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12 Ways to Enlarge the Penis; How to enlarge the penis; How to Make the Penis Bigger

12 Ways to Enlarge the Penis; How to enlarge the penis; How to Make the Penis Bigger

Having a small penis is one of the major complexes of men, which can ruin their sexuality. This leads to blockages and a loss of self-confidence, resulting from the impossibility of sexually satisfying a partner. Fortunately, there are now solutions to lengthen your penis. A man looking for ways to enlarge his penis will be able to choose one of the following 12 methods – from dietary supplements to creams to penis extenders – to remedy this disorder.

We list for you the 12 solutions that could help you gain a few centimeters of the penis, to regain control of your sex life.

#1. Food supplements to enlarge your penis

If you're over 19 years (because that's when the penis stops growing) and your penis size doesn't suit you or your sexual partners, you can follow a course of healthy food supplements, to take in length and width without any risk.

The best supplements to enlarge the penis are composed of natural ingredients, which do not cause any side effects, and their actions are sometimes multiple: increase in penis size, improvement of libido, and orgasms. They are good allies, for improving your sex life.

#2. Long Jack XXXL

One way to increase penis size is to take medication. Tablets allow you to achieve easy and quick success. You take the drug when you want penis enlargement. This is usually before traffic. Many users describe the mode of action as convincing. It should be possible to enlarge the penis by up to 7.5 cm when erect.

From a medical point of view, this is possible if the cavernous bodies enlarge. Not only does this make the penis grow, but it also makes it appear thicker. A limb lengthening with medication is easy for every man to realize. Permanent measures such as surgery are not required. A recommendation is the Long Jack XXXL penis enlargement pill.

The effects of Long Jack XXXL are based on a combination of healthy ingredients, which will impact blood circulation and your libido, for again in size that will delight you.

It influences the length of the penis and its width, increasing the blood flow to the cavernous bodies of the penis, which gradually causes them to stretch. Its effect on the size of your penis and the various additional benefits it provides (as detailed in this Long Jack XXXL review) have made this dietary supplement famous for enlarging the penis.

Why is Long Jack XXXL Penis Enlargement Pill Recommended?

In order to enlarge the penis, medication is the first choice for many men. With Member XXL you are choosing a natural dietary supplement. The advantage is that you usually do not have to worry about your health. The drug causes penis lengthening in a natural way. Chemical substances that could harm the body are not included in the preparation. The penis can grow up to nine centimeters by taking the preparation. Success depends on various factors.

Benefits of Long Jack XXXL Penis Enlargement Penis:

  • Penis as hard and long as rock

  • Significant libido boost

  • The duration of sex will be longer

  • Erections will be more intense

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Enlarge the penis with the right dosage of Long Jack XXXL

In order to enlarge their penis, many patients try different things. They watch videos and visit an expert with the urologist for help. If you decide to take the Long Jack XXXL capsules, you can try the preparation immediately after ordering. You do not need a medical certificate. However, it is important that you prepare correctly.

Take a look at the operating instructions or watch videos to find out how the correct intake works. You take two capsules per day, ideally one in the morning before breakfast and one capsule before lunch. This is how you achieve the optimal mode of action. It is important for you to know that the preparation can be taken daily and permanently. Then you will achieve optimal effectiveness.

Side Effects and Risks

If you have decided to enlarge your penis and prepare for it, it is important that you inform yourself about the risks and side effects in advance. This also applies to natural dietary supplements such as Member XXL. The manufacturer states that the ingredients are 100 percent natural. Although the product has been on the market for a while, there have been no reports of side effects so far. So you can try the preparation and don't have to worry about any negative consequences.

#3. Enlarge Penis with Gels

An alternative to penis enlargement with medication is the use of gels. This is an external application and is very simple. You can include the application of the cream in the lovemaking. The variant is also a good idea if you enlarge your erectile tissue but do not want to take medication or have a problem with it in general. You apply the gel whenever you feel like having sex. With this you can make your penis grow in length and thicker.

