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She's My Personal Nurse, but She Fucked the Hell Out of Me😪🤤

Today, I am going to tell you my story with a nurse from the hospital where I am being followed… It all started in summer 2019, when I was found to have a small tumor. So I have the right to regular chemo. And of course, with the Covid, the cures are done in day hospitals, but in individual rooms, and it is the same nurses who take turns. Among the nurses, there is one with beautiful blue eyes, like mine. Over the course of the treatments, a certain intimacy has been built. In the spring of 2020, one day, we were in the single room, and while doing the treatments, she kissed me, with the mask !!! She then apologized, but I told her that it was a pleasure, and that it would be nicer without the mask… and we did. This 1st kiss was short but hot! I asked him to do it again, but more fiery… and it was off again for 30 seconds. I specify that she is at least 15 years younger than me, but is very mature. She also told me that it was the first time this had happened to her.
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Then moving away from me to go about her other business, she subtly put her panties back in place of me, snapping the elastic... with a small sigh of embers. I understood that this story would undoubtedly go much further, and I put him, without thinking, my hand on his nurse pants, at the level of his penis, mine growing at the same time. She did not react, and said simply: Later, if you are good... At the end of the day, before I go home, I took my cock out of my clothes to show him. After hesitation, while taking my cock in hand, she lowered the front of her pants and her panties. By sliding my hand on her vulva, I felt she had a little wet. There, without thinking, I just told him that we had to see each other outside of the cures. So we exchanged our 06. She called me back in the evening, and we decided what to do next. We decided to see each other 3 days later, once I had recovered from my treatment. We also decided to go straight to serious matters, therefore sexual relations, protected. For our first date, meet her at the end of the day, after her job. She had just come home, and as usual, she goes in the shower. Except that there, she did not go alone. I joined her while she was in the shower. I just kept my underwear on before approaching the shower stall. She didn't see anything coming, except when I opened the door. She was a little surprised, and pulling me towards her, she said ok, but no sex here, because no condom. Then she took off my panties. There followed a nice embrace, underwater... Even without entering it, she placed my penis on her vulva, the better to warm up.

