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18 Things that will make her want to Fuck you Again and Again


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Women generally fake orgasm and even they are hard to be satisfied in bed. And, most of the people would agree to this without giving it a second thought. For men, this may come as a shock but please don’t make it a matter of your ego. Instead, you should try and figure out some interesting and effective ways to give your woman an experience of a lifetime. For that, firstly you need to converse with your partner and know what she really likes. Being vocal about sexual desire helps to fulfill them. Here, we arm you up with some tips that can surely make you a perfect partner in bed.

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Focus on foreplay

There are men who just want to hit the bed and get pleasure. Well, that’s not going to work. Your woman needs time and for her, foreplay is the most important thing. It helps in vaginal lubrication, which is required for deep penetration and better sexual experience. Your sexual activity doesn’t need to be longer, but better. Your woman can get an orgasm even without penetration. All you need to do is to know how to make foreplay enjoyable.

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Make sure the clitoris is erected

Men get an erection easily. However, it takes a lot for a woman to get the same. Clitoral erection is important for them to feel the orgasm. And, that requires a good foreplay. Also, if you think that being wet means getting clitoral erection, you are mistaken.

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Let your woman take control

Only men do not love to be in control, women do too. Being at the receiving end is not liked by most of the women. They better what can make them feel satisfied. So, let your woman satisfy her own desires by instructing you. Be your woman’s slave and follow her. This will be pleasurable for both of you.

Kiss her

Women love being kissed on the lips, and some passionate smooching can get them in the mood for sex. Take your time to kiss her deeply and tenderly, as this is one of the critical ways to satisfy a girl.

Go down on her

It’s pretty much common knowledge that men enjoy receiving oral sex, but women enjoy it when men go down on them, too. A recent study found that over two-thirds of women find receiving oral sex to be “very pleasurable.”

Talk dirty in a way she enjoys

One of the ways of sexually satisfying a woman is talking dirty in a way that she likes. This means telling her how sexy she is and exactly what you like about her body.

Spend time on foreplay

Beautiful Sexy Couple in Love Hugging and Kissing During Foreplay

If you want to know how to satisfy a woman, get used to foreplay. This means taking time to rub her, run your hand up and down her leg, or kiss all over her body. The effort you put into foreplay will make her that much more turned on.

Whisper in her ear

A woman cannot resist whispering in her ear that you find her to be beautiful or that you want to take her to the bedroom. Keep this strategy in your toolbox if you’re interested in how to pleasure a woman.

Connect with her emotionally outside of the bedroom

Women are emotional creatures; that’s no secret. This means that if you want her to be sexually satisfied, you’ll have to meet her emotional needs outside of sex. 

When she feels connected to you emotionally, she will find sex to be more enjoyable as well. This is because satisfying a woman involves more than just physically pleasing her. It also requires you to make her feel safe, loved, and appreciated. 

Be willing to explore with her

If you want to know how to satisfy your wife sexually, you’ll need to be willing to explore with her. If there’s something she wants to try in bed, it’s essential to be open to it, and she’ll probably do the same for you.

Tease her with some biting and licking

We’ve already mentioned this, but women tend to need some foreplay to get their bodies fired up for sex. Teasing her by licking or gently biting her will physically stimulate her so that she’s ready for sex

Take care of yourself

A woman will notice the effort you put into taking care of yourself physically. By spending time exercising and dressing your best, you show her that you want to be sexually attractive to her. Spray on some cologne to freshen up, and she’ll have a hard time resisting you.

Ask her what she wants in bed

If you don’t know how to satisfy a woman, sometimes the simplest thing you can do is ask her what she wants. Everyone has different preferences, so you may have to ask her what she needs from you to find out just how to please her the most.

Try out some sex toys

Sex Toys Over the Bed Top Camera View

Another way of how to pleasure your woman is to introduce some sex toys. Vibrators, handcuffs, and dildos can add some excitement to your sex life and keep the relationship passionate, even when you’ve been together for quite some time. Chat us up for any type of sex toy...

Make her feel loved

Leaving out of your way to make your woman feel loved is essential if you want to satisfy her in bed because the two are connected. If she doesn’t feel loved outside of the bedroom, she will enjoy herself very much sexually. 

Make an effort to win her over with romance, tell her how much she means to you, and help her out around the house. The love she feels from you will translate into a better experience between the sheets.

Take time to cuddle with her

Another critical piece of satisfying a woman is to ensure that you’re showing physical affection outside of sex. One way to achieve this is through cuddling. 

Don’t jump up out of bed after sex; instead, stay in bed with her for a few minutes and cuddle. Make a point to cuddle throughout the night while you’re sleeping together, and she’ll probably be in the mood in the morning

Use your fingers

Also on the list of ways to please a woman in bed is using your fingers to stimulate her. During foreplay, use your fingers to stimulate her clitoris or hit her G-spot to prepare her for sex. 

Be gentle with her

Offering a gentle kiss on the cheek or playing with her hair will help her feel safe and emotionally connected to you. This can set the stage for sex. 

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Pleasing her both in and out of bed

In addition to figuring out how to satisfy a woman in bed, it’s important to know how to keep her happy outside of the bedroom. Pleasing a woman in and out of bed is important because the two are so related. Ways to achieve this include the following:

Appreciate her body

Whether she’s had babies or not, the chances are that her body has been through a lot during life. She may have some insecurities, especially if she feels she falls short of society’s beauty standards. Make an effort to compliment her body, especially when she’s feeling down. 

Change up your routine

Predictability can leave a woman feeling unsatisfied, so be open to trying new things, both in and out of the bedroom. Try a new date night idea, or approach her for sex in a different room of the house, aside from the bedroom, to spice things up a bit.

Practice open communication

Don’t shy away from the topic of sex or love. Be open with her about what your needs are, and listen to what she needs from you. Be willing to bring up issues as they arise to keep lines of communication open. 


Knowing how to satisfy a woman involves getting to know what she likes. Every woman will have different preferences, but in general, the 18 tips here give you insight into how to pleasure your woman. 

Taking time for foreplay and being sure that she feels loved both inside and outside the bedroom will go a long way toward making her happy in bed. She will recognize your efforts and feel more connected to you, both emotionally and physically.

Remember that women can be complex creatures, meaning that sex is about more than just physical pleasure for them. They will want to feel an emotional connection to you, so a satisfying sex life requires you to make an effort, so she knows just how important she is to you.

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