Why is Titan Penis Enlargement Cream Penis Enlargement Cream recommended?

Enlarging the penis with the use of a gel is a good option for many men. Opt for the Titan Penis Enlargement Cream if you want penis lengthening with a good effect. The gel impresses with positive properties that promote blood circulation and have a direct effect on your erectile tissue.

You can hold more blood, which causes your penis to grow longer and thicker. If you want to increase the intensity of your sex life, we recommend that you try Titan Penis Enlargement Cream and see for yourself how positive it is.

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Enlarge the penis in a targeted manner with the right application

Enlarging the penis by applying a gel is a simple method that does not require any medical intervention. You do not endanger your health if you stretch your erectile tissue by applying the gel. The application is very simple: if you want sexual activity, use the money before you start making love. Apply it all over the skin of your penis and leave it on briefly. It is by no means disruptive to lovemaking.

This is especially true if you are open with your partner. Just include the application of the gel in your lovemaking and experience how the lengthening of your penis increases pleasure. Applying the money 30 minutes before the start of lovemaking is enough.

Side effects and risks

The Titan Penis Enlargement Cream, which allows you to increase the size of your penis, is a product composed of natural ingredients. These are substances that the body tolerates well. For you, this means that you do not have to worry about any side effects. The gel has been on the market for a while, but there are no known side effects from patients. So you don't take any risks when you put the money from lovemaking on the outer skin of your penis.

#4. Penis Pumps

You can enlarge your penis by using a penis pump. Videos show you how such a penis pump works. They are available in different versions. Some models are equipped with a tube, others with a harder round ring. You insert the penis and start the pump. This creates a negative pressure. You don't feel any pain, quite the opposite is the case: for many men who want a penis enlargement, using the penis pump is associated with pleasant feelings.

The negative pressure causes the penis to straighten up as the erectile tissue is stimulated. You can train your penis with the pump or you can include the application in foreplay. Be careful not to overdo it, as minor injuries could result. Also note that you will not achieve lasting success with the penis pump. Long-term penis enlargement requires the use of active ingredients.

By promoting blood flow to the penile tissues, the penis pump will stretch these tissues which, in the long term, could allow the user to gain a few centimeters of penis size. However, if its effectiveness in remedying erectile dysfunction is beyond doubt, there is no evidence that the penis pump will permanently enlarge sex. A study carried out in 2006 showed that after 6 months of use, the beneficial effects were mainly psychological – with a gain in self-confidence – rather than visual.

Handsome Up is an orthopedic device that allows you to stretch your erectile tissue. In this way it is possible to enlarge the penis. Tests and studies have shown that an increase of up to 4.9 centimeters in length and up to 2.5 centimeters in circumference is possible. The exact values ​​of the possible penis enlargement depend on various factors.

You can already achieve good results with Handsome Up in a period of six months. The orthopedic product can not only be used to enlarge the limb. There are many patients who suffer from penile curvature. This can also be the reason why sexual intercourse only works to a limited extent. Handsome Up also offers good results in the treatment of penile curvature.

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Enlarge the penis with the right application

You can enlarge your penis with natural methods. These are called dry jelqing and wet jelqing. Both variants are applications that cause your penis to grow by a few centimeters. When choosing this method, it is very important that you use it correctly. You can find out how to use it correctly in descriptions and videos.

It is important for you to know that the exercises are quite suitable for beginners. Take your time and use descriptions or video presentations to find out how you can learn the methods correctly and thus achieve a lengthening of your penis. They do not require any tools at all and can achieve very good results.

Dangers and risks

When using dry jelqing or wet jelqing, you do not have to worry about any major or significant risks. If you wish to enlarge your penis and use either of these two methods - or both - it is important that you start slowly and with increased caution. It is a massage that you apply directly to the three cavernous bodies that are inside your penis.

If you are new to it, it is recommended that you do the exercises on your own first. Together with your partner you have the opportunity to include the exercise in the foreplay. But you should have some experience. Risks no longer arise with increasing experience.