Once the shower was over, we hurried to dry off to move on, so our first sexual relationship. Before putting on the condom, by manipulating her penis, I saw that she was a virgin, but ready for the big jump. She had hesitated to tell me, for fear that I would refuse to see each other. We first sat on the edge of his bed, naked and a little shy: Are we going now or are we postponing? So as not to rush her, I asked her if she did not prefer that for this day, we only practice foreplay. She hesitated a little, then while taking my cock in her hand, she preferred that we postpone our first time. She was a sexually virgin, but with little experience in cuddling. So we performed sensual hugs: caresses on the sex of the other, licking pussy for me, licking my cock for her, ... until ejaculation on her pubis. She was delighted. After a cleaning, we got dressed, before I returned home, but after a few tender kisses and having decided on the next date,… the next day! So the next day, always meet at her place. Except that here, we went to the end, namely its defloration. Same as the day before, let's go to the shower, together. Like the day before, I keep my underwear so that it takes it off in the shower, to discover my cock well trained and ready to attack the magic cave. After these few preliminaries, we dry off quickly and head to her bed, where I stretch her gently while kissing her languidly, to relax her well. Then a little massage of her penis with my hand. Finally, before taking action, put on the condom.
Once put on, and after a little glance where I see her a little anxious, I reassure her and start to penetrate her gently. I feel that his hymen is there. After a few shallow back and forth movements, she tells me that she is ready to receive all of my cock inside her. I do not pray and with a little help, her hymen gives way and I can fit my cock entirely into her. Without withdrawing, I start the full back and forth, and I feel her (my partner) in full ecstasy, expressing little "yes, yes, go" first discreet then more powerful. We take our foot, and especially her, as if it was not her first time. I slow down a bit to see if it's all right for her, and she asks me to pick up the pace. And presto, it's off again in its inner velor sheath, until ejaculation. As it is a very thin condom, she feels the heat of my sperm. She feels like I don't have a condom. Suddenly, I withdraw, I remove the top quickly, then I re-enter it, naturally to resume our embrace (we were ok before). And like a pro, she grips me with her legs, the better to contain me and hug me against her belly. Then, probably by instinct, still with my cock in her, we change position and she ends up on me. And there begin his movements of his penis to stimulate mine even more. After 5 minutes, return to the original position (me on her), and continue our movements, until a small surprise ejaculation. It is close to the height of carnal pleasure. His "cries" of pleasure are instinctive and I knew I had to put a hand over his mouth so that the neighbors do not hear him ... too much! The next time was at my house, out of its bearings. For the 1st time, she's ok to have sex with me. I had prepared everything well, with gentleness. When she arrived at my house, I saw that she had made a superb effort to put on super sexy makeup and dress, without overdoing it. A pretty skirt and a blouse topissimes. Not to mention her simple but exciting underwear (her pussy was clearly visible under the lace). I also had to prepare something to get in shape: champagne and everything you need to be relaxed. She tells me of course that she's driving home. I tell her that if she wants, she can stay the night. I felt her a little nervous, but she accepts. So, after 2-3 glasses of champagne, we are super relaxed, and a little gone...
As my bed is not wide, I had prepared the sofa bed. After 2-3 minutes of chatting, we come closer for a little kiss, which ends up dragging on. We hug each other, and my already erect penis is plate at the level of his penis. She slips a hand into my underside, and I do the same with her pussy, which got a little wet. Then we undress. Once naked, the beginning of foreplay, without penetration. Then I ask him to put the condom on my penis. Once done, she grabs my cock, and in less time than it takes to say it, she places my penis facing the entrance to her vagina, then with a small movement of her body, my cock enters in her. The champagne helping, here we go for great back and forth more or less powerful until my balls slam on her plump buttocks. The tigress loves it and asks for more. This is our 2nd time, but I have the impression that she has always practiced !!! It's incredible. We change positions every 3-4 minutes. Finally, I feel like I'm going to cum inside her. She asks me to remove the condom, which I ended up accepting for the "main" ejaculation. So I retire, remove the condom before slipping my cock in her, and caught in the rhythm, I enjoy in her with powerful thrusts. I take the risk of a pregnancy, which will be assumed in case (finally, she was not pregnant). My balls slam several times against her small buttocks. The jolts of ejaculation make her retreat, so powerful is our passion. For the last thrust of the last ejaculatory jet, I hit the bottom of her vagina well and maintain myself for a good minute before retiring. What a foot it was...
For the next time, we innovated, practicing a 69! It was at her place. After taking a shower to wash everyone's genitals well, head to bed. Then after fiery kisses, she lies down. I do the same, but in reverse. I know she had performed blowjobs before, so 69 is just a sequel. So here we are with our mouths facing the sex of the other. While she takes my cock in hand, I downright grazes her pussy, shaved in the morning. I start by licking his pubis before going down to her little apricot vulva. The shower did its job well and the sweet fruity scent (of the shower gel) made me lose my senses. While enjoying a blowjob from god's fire and gently, my mouth wildly kisses her vulva, and I feel that she begins to wet. I continue because the tigress is also starting to go live. Then I put out my tongue to better feel her labia minora her vagina. What happiness... before the extreme enjoyment, since I can not contain myself, and I enjoy by surprise in his mouth. She swallowed and swallowed my seed. And quickly, she withdraws my cock from her mouth, and as she is on top of me, she turns 180 ° for a new sexual relationship, as long as my cock is "in shape". After a few thrusts, the last small drop of semen squirts from my penis into her wet vagina. This intense relationship lasted about a year before we decided to quit by mutual agreement (but after a good last time). The age difference did not displease us because she was a very good student, taking a lot of initiative. But we told each other that it couldn't go further together. As I always have care, we see each other regularly, as part of our work and sometimes outside, as friends. Sometimes a quiet little kiss happens, but that's it. It’s perfect that way. A superb experience and an extraordinary adventure, the last before meeting my current half, almost 5 months pregnant, and soon my wife and mother of the 2nd child, already scheduled.

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