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Hot Sex with the Dwarf Part 1 of 6

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Note: This story has Six parts, Click here to read all...

Benjamin once again sat at home and quarreled with his fate. Such moments had happened many times over the years, but this time it was different. There was incredible anger and abysmal hatred for women in general and Beatrice in particular. Last night he confessed to Beatrice that he was madly in love with her and earned a loud laugh with the comment: "Benjamin, you're a nice guy, but you really can't ask me to see you as more than a good mate “.

There followed a few comments that made his humiliation perfect. He had slipped away like a beaten dog and was now trying to come to terms with the defeat.

Whenever Benjamin showed up at the pool, everyone who saw him had to admit that he had an extremely shapely male body. In his well-formed face, dark glowing eyes shone at the other person, which sent a pleasant shiver down the spine of women in particular.His torso was muscular and hairless, and beneath his strong chest was pronounced washboard abs.

His thighs were muscular, although there wasn't an ounce of fat on them. Women who saw him from behind admired his bottom with pleasure and described him, not without a dreamy look, as a sweet bubble butt. At 26, Benjamin was in his prime. In addition, he was extraordinarily successful at work and his boss always entrusted him with tasks that required sensitivity and assertiveness. Benjamin would have been a coveted object of female desire if he hadn't had a visible handicap.

At 1.38 m tall, Benjamin was short!

For as long as Benjamin could remember, he was a coveted pet for women who thought he was cute and sweet. At first, he found it delightful to always be the focus of female care and affection. However, this changed abruptly with his puberty, when on such occasions, when women's hands stroked his hair and female breasts bent down to him, male desires spoke up. It made Benjamin almost livid when a woman put her arms around him and then poured out her maternal affection and sexless tenderness on him.

Attempts to show such a woman that he felt like a man were blocked with an indulgent smile.

So it was inevitable that Benjamin was a frequently seen suitor in the city's brothels. The women there, especially when he had picked out an older whore, also felt this tender ecstasy when he stood in front of their door and haggled over the price. That all changed very quickly, however, once he made a deal with them and dropped his pants.

Benjamin had an incredibly large sex organ, which could be described as gigantic even for a man of normal height. It seemed as if nature had combined in his genitals all that she had denied him in size. His cock, which was surrounded by large testicles, was 24 cm long and 8 cm thick and was so muscular that when erect it stretched out horizontally. The whores then experienced incredible bliss for the hour Benjamin had bought himself and there wasn't one who didn't go down in an incredible orgasm, despite the iron rule in the trade that you should never climax with a customer.

In this respect, Benjamin was extremely popular and welcome in the milieu.

However, Benjamin was at an age when a man longed for security and love and whose dreams revolved around a family with children. The woman of his dreams was a being to whom he wanted to give all his affection and prepare heaven on earth for her. For his mother had taught him that women deserved chivalrous honor. This worldview was now in turmoil because after Beatrice had been dismissed, Benjamin once again had to experience how cruel and heartless women can be.

In his anger and frustration, the idea grew that women were callous people who would only give themselves to a man who corresponded to their ideal image of physicality.

Downing the third whiskey, Benjamin murmured resolutely, "Women, you wouldn't have it any other way. I will use you and then dispose of them like a used condom. You don't deserve it when a man approaches you with veneration and woos you with intimacy."

He decided to make merciless use of that genderless affection in women that brought him so close to her body. To begin his plan and to put it into practice, he was invited to a concert evening with director Müller on Saturday. He often received such invitations because “higher society” liked to adorn themselves with the exotic dwarf.

When Benjamin was greeted by the lady of the house, it was the same as always. He was spoken casually and confidentially, while the ladies of society raised their eyebrows in disapproval when he did the same.

"Hello, Benjamin. It's nice that you came,” the lady of the house greeted him and bent down to him so that she offered him a deep insight into her cleavage, which made Benjamin's sex grow.

"My dear, I have to thank you for the invitation. It is wonderful to be able to listen to the wonderful music of Mozart in your company,” he replied perfectly and beamed at her with his glowing eyes.

"You can also sit next to me today," Mrs. Müller added quietly and led him to a chair in the last row.

"I'll be right there when all the guests have arrived," she murmured and disappeared, leaving a scent of perfume behind.

With some effort, Benjamin climbed onto the high chair and had to realize that because of the people sitting in front of him, he saw absolutely nothing of the orchestra.

Nevertheless, Benjamin wasn't angry, because he murmured his intention almost silently to himself: "Hi, hi, hi, I'll rip your cunt open today".

"Now I'm all with you," whispered Mrs. Müller next to him and let herself fall on the chair, panting.

She stroked his hair and chuckled: "Now let's enjoy the listening pleasure and sink into the music".

The stroking drove a rage in Benjamin's mind, which he fought down by thinking, "I'm going to sink into you! you snipe".

Then the music filled the room. Benjamin appraised the woman sitting next to him like cattle for slaughter. She had a full face that had almost become a mask as a result of the large amounts of make-up. Her breasts were large and full and almost seemed to burst through the bra, the straps of which peeked out from under the dress.

Her voluminous buttocks flowed into strong thighs, which were visible under the skirt and made Benjamin imagine that they were framing a large and bulging cunt. Ms. Müller shifted restlessly in the chair to the beat of the music and listened with an ecstatic expression on her face. She was also extremely satisfied that she had this exotic little man sitting next to her, whom her fellow women scrambled to decorate their event with. It was an unbelievable feeling for her to have a man sitting next to her who radiated great virility and yet was so harmless to her femininity.

"Are you excited because she's shifting back and forth so nervously?" Benjamin whispered to Ms. Müller.

She quietly replied that the music was wonderful and excited her greatly.

"Are your panties wet?" came the next question and Benjamin's small hand found space on her stockinged knee as she gently began to stroke the kneecap.

"Good heavens, you're asking something rude," Ms. Müller murmured and enjoyed his hand on her knee because she didn't stop his hand.

Benjamin repeated urgently: “Tell me. Are you running out already?”

His hand disappeared under the skirt hem and wandered up the stocking.

"You little devil. If you don't stop right now, I'll scream."

Now her voice was panting.

Benjamin giggled, "Come on, then shout and you're through with the company below. 'Cause sweet little Benjamin will say you grabbed his pants."

Ms. Müller gurgled in horror and immediately got a fixed look when she felt her little fingers run over the crotch of her panties.

"You are wonderfully wet. What can music do? Or are you horny for me?” Benjamin's voice drifted to her ear.

Ms. Müller laughed frantically and earned indignant hissing from the other listeners. She forced herself to calm down and felt the fingers crawling on her genitals, spreading lustful warmth.

As the heat turned to blazing lust, Ms. Müller shot up from her chair like an arrow and ran out of the room. Benjamin grinned to himself and sniffed his finger that had excited her so much.

"Your cunt smells wonderful, you little pig," he murmured contentedly and followed Mrs. Müller outside.

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