#5. Penis enlargement with a testosterone cycle

There are other ways that can help you increase the size of your penis. One of these options is a testosterone cycle, which is not uncommonly recommended by experts. The original size of a penis often says very little about its erect state. Here the cavernous bodies are crucial. They can grow a penis that is very small when flaccid to unimagined size.

If you have problems with this, it may be due to the lack of the hormone testosterone. It is an androgynous hormone that the body produces itself. For this reason, a moderate supply from the outside is not harmful to health. The testosterone can cause the erectile tissue to fill with more blood, ultimately causing penis enlargement naturally.

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#6. The penis extender

Another accessory designed to improve the size of the penis, the penis extender is based on a simple system: via a traction mechanism, it will stretch the penile tissues until it causes microlesions, which by healing will allow sex to be more long.

If in theory, it is a functional solution, it is still quite restrictive because it is necessary to wear the penis extender several hours a day, which can be difficult when you have an active life. In addition, some users report pain and irritation with use, which leads us to advise you to speak to a doctor about this device before choosing this solution to enlarge your penis.

#7. Penile Surgery

Some men suffer from deep complexes related to the size of their sex, especially when they have a micro-penis. To put an end to this, it is possible to have recourse to penile surgery – penoplasty – in order to enlarge the penis by 2 to 3 cm.

On the one hand, the rate of satisfaction following the operation remains quite low, since it oscillates between 30 and 60% ( source ), on the other hand, it is an expensive and quite risky method which must be reserved for extreme cases. If your penis does not fall into the category of micro-penis, it is better to turn to dietary supplements to gain a few centimeters, rather than going on the operating table.

Moreover, many doctors will refuse this operation to men who do not really need it. It is also important to note that penis size enlargement will be effective at flaccid, erect size will not change.

#8. Enlarge your penis with manual exercises

Enlarge the penis with jelqing

Jelqing is a term used to describe exercises that you can use to enlarge your penis. As the two terms "dry" and "wet" already indicate, you can perform the exercises on the dry or wet skin of your penis. If you choose wet jelqing, use a good lubricant. The goal is to stimulate the erectile tissue in your penis. They fill up with a larger amount of blood after a successful jelqing. This is how you can let your penis grow naturally.

What is jelqing and how does it work?

Enlarging the penis with jelqing is a method that does not require any tools. All you need is your hands, plenty of time, calm and, if possible, a nice atmosphere. These are ideal conditions if you want to be successful with jelqing from the very first application. Make sure your penis is not fully erect yet. In this case, the method can no longer work well. A slight erection is ideal.

Form a ring with your finger and place it around the shaft of the penis. Now massage the penis with gentle pressure away from the shaft towards the glans. Stop just before the glans, put the other hand on and continue the massage. You can use this method to achieve significantly better blood circulation in the erectile tissue. Videos can help you learn proper technique.

How to Jelq

Watch another detailed guide: 

A limb lengthening by jelqing succeeds with two methods. Hand movement and intensity are identical. You only use a lubricating gel - with wet jelqing - or you do without it with dry jelqing. Men who are not circumcised often find it easier to enlarge the penis with dry jelqing. If you are circumcised, wet jelqing is a recommended method. Use petroleum jelly, a sex shop lubricant, or a good body lotion.

You should avoid soap or shower gel because of the stronger skin irritation. If you're new to jelqing, it's a good idea to start with wet jelqing. In direct comparison, this method is a little easier.

If you want to practice Jelqing, all you need to do is:

  • Form a circle with your thumb and your index finger, which will touch

  • Surround your flaccid penis with these fingers, at the base

  • Go up to the glans, applying pressure to stretch the penile tissues

  • This movement should be repeated daily, several times a day in series.

  • The effectiveness of this exercise is questioned and if performed incorrectly, it can even lead to pain in the penis. No scientific study has proven its effectiveness and the risks of this method are quite significant.

Dangers and risks of Jelqing

With proper technique, jelqing can increase the size of your penis without any major risks. However, make sure that the penis is not fully erect when you start the massage. You can build up extremely high pressure in your penis through the direct massage.

