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It is My first Time Being Dicked, Why Fuck Me this Mercilessly?

Emma is 34 years old, brown hair and very dark brown eyes. She is 1m55 tall, slim with a slim waist that brings out her pretty hips and very pretty small breasts.

I am 37 years old, I am thin, measures 1m85, my hair is brown and my eyes are blue.

We got to know each other via a dating site at a time in our lives when we didn't necessarily want to meet the "great love" but I quickly fell in love. We talked about everything and laughed a lot. Sexually it matured very quickly, we exchanged a lot of sext, talked a lot about sex and fucked whenever we had the chance. We don't know how to make love, we fuck. I found an old message from Emma:

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"When you're sodomizing me, you're going to stick your cock deep in my ass." It will expand but tight enough for you to feel good. You're going to go hard, you're going to take me apart like a whore. You can slam my ass as you please. I'll be your bitch. And when you've decided you've had enough. You will bring me to my knees in front of you. And you will look at me like a bitch. I will open my mouth I will suck you and you will jerk off on top of me. You will end up ejaculating on me, wherever you want. If it overflows I will lick it to swallow it all.

Every night of the week you're going to take me down. You will kiss my mouth, ass, pussy. And I will suck you off. We'll use the dildo. Because I want to feel myself getting fucked in every hole. When I have your cock in my ass I will lick the dildo to put it in the pussy. And when I have your cock in your mouth you will put your fingers in my ass.

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She likes to feel slutty, to be my little bitch and I like to make her bitch.

After a few months we started to discuss our fantasies. She liked the idea of ​​getting caught by two or even three men in front of me, and that turned me on a lot. Seeing her get fucked all over the place and all holes by strangers obsessed me. We both also fantasized about going to a swinger club which would have been a first. But all that was for the moment only fantasies, we were playing with sextoys to imagine another man taking it at the same time as me. Gradually this fantasy became more and more present in our heads.

We had the idea of ​​registering on a libertine site to first virtually introduce someone into our bed. As soon as the profile was created and the photos posted hundreds of messages poured in. She then started chatting with the men she liked the most, imagining scenarios:

"I will be your bitch", "you will do what you want with me, I will obey", "you will break my bitch ass", "you will put a cock in my mouth and one in my pussy", "I will suck you until you get your juice on my bitch's face »… They exchanged pictures all hotter than the others… Dildos in her pretty ass, my cock in her mouth, poses showing her ass and her pussy ready to be fucked by the lucky one. In exchange she received photos and videos of them jerking off for her which made her crazy with excitement, she wet all day thinking about that. By reading his messages I bandaged like crazy, to have a sore tail. The kisses following these exchanges were incredible, a real slut willing to do anything to enjoy and feel each time more bitchy than the previous one we were.

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We also wanted to start a family and she got pregnant the first time and then a second. We were the happiest in the world. These two pregnancies and the fatigue linked to the shortened nights are incompatible with all these fantasies. We put all that aside even if I admit that I always thought of her between two beautiful cocks very often.

She had difficulty accepting the changes in her body following pregnancy, yet she was still beautiful, sexy. Her perfectly shaped breasts, her size still so marked highlighting her pretty ass. She still excited me so much but she didn't see herself like that and that's what matters. I love him so much. It pained me that she imagined for a second not being attractive anymore.

One weekend we were able to babysit the children, we finally had a moment of our own. Emma put on a pretty short dress, it was beautiful. We had decided to go out to a restaurant, then to a bar, then another. The alcohol started to take its toll and she began to relax, we met again. We didn't want the evening to stop so we decided to go to a bar / club where everyone was dancing. The bar was small and everyone was glued together.

We started to dance, to have fun, to laugh. It felt good. I don't know how to dance but having practiced dancing for years she dances wonderfully.

It was getting really hot, I left her on the trail and went to get some drinks. When I turned around she was dancing in the middle of several guys who looked at her like prey. Gradually they approached until one of them comes to stick against his back and especially against his buttocks. He was tall, muscular but not too much and danced quite well. He was going back and forth up and down to the beat of the music. She looked at me with her naughty smile, I smiled back at her with an approving look. It did not take more for her to start playing her buttocks against the tail of her partner. She was happy, she felt like a woman, desirable. Seeing Emma jiggle against him he took it as a green light. Little by little his hands went down, they were now on his hips. She turned to face him, and leaned against him. His hands were moving lower and lower until he could grab her butt firmly and slammed her against his cock. Emma had this stranger's cock pressed against her pussy. I am absolutely not jealous but watching this this feeling ran through me. He was quickly driven away by an incredible excitement. My cock was as hard as ever I even hurt.

Suddenly she left him planted in the middle of the track and went to the bathroom. I can hardly imagine the disappointment of this guy who also had to have a monumental erection.

Emma left the toilet and walked over to me, she put something in my pocket, and whispered in my ear: "his name is Cyril I think he likes me."

She returned to dance in the middle of the floor near this Cyril who hastened to press her firmly against him, starting his rhythmic back and forth.

I put my hand in my pocket to see what she had put there. It was her thong, flooded. At first surprised, shocked, I began to bend like never before. I imagined that cock rubbing against her wet pussy simply separated by a thin piece of cloth.

Other men attending this little merry-go-round approached and also began to dance near her. They all wanted to fuck her. She passed from arm to arm, dancing, rubbing against them. They didn't hesitate to put their hands on his ass and it turned me on terribly. Cyril seeing her walk away took her by the arm and took her to the bar right next to me. Unaware that I was with her, he started to be more direct as he put his hand on her buttocks.

- "You warmed me up, you're a hell of a dancer"

- "You started it" she replied with a naughty smile.

