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Hot Sex with the Dwarf Part 2 of 6

Note: This story has Six parts, Click here to read all... 
Ms. Müller sat on a chair next to the bar, which was set up for the subsequent reception, and tried to bring order to the chaos of her thoughts. 
 This little dwarf had broken down the invisible barrier that always applied to events of this kind. So far it has always served the hostesses as an adornment for their feminine feelings, without ever becoming a danger to their sexuality. What he now staged was undisguised greed to tear down the fortress of a woman's virtue by unashamedly declaring that he was not just a plaything but a man. This left Ms. Müller with a tingling excitement, in which she was curious to get to know Benjamin in his masculinity. 
 Ms. Müller was torn out of her thoughts when Benjamin stood in front of her. His eyes glowed as he asked softly, "Why did you escape? Am I so arousing that you couldn't stand it anymore?" Ms. Müller groaned: "You're a horny little monster who gropes me in an outrageous way. I don't have to put up with that." Benjamin laughed and while he said, "Right, I don't know shame with a wet cunt like you have under your skirt," he pushed his hips between her thighs so that the skirt rode up high and a black lace-trimmed one Panties became visible, which were tense. With a look down, he stated with a grin: "You hide wonderful cunt meat there, which I will knead now. That's what you want." Ms. Müller shuddered visibly and gasped softly: "Don't you dare". 
 His hands went to her crotch and the woman closed her eyes, gurgling in horror, saying, "Don't! If someone comes now". A small hand pulled the gusset aside, revealing a female genitals sparsely haired on bulging lips with inner lobes protruding below. When two fingers dug into the gap and moved up and down in it, Ms. Müller gasped audibly and slid her bottom further forward on the chair. It signaled readiness for uninhibited enjoyment. A finger tapped the large clit that had slipped out of its fold.
"Hands off, you bastard," 
Ms. Müller moaned unleashed because a wave of pleasure, like lightning, made her cunt twitch. Benjamin growled contentedly while he unzipped his pants with his other hand, pulled them bare and took a step forward: "I can understand you, you horny bitch. You want my love bone". Ms. Müller squealed, her eyes widening, when she felt Benjamin impale her. Instead of fighting him off, she gurgled in delight: "What a cock! It's madness." The little man, standing between her thighs, began to buck into her and stared with his beady eyes at her face, which reflected the pleasure and suffering of a woman who was well taken care of. "Legs wider! I want to go deep into your cunt” Benjamin gasped, his face red, because he was completely exhausted. Mrs. Müller's hands tore the skirt all the way up. The plump thighs opened wide. 
 Her heavy breathing turned into fervent moans as she wailed, "Hardier! Harder!" Harder! You bastard". Benjamin's hands squeezed into her cleavage to knead her breasts, but was emphatically pulled out by Mrs. Müller: "You gnome, you shouldn't fiddle, you should fuck". She tossed her head with a contorted face and pressed the back of her hand to her mouth in anticipation of her climax. Then she bit down to stifle her orgasmic scream. 
Her full body trembled and her cunt twitched as if she were suffering from spasmodic attacks. This also gave Benjamin the rest. With a jubilant grunt he filled the cunt with his man slime. When he had finished squirting, he took three steps back, sliding out of her, zipped up his pants, facing the wet cleft where his ejaculate hung in a small clump at the bottom, and grinned with obvious pride : "You look pathetically dirty. If you want to feel a real cock again, just get in touch. I'll see if I have time for you." He went back into the room where the music was about to end. Ms Müller pulled the gusset of her panties over her dripping cunt, got up and smoothed her skirt so that no one should guess how wet and slimy it was underneath him. 
  At the subsequent standing reception, Benjamin swarmed around the women like moths around a light. Each wanted to please him with her asexual motherliness and moved her body lasciviously towards his fur, which caused his cock to grow again. Frau Müller, on the other hand, was standing at a table, rather exhausted and battered, clutching a glass of champagne. She still felt that monstrosity of a cock inside her and before her eyes she saw this dwarfish gnome who bucked uncontrollably into her and had satisfied her so incomparably. "Dear me, Beate, you look as if a ghost has taken possession of you," echoed the soft voice of her friend Constanze in Ms. Müller's ear. Ms. Müller's gaze was transfigured and with a sigh she answered: "Darling, that was much more real. Our dwarf was inside me and showed me that he is also a man”. With horrified astonishment, but at the same time great curiosity, she whispered back: "What? Benjamin took you? Wow! And how was he?' Beate sighed with rolled eyes: "It was a revelation. This little devil is doing fantastic”. Constanze giggled nervously: "Then I'll take care of him if you don't mind. 
My husband is very lazy at the moment and I may need it again." She joined the women who stood around Benjamin, giggling and laughing because, as usual, he exuded an incredible charm, spiced with jokes. Constanze stood in the group for a long time and had to realize that she could never have Benjamin to herself without initiative. After some deliberation, she decided to launch a frontal assault on Benjamin's manhood. She pressed herself against him, leaned down to him, stroking her small breasts as if to adjust her brassiere, and cooed in a seductive voice: "Benjamin, my friend Beate confessed to me how sweet and lovely you are been to her. I want to win your affection too." Benjamin grabbed her head and pulled her ear to his mouth: "Are you already wet and tingly in the crotch like your girlfriend was". 
  When Constanze nodded, he added. "You can drive me home later. You have a car, sweetie?” She breathlessly replied, "Deal," and floated with a buoyant step to another group of guests. The evening was slowly coming to an end and Constanze was visibly nervous because she was frantically thinking about where to experience the adventure with the little dwarf, because there was not enough space in her sports car. The solution came as a surprise because her husband came to her and said, "Darling, I won't be home until much later. Maier lures with a big order and I'll take him out a bit more to land the order". Constanze knew what this execution looked like when her husband wanted to convince a business partner. The evening usually ended in an exclusive brothel, where the men had fun with not just one woman. "I wish you success. I'll go to sleep. When you come home please be quiet so you don't wake me up” she whispered and gave her husband a kiss. Inwardly, however, she rejoiced because she had a storm-free apartment. 
 The drive to Constanze's house was silent and she saw Benjamin sitting next to her with an impenetrable, almost indifferent face and staring at the houses flying by. In her, on the other hand, there was turmoil in her head and panties. As soon as they walked into their living room, Benjamin hopped onto the couch and croaked commandingly, "Bitch, now show me what you have to offer." He rubbed his sex obscenely while spreading his legs, clearly showing that the cock was hard. Constanze was astonished at the way he acted, because it wasn't the sweet little innocent guy she knew him as, but a visibly excited man who openly said that he wanted to get excited at the sight of her. "Can't you be a little tender?" she whispered and gave no sign that she wanted to follow his request. “If you need tenderness and affection, go to the monastery. 
Here is done what I want. And as a reward, I'll also give you an orgasm if I feel like it,” Benjamin growled, his eyes sparkling with anger. "Now don't be shy. Down with the fumble” he added and started to undo his trousers. While Benjamin took off his trousers and underpants, Constanze slipped out of her dress and stood in front of him in her underwear. She froze with a startled look. She had expected a small manhood to match his height, and now she had to realize the massive dimensions of that cock. "My God, that's big," she stammered and imagined with horror how this monster penetrates her little cunt hole.

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