This is possible with some men and it can be very pleasurable. However, it is advisable to test yourself in this regard first. With a higher level of experience you can increase the pressure and in this way maximally enlarge the erectile tissue.


The second exercise is the Kegel exercise. This serves to rehabilitate the pelvic floor. If its effectiveness is proven to improve the control of its erection it will in no way influence the size of the penis.

#9. The penis massage

Penis massage has several advantages: it can be done easily at home, it improves blood circulation and therefore promotes better erections and it is painless. Would this be a good solution to enlarge his penis? In any case, no study proves it.

It is done by gently massaging your lubricated sex and previously wrapped in a warm towel. You will be able to stretch the penile tissues and increase vasodilation, for a penis capable of receiving more blood. This would have an impact on your erections and your sex will therefore appear larger

If the massage is rather pleasant, the effects on the size of the penis remain uncertain.

#10. Enlarge the penis through surgery

You have tried different methods but you could not enlarge your penis? In this case, you may consider surgery. The operation is an intervention that you have performed once. You get a lasting result that has a very positive effect on your sexual performance and experience.

If you decide to have surgery, you have different options with which you can have the surgery performed. Together with your urologist or the surgeon, you decide which method is suitable in your case to enlarge the penis.

Severing the penis ligaments:

Cutting the penis ligaments is one option you can use to enlarge your penis. You get a permanent result that many men are very satisfied with. But what exactly does cutting the penis ligaments do? Doctors refer to the penile ligaments as ligaments. Accordingly, the name of the operation is ligamentolysis.

The penis ligaments are part of the more or less invisible apparatus that connects the penis to the pelvic bone. The effect of cutting through the straps is that the penis is not held so tightly on the pelvic bone. As a result, he can step a little further out of the pool. So you can have your penis enlarged. Depending on your individual anatomy, the positive effect can be several centimeters.

Enlarge penis with autologous fat injection:

Another effective method that you can use to enlarge your penis is autologous fat injection. This is a procedure that involves little effort and a quick recovery time. You can have the procedure performed on an outpatient basis. Autologous fat injection is a helpful method for men who have a very thin penis. The penis shaft gains in size due to the autologous fat.

Growth in length can also be achieved. If you enlarge your penis with your own fat, you will achieve a very good result with relatively little effort. Another advantage of using autologous fat is that there are usually no rejection reactions. The surgeon removes the fat from other parts of the body, such as the stomach or buttocks.

Decrease in the fat pad in the pubic area:

Fat deposits in the pubic area can cause the penis to partially sink during erection. As a result, it is shorter, which can lead to restrictions in the sexual desire of men and women. If you have this problem in the pubic area because you are overweight or have lost a lot of weight, a small operation can help to enlarge the penis. It is an operation that requires little effort.

The surgeon sucks out the fat in the pubic area and tightens the skin. Penis enlargement is achieved by allowing the penis to protrude more from the pubic area. Depending on the anatomy of the man, a gain of several centimeters in length is possible.

Enlarge penis with Dermal Fat Graft:

The method called Triple Fat Graft is used when you want to enlarge your penis and want more girth. The surgeon removes a small piece of your own skin, mainly from the buttock fold, so that the removal is not visible. After preparation, the skin is used on the shaft of the penis. As a result, the penis enlargement becomes visible, especially in terms of circumference. Usually you enlarge your penis and use this method when it is very thin. But you also benefit from a gain in length.

Change in penoscrotal angle:

Changing the penoscrotal angle is another option that you can use to enlarge your penis. This method is used when the scrotum is very far forward on the shaft of the penis. With a so-called scrotoplasty, it is possible to move the scrotum – the scrotum – permanently backwards.

In this way it is possible to enlarge the penis because you gain length on the shaft of the penis. Discuss with your surgeon whether this method is the right choice for you. It is a minor intervention that achieves a really good result. However, the anatomical requirements for this operation must be met.

