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How often is it healthy to masturbate? Many people are still asking this question today. When it comes to male masturbation, there is still a lot of confusion. Read here how masturbation works in men and find out how and how often men can masturbate.

How often is it healthy to masturbate?

To this day, there are still many uncertainties when it comes to masturbation among men, also known as onanism. These include, for example, these questions: "How often do men masturbate on average?" and "How often can I masturbate?" These uncertainties still result from the times when masturbating was considered sinful and pathogenic.

For centuries, medicine and science have assumed that masturbation triggers health disorders such as impotence, blindness or bone loss.

However, these assumptions belong in the realm of myth and legend - today it is clear that masturbating is in no way harmful to health. On the contrary: Those who create sexual desire for themselves release new energies and experience sex with their partner in a more fulfilling way. In this respect, masturbating has advantages. Disadvantages are not known.

Is there Limits to Masturbation in men?

That's why there are no restrictions. Everyone can masturbate as often as they want. Some men masturbate up to 10 times a day, others not at all. The need to satisfy oneself varies and also depends on factors such as age, mood, illnesses and the individual life situation.

masturbation in old age

Although the body changes with age, this does not mean that older people no longer feel sexual desire. Experience reports show that over 80-year-olds also want to feel and experience their sexuality.

In this respect, there is no age limit for masturbation. The self-confident, loving handling of one's own body associated with masturbation helps older people to preserve their autonomy.

What is Masturbation?

The term "masturbation" is derived from Latin. "Manus" means hand, "sturpare" meaning “to soil”. The colloquial terms for male masturbation are extremely varied: jerking off, scrubbing and shaking off are just a few examples.

Masturbation derives from the biblical figure Onan. After his brother's death, he had to marry his wife, but refused to have children with her.

Masturbation does not only occur in a certain phase of life, but accompanies us through different phases. Even small children create a feeling of pleasure for themselves, although coordination is initially difficult.

During puberty, the interaction matures - this is how the adolescents get to know their bodies. Masturbating offers the opportunity to lose shyness, which can be of great importance for later sexual contacts.

How Does Masturbation Works?

Satisfying yourself with pleasure is a very individual matter. Because every person reacts differently to sexual stimuli and has very personal fantasies and preferences. In this respect, there is no general recipe for success for masturbating. Anything that pleases is allowed.

You can start with gently stroking erogenous zones such as the breasts, inner thighs, buttocks and scrotum - the perineum and anal region are also sensitive areas. Once your penis is erect, increase excitement by rubbing and squeezing it from top to bottom towards the base. After a while, you usually experience an orgasm , which is usually associated with ejaculation.

Masturbation also plays an important role later in life. For example, it replaces or supplements sexual intercourse if, for example, a partner cannot have sex for physical reasons. Masturbation also plays an important role for single people.

What are the Best Masturbation Aids?

Some men are satisfied with handjobs, others need a masturbation tool. Many use some lube. But many men also like sex toys. These include, for example, penis rings or vibrators. Try what you like.

Here you can find out more about sex toys .

What is ejaculation?

Ejaculation or ejaculation is the term used to describe the expulsion of sperm. Colloquially, the term "spray off" is also used. The secretion consists of a small proportion of sperm cells and secretions from the prostate, seminal vesicles and Cowper's glands. The ejaculate is between three and six milliliters.

Is there a starting age for masturbation?

It doesn't matter how old you are when you first experience masturbation. Masturbation only consciously continues something that is often unconsciously present in childhood. It just takes a little time for the interaction between body, mind and feeling to work.

Onanism in historical retrospect

In the 18th century, masturbation was called "the heinous sin of self-abuse". Some of this attitude has even continued to this day. It was then that medical professionals began to associate masturbation with illnesses, such as

  • consumption

  • reduction in eyesight

  • indigestion

  • impotence

  • insanity

  • epilepsy

  • spinal tuberculosis

  • dizziness

  • hypochondria

  • stupidity

  • amnesia

  • death

The theories and therapies regarding masturbation became more and more bizarre: The therapy advice ranged from diet, a hard mattress or a thin blanket to washing with cold water . Parents were encouraged to tie their children to their beds.

There were little bells that rang at night when the boy had an erection. With these questionable measures, the "masturbation mania" should be nipped in the bud. Liberalization only began towards the end of the 19th century. The way of thinking changed only slowly, and to this day masturbation is occasionally associated with negative effects.


It's important for teenage men to rid themselves of any instilled guilt and start enjoying themselves. Then there will be fewer problems in later sexual life. For example, when masturbating, a man learns to develop some ejaculation control.

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