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Body Shaking Orgasm - I'm going to cum, be careful, I'm going to empty all my juices in your mouth...


Mich comes like crazy into the living room. He throws his briefcase and binders on the sofa.

-What's going on my darling, asks France, his wife.
- Imagine that this con Guy kicked me out of the club. He devised everything to get the members to vote against me. The day of my tents two years.
It's true that Guy is his own worst enemy and that if he can give him a nasty blow, Mich won't mind.
France doesn't like him either, with his Charles Bronson style, long hair and a big mustache.
- Calm down my darling, a good shower, a good meal, a good hug and tomorrow you will have forgotten everything.
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Despite the schedule, Mich is having a bad Sunday. He really got through.
The next day, Monday, without saying anything to her husband, France decides to go and say two words to the rotten other. She puts on a thong, a skirt that reaches mid-thigh and a bustier. No bra, at twenty eight years old, her breasts hold on by themselves.
The car is parked in front of the garage, so it's there. It rings. He actually opens the door in a bathrobe, the phone in his hand.
-Excuse me, I'll call you back. France, that she surprises, Christine has just left for work, she misses you for nothing.
-It's good to see you.
-What's going on, is there a problem?
-What is this blow you did to my husband, who do you think you are?
- Wait, he sends his wife to settle his affairs, I knew he was incapable, but not at this point. What a good-for-nothing, he replies, going to sit on the couch.
Barely seated, Francine throws herself on him to slap him. With a reflex, he blocks her wrist. She throws the other hand, but he blocks her too. Apparently, without difficulty, he connects the two wrists with one hand. Slowly he pulls on her arms to force her to come forward. She is forced to spread her legs to avoid her knees.
Then with an Olympian calm, he advances his free hand between the thighs of France, spreads her thong, to slip a finger.
France is struggling but only makes the situation worse. Indeed the more she struggles,
-Let go, you little asshole, I hate you, stop, lift your finger, let me go.
- Why are you in a hurry, we are not both well? We have time!
He has now inserted two fingers into her pussy. He moves up and down, stopping to pinch her clitoris. She cries of shame.
-Please let me go, I want to go home.
But her body begins to betray her. She is less resistant to the assault of his hands which are becoming more and more vicious. She sighs, moans.
-But she's wet, the slut. She is enjoying herself.
She didn't respond but felt the heat rise in her body. She was defeated. He was going to be able to do whatever he wanted with her. He knew it.
-If your husband saw his worst enemy fingering his wife. What would he say?
- Shut up Guy, don't stop, jerk me off.
She moaned more and more, her breathing quickened, she was no longer in control.
We had never caressed her like that. Suddenly the orgasm came.
-Yes, go ahead continue, harder, yes, yes scratch my clit, harder god damn it, let go of my hands.
He releases his wrists. She puts both hands on the back of the sofa, puts her mouth forward and kisses him to bite his lips.
-Ben said, are you missing or what? I feel like we're going to have a lot of fun together.
-Do what you want, I'm yours. By coming I would have always won that.
Slowly, she unties the belt of the bathrobe.
-Oh my god, what a tail, and what a pair of balls, if my husband saw that, him and his little cock.
His penis, erect must be eighteen to twenty centimeters and four in diameter. Next to Mich's fifteen, sixteen, that made a difference. Guy's glans had almost come out of the foreskin.
-you saw the devil, is this the first tail you see?
"Like that, yes," said France.
-You can take it if you want, you can even suck it.
She does not hesitate for a second, she finished removing it and swallowed it deep in her throat. She pumps him gently, lingering on the glans that she rolls up with her tongue and with one hand scratches his balls.
-I'm going to cum, be careful, I'm going to spit in your mouth.
She says yes with a flick of her eyelashes. She has his almost entire cock in her mouth.
Here it is, he ejaculates.
-Oh damn I cum, bitch, I'm empty, it's good han han.
To see the hollow of her cheeks we understand that she has swallowed everything. He picks her up and kisses her.
-If my husband saw what I'm doing with his biggest enemy, I think I could pack my suitcase. But let's not talk about him, we have other things to do. He makes her get on all fours on the sofa, brings his cock close to her pussy, and penetrates her gently. She utters a woman's cry in heat. He goes back and forth more and more. They will be coming soon.
It is she who reacts first.
- Damn, what is it to be put on. You still make me cum you bastard. Go stuff me like a whore, what a foot and what a tail, you are killing me. Oh thank you, thank you
Guy for the afternoon you gave me. Will you fuck me again and honey? Next week, can you?
-You won't be able to do without my big cock now. If the other idiot knew how much fun I had with his wife! Okay, I agree. If you want to see each other again, it is with pleasure. I hope you will be in such good shape.
They showered together then she left after having kissed him for a long time.

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