Penis enlarge complications risks

If you have decided to enlarge your penis and choose an operation, you have to reckon with the typical complications and risks that occur with every operation. It is important for you to know that the surgical method is not an operation that puts you at particularly high risk. The risks are the general anesthesia that is usually required.

You can have an allergic reaction to medicines. Bruising and pain rarely occur after the operation. One risk can be that you are not as satisfied with the result as you initially thought. As an expert, your doctor will explain all the risks to you in any case. He certainly mentions that these are rare risks that do not necessarily affect you.

When does penis enlargement Surgery make sense?

You can enlarge your penis and opt for surgery if you suffer from micropenis. This is defined as when your penis is less than three inches when erect. Sometimes it is not possible for you to fully satisfy a woman and feel something yourself. Penis enlargement is a sensible option even if you have already tried various other methods.

If gels and natural preparations are just as little help as massages or orthopedic devices, it is advisable to consult your urologist for a consultation. You will find out whether penis enlargement is possible in your case and what risks you may have to reckon with.

#11. Hanging weights

There are sometimes incongruous techniques , to enlarge the penis and weight suspension is one of them. It is a method applied in certain monastic traditions, and which consists in attaching more or less heavy weights to the penis in order to stretch it downwards. This technique, which would almost resemble torture for some, is not supported by any scientific evidence and it can even make the practitioner suffer. A practice to avoid.

#12. How to enlarge your penis with a good diet

With a view to penis enlargement, it is wise to turn to products or accessories that will really impact the size, in the long term. But nothing prevents you from improving the action of these elements , by including in your daily life and especially in your food of the natural ingredients, able to play on your sexuality.

Among these, the most well-known aphrodisiac ingredients deserve your full attention. Consumed raw, in the form of juice or in cooked dishes, they can improve your erectile capacity, your libido and your pleasure. We advise you to use:

Ginger , which boosts energy and vitality, which improves stamina in bed. It would also be an effective ingredient to improve male fertility (according to a study conducted on rats – source )

Avocado , a fruit rich in Vitamins B and E, which promotes good erections while protecting sperm, due to its antioxidant properties ( source )

Oysters are known to boost the production of testosterone, which can be lacking in men after a certain age. To improve the quality of erections and an increased libido, it is a health ally not to be neglected.

Eating well can be the start of a more fulfilling sexuality, which goes hand in hand with your desire to enlarge the size of your penis. If these foods will not change the appearance of your penis, they will on the other hand help to make it bigger visually, when you are erect. Besides, there are other little tricks for that.

The right Approaches to Showing a penis larger in appearance

A man who seeks to enlarge his penis sometimes wants to respond to the vexing reflection of a companion, or to a room in a locker room. Because of this, sometimes all it takes is a few minor changes to make a penis look bigger . These techniques won't actually make you bigger, but they will change the look of your penis.

It is possible to :

  • Simply lose weight . In an overweight man, the penis appears smaller than it really is if measured. If you eliminate your superfluous kilos, through the practice of a physical activity or through a diet, you will give the impression that your sex is longer.

  • Shave your penis , removing pubic hair in the manner of X movie actors. Without this hair, the penis will be revealed in full, from its base, for a guaranteed visual effect. Be careful, however, to perform this operation correctly, otherwise it could itch you.


How to enlarge your penis: the right choice to end a complex

If the solutions are diverse and varied to increase the size of his penis, all do not have the same effectiveness. Supplements have the advantages of being healthy and effective , and they can allow you to gain a few inches while improving your overall sex life.

With this in mind, Member XXL is the most famous natural dietary supplement. With a composition that includes many foods known for their virtues on sexuality and a long-lasting action, for a change that is not only ephemeral, it is an ally that will not disappoint you.


If you want to enlarge your penis, you have different options to achieve a good result. Surgery, which can be performed in a variety of ways, is just one option. There are gels and preparations with natural active ingredients that have a positive effect on the work of the erectile tissue. In this way you can have a positive effect on the length of your penis. Massages such as jelqing or orthopedic devices can also be used easily at home. So you can enlarge your penis and noticeably increase your desire for sex.

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