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Lesbian Masturbation Paradise

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My name is Aliette, I am 35 years old.

With my girlfriend Soledad, we often share our sexual adventures. We really enjoy making love to a man together, and we do not deprive ourselves of it when we feel like it. Sometimes we even give each other little hugs. We both share wonderful moments, coiled under a duvet.

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A few days ago, at the invitation of a friend who lives in Switzerland, I attended a dildo home presentation meeting. I found this meeting very enriching in theoretical advice, but the facilitator of the meeting did not give a practical demonstration. This experience had given me ideas and I wanted to know more about the subject. So I made an appointment with a sex therapist in Brussels, Madame Ying, for a masturbation session. I easily convinced Solédad to also participate in this special kind of session. We entered Ms. Ying's equally special cabinet. The room was basic but warm and cozy like a love nest. Large soft cushions, one or two-seater armchairs, thick carpet, a stool, a glass table, a large bed and a whole panoply of utensils in beautiful open boxes set the scene dedicated exclusively to the pleasures of the flesh . Ms. Ying gave us her instructions: a stool, a glass table, a large bed and a whole panoply of utensils in beautiful open boxes set the scene dedicated exclusively to the pleasures of the flesh. Ms. Ying gave us her instructions: a stool, a glass table, a large bed and a whole panoply of utensils in beautiful open boxes set the scene dedicated exclusively to the pleasures of the flesh. Ms. Ying gave us her instructions:

“You want to learn the secrets of masturbation. First, you need to find the place in the room that you find most comfortable. Then relax completely, cast off all your inhibitions for an hour and only think about the key word: pleasure.

Brought to you by WetPoints Lesbian Porn

I will guide you for the rest ”

I was very curious to know the rest, and very excited too. I already felt my whole body electrify. The situation excited me so much that I felt my clitoris grow under my skirt. I chose to sit on big cushions on the floor. Soledad had preferred the chair with the padded armrests. I could already imagine her pretty legs spread apart, folded over the armrests.

“Now undress slowly and sensually, without rushing. Walk your effects gently on your skin, gently inhale your scent permeated in the fibers of the fabrics. Taste gently if you feel like it. "

Ms. Ying was also sitting comfortably in an armchair, she had already opened her blouse and slipped the tips of her nimble and expert fingers on the lace of her bra. At fifty, Ms. Ying was a very beautiful woman. She tenderly caressed the curve of her breasts with indescribable pleasure, as if it were child's play lived intensely. She then undid her bra she slid slowly down her shoulders and then grabbed her two breasts with full hand, her shining gaze plunged on them, and let out a first sigh of pleasure. My friend Soledad was writhing like a worm on her chair, she was sliding her panties down her legs, her eyes half-closed with happiness.

"Hmm, how good it is, how hot and intoxicating"

"Lick your panties Soledad, let the drunkenness come, said Madame Ying"

"ha yes, I lick it with relish, my scents turn me on , hmm, it's so booon… ”

Soledad had put two fingers on her penis and energetically masturbated her clitoris, rolling it deftly between her fingers while continuing to eat her panties. This wonderful spectacle before my eyes caused spasms throughout my body, I was already naked and stroking the tips of my breasts, a dildo in each hand. Ms. Ying stood up and walked towards my friend to better guide her in her actions. She grabbed an ebony colored double dildo.

"I'll show you how to best use this magnificent instrument, will you?" "

" Oh ouiii ... teach me to enjoy better, I am receptive, show me, umm ... "

Ms. Ying was gently penetrate this beautiful dummy round in the vagina of my girlfriend by exerting circular motion to massage her labia and her clitoris.

Brought to you by WetPoints Lesbian Porn

Then came the moment when the thinner part of the dildo hit the entrance to her little anus already slightly dilated with excitement. Soledad was suffocating. I could clearly see the beautiful instrument creeping deeper into his anus. I polish my pussy faster and faster. I was on the verge of orgasm. Soledad was screaming without restraint now.

"I am enjoying both pussy and ass at the same time, ouiiiiiiiiii, AAHhhhh…"

Ms. Ying was now in charge of showing me how to act on the famous G-spot, thanks to a long dildo specially designed for this purpose. I was trying to excite the point in question while pumping the other end of the long handle. -

"Now, invert the ends of your Aliette dildo, the taste of your love juice will increase your orgasm tenfold. I followed his advice, I took the dildo out of my pussy to bring it to my mouth and I introduced the other end into the penis. Ms. Ying was standing in front of me to observe my technique while masturbating with both hands. I suddenly felt myself leaving.

"I am enjoying, there, oh ouiiii ... YESiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ..."

I collapsed on the floor with my whole body, continuing to move the dildo back and forth very slowly in my penis. I kept an eye on the two women who enjoyed simultaneously. Ms. Ying had come, standing a few inches away from us, letting out a long cry of pleasure. My girlfriend Soledad had enjoyed her anus and her pussy at the exact same time. What a rare and fabulous moment, what an ecstasy. We left Madame Ying's office relaxed, serene and delighted. We wanted to smile at the people we passed in the street, people smiled at us in turn. Well-being gives a beautiful face, there is no doubt about it.

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