mandie slowly rubbing it into her tight ass and maneuvering a finger inside.r>

Mandie glanced back over her shoulder, a naughty grin playing across her face. "Mmmmm...yes, Chris! Do you want to fuck my ass? You can! Mmmm, fuck yes, lube me up!"

Then, she set herself back to the task at hand. Amanda briefly opened her eyes to watch Chris carefully applying lube to both himself and Mandie. She bit her lip, wishing it was her he was about to fuck, but was carried away by the sensations rolling through her swollen clit as Mandie began to probe it harder with her lips and tongue.

Soon after, she could feel a change in the rhythm of Mandie's tongue as Chris began to thrust inside of her. Slowly pressing her harder against Amanda's clit, increasing the tempo ever so slightly as he worked himself inside. Amanda found herself humping back against her in time with Chris's thrusts. Mandie spread her lips with her fingers to expose her clit and began a relentless assault, growling occasionally whenever Chris thrust a bit harder.

Mandie slid her fingers inside Amanda's pussy, pressing firmly against her G-spot for a while, and then moving down to press against her A-spot as she worked a finger in her ass and rubbed the sensitive tissue between her holes using her thumb. Amanda could feel the heat building inside of her, and before she realized what was happening she felt herself squirt onto Mandie's lapping tongue, soaking her with her juices. Immediately after that she simply lost control as her orgasm slammed into her like a ton of bricks.

"MM...OH...OHH....OHHHHH FUUUUUUUUUUUCK!" she screamed as her body began to spasm and she simply lost track of herself in the wave of sensation that overtook her.

Watching Amanda come was all that Chris could take and he pulled out of Mandie, cum blasting out and raining down over her back as he lost control. Hot jets coated her lower back, and then the tops of her cheeks as Chris growled and moaned "GRRRRR...MMMmmm….FUCK!", he screamed as he let go.

Mandie had turned around to watch the show and simply smiled back at Chris as he finished, Amanda's cum glistening on her chin.

"Mmmm, that was lovely", she said, reaching back to gather a finger full of Chris's cum and sliding it slowly into her mouth before sucking it off. "Such a lovely blend of girl and boy cum".

"Would the two of you like a taste?", she said, beckoning for them to clean her off.

Neither wasted any time, happily trading places as Mandie knelt between them and Chris enjoyed the sublime taste of Amanda's pussy on Mandie's lips and Amanda greedily lapped up every drop of Chris's spunk as it trickled slowly down Mandie's back.

Mandie reveled in the attention, tangling her tongue with Chris's and arching her back to be more accessible for Amanda. She could feel the heat building, already at a fever pitch from all of the glorious fuckery that had just happened. She definitely needed to come again, and soon.

She pushed Chris gently back and slid out from between them, then sat on the edge of the couch, her legs splayed open to allow her pets access.

"Mmmmm, it seems you both like the taste of cum. Care to sample a little of mine little pets?", she commanded, huskily.

Chris and Amanda looked at each other, then crawled forward to kneel between Mandie's legs and Chris began fingering her. First one finger, then two, thrusting slowly in and out, curling up to press against her g-spot.

Amanda began licking tentatively at her clit. Shy, and inexperienced, the last time she'd tried this was in college.

Mandie sensed her hesitation and grabbed a fistful of her hair, pulling her tight against her pussy and grinding her clit against Amanda's tongue.

"Mmmm… .fuck! That's right, little slut. I'll show you how to eat pussy. Mmmmm, fuck yes!"

Mandie was sopping wet and it wasn't long before all three of them were slippery and saturated with her juices. Chris found himself taking turns with Amanda, spreading Mandie's lips and flicking her clit with their tongues.

Mandie watched from above as her two doting subs lavished attention on her throbbing clit, bucking and twitching when they found a particularly sensitive spot.

It was the sight of them making out around her clit that finally set her off, each lapping briskly along separate sides of her hood, then half kissing, half sucking around it. It was too much for her to take in and she soon found herself thrashing while she ground their mouths against her.

"Mmmmmm...Ohhhh...Ohhhhh...FUCK! FUUUUuuck!", she screamed as another orgasm tore through her, damn near rendering her unconscious.

When Mandie finally stopped convulsing Chris turned to Amanda and pressed his lips against hers, enjoying the taste of Mandie's pussy on her hot, swollen lips. Mandie looked down and stroked their heads briefly before getting up to dress.

Chris and Amanda never missed a beat, hands roving everywhere as they groped each other at the foot of the couch. Amanda clearly wasn't quite satiated, and though it hurt the way she was making him throb, Chris was readying himself for yet another round.

Once she'd composed herself sufficiently, Mandie walked over, grabbed Chris by the hair, and hauled him to his feet. She leaned into his naked body, pulled him close, and kissed him. Amanda looked up from her position on the floor and crawled over, taking him into her mouth and sucking him off while he and Mandie kissed.

Then, Mandie released him, patted Amanda on the head, and said, "Such good little pets. I hope you enjoy the rest of your evening together. I know this dirty little slut is just dying to feel your cock in her ass Chris. You'd better oblige her. Next time, the three of us will have to go somewhere where we can make a little more noise don't you think?"

"Oh, and Amanda, next time I promise you WILL get all of the cock you want. Cross my heart." With that, she looked across the room and winked, then turned and strode out, carefully locking the door behind her to give her pets a bit more privacy.

Outside, a lone figure smiled, climbed down from where he stood by the window, and walked toward the sidewalk, awkwardly concealing his throbbing cock and the growing wet spot his precum had made on his pants. His wife glanced over as she passed by the alley, waving for him to join her as she passed.

"Mmmmm, you really did a number on those two. Do you think they'll take the bait?", he asked.

Mandie smiled. "Hook, line, and sinker. It's your turn to drive, and if you're a good boy I might just suck you off before we get home. Would you like that?"

He nodded vigorously and climbed in, tossing his head back as his wife bent over him, unzipping his fly...

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