- "I'm tired of dancing, are we continuing elsewhere?"

She did not answer immediately and took advantage of the fact that Cyril took his glass to take a look at me. We were there, that moment we had fantasized about so much. I nodded at her and winked back at me.

- "Ok" she said

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They left the bar and I followed suit, remaining as discreet as possible but I was not the only one. A rather tall blond man with a very classy white shirt called Cyril and caught up with them.

- "Ah Johan, come with us, we'll have a drink"

Emma turned around briefly and saw that I was following them which reassured her. They walked into a small alley and entered a house. I walked around the house to find a discreet point of view.

Cyril then took out a bottle of Vodka and 3 glasses, Emma swallowed it dry after toasting. Emma's glass slipped from her hands and fell to the floor. Bending down to pick it up her dress stood up revealing her pretty ass.

- "Look at me, this bitch, she has nothing under her dress" said Johan.

- "She's soaked too!" Did you come to get fucked or to dance? "

Emma did not have time to answer, he leaned Cyril shoulders to the knees. Johan had already pulled out his cock and sank it deep in his throat. He was holding her head and kissing her mouth harder and harder.

- "What the fuck is it good!" Give her your cock too she loves that bitch. We are going to give her what she came for ”

Cyril hadn't waited for Johan to take out his cock and pin it on Emma's face. He bandaged to death.

I witnessed a surreal scene, my wife between two tails, submitted to two strangers. I had dreamed of this hundreds of times but it was beyond anything I could have imagined. I could not help but run my hand through my pants to jerk off as I was so excited.

She went from one tail to the other as if she had done this hundreds of times before I had never seen her in this state she was like possessed.

Johan laid her down on the sofa and while Cyril put his cock back inside Emma's mouth pulled her legs up and started to eat her pussy, she loved it. He then went down until he reached her ass and stuck his tongue into it.

- "It's good your ass bitch I'm going to prepare it well"

Emma did not answer but took Johan by the hair and leaned on his head to push her tongue even deeper.

- "Stop, you're going to make me squirt, I'm going to fuck you now" said Cyril.

He got between the legs of Emma and penetrated her suddenly which made her emit a cry. A cry of surprise, of pleasure.

- "Fuck me hard, I was expecting that"

- "Don't worry, you'll pick up bitch, you've been heating me up all evening you're going to have to assume"

Johan moved to put himself on top of Emma and made her his toy: he hit her face with his cock, pinched her breasts, she licked his balls, her ass. Cyril kissed her with all his might, I heard his balls banging against her ass. She was taken on all sides and she seemed to love it.

- "She knows how to do it with a tail this bitch. My turn to fuck her, ”said Johan.

Cyril withdrew, Johan sat down on the bench and said:

- "Sit on my cock"

Emma obeyed all their desires and that excited me enormously.

She then began to go back and forth, rising slowly and dropping, impaling herself on his cock. Each time she moaned and each time he slapped her hard on the buttocks.

Cyril had taken Johan's place in his mouth. She swallowed it when she let herself fall. Johan began to stroke her anus, then insert a finger, then two. From where I was I saw her asshole dilating little by little until it was completely open.

- "She's ready to get this bitch fucked in the ass, she'll take two." One is not enough for her, ”says Johan.

Emma stiffened. She really liked being fucked in the ass, but double penetration was new. We had already done it with a dildo but this was different. Two "real" tails of two strangers.

They didn't give her time to hesitate, Johan leaned her against him giving access to Emma's little hole. Cyril spat on her ass and began to push to enter her. The excitement helping, he was quickly deep in her ass. She moaned, it wasn't pain but pleasure. She loved it. They then began to move, first slowly and then harder and harder, she was getting her pussy and ass dismantled at the same time.

- "It is too good your ass, it is tight as I like little bitch"

- "Break my ass! Stronger! Fuck me! ”

Emma was unrecognizable, as if in a daze. Nothing seemed to matter anymore except these 2 beautiful cocks fucking her in all holes.

- "I can't take it anymore, you want to fuck her? »

-« Oh yes »said Johan coming out of her pussy. "Get on all fours bitches that's how they like to get caught"

Emma complied, she was arched to her maximum. His ass was already wide open, he had no problem getting into it. Johan only thought about his own pleasure which apparently didn't bother Emma, ​​she obeyed and it turned her on. He disassembled her, her breasts tossed to the rhythms of thrusts. He was entering her ass full length with force, Emma didn't want it to stop.

- "Fuck me I'm your whore!" Take me apart! "

-" You really like the tail, you bitch "

He leaned her head on the ground and kissed her even harder and then slowed down before stepping back. Emma's ass was fully dilated.

- "On your knees" he said to Emma. “Cyril is coming, we're going to give him his reward. "

Cyril got up from the couch, he had departed to wank watching his buddy fucked Emma, certainly for breath.

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She knelt between them and put a hand on her pussy to caress herself looking at them. They began to masturbate on top of her before cumming on her face. At that same moment Emma had an orgasm that took her breath away.

- "Swallow our juice" said Cyril

She brought back to her mouth what she could and swallowed with a big smile.

After getting dressed, she went to the door, taking a piece of paper that Cyril handed her and returned to the main street where I ran to catch up with her.

On the way home she told me that she loved it but was afraid of my reaction. She was reassured when I told her that I had watched the whole scene and that I had also loved it. She showed me the piece of paper that Cyril had given her "Come back when you want you have my number now".

We got home and she spun in the shower then came to join me. As if to say thank you and slipped under the duvet to give me a blowjob. It didn't take long to shoot her big cumshots in her mouth, which she swallowed too.

She then fell asleep in my arms, we were more in love than ever.

It was the first day of the rest of our life. Our life as a candaulist.

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