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Story: The Hot Sex Story of Christine, the "good" Woman (Part 3)

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Still in the pool, we relax on the steps.

Then we go into the kitchen to find out what Anne has prepared for us in the refrigerator: grated carrots, ham, salad, and fruit basket.

All with coffee for both.

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On the already prepared table, besides our plates, a bouquet of roses with a card stock on which these few words are inscribed, "Bon appétit à tous les deux".

Intrigued by this sentence and especially "to both", I ask my friend who explains to me that like every day she contacted Anne on the phone to finalize her work plan for the day and at the same time the make me aware of my presence for several weeks at the lodge.

She tells me that Anne was enthusiastic about my arrival and hopes that our understanding will be as strong as between them.

Having eaten quickly, we go to the living room to have a relaxing time in front of the TV.

The program does not get us excited, we “get carried away” directly.


Sex Toys are still on the table in front of us.

I grab a dildo almost double the size of the one we put on yesterday.

"I want to feel this one in my stomach," I told him.

Virginie has a radiant smile.

I see that you take a liking to it and that more and more daring experiences make you want. "Keep it up and soon you will be as saucy as I am when I want to be." "No

sooner said than done, I spread my thighs, wet my pussy with my fingers and I wait.

Not long, she starts the vibration system and plunges the beast into my privacy. Contrary to my fear, he slips into my cock without hurting me, my belly just has a feeling of being full.

She pushes it to the maximum and the presence of this object at the bottom of my bowels with its vibrations which have a slow, fast, faster than slow cycle tears from me cries of pleasure which I did not believe myself capable.

That Pierre was right to pull himself away, otherwise, I would not have known his intense moments.

Like yesterday, I leave the penis of my vulva, fully covered with my love juice, I present it in front of my friend's pussy it opens and I penetrate it without a problem.

She takes pleasure quickly and I even have the chance to receive his divine nectar in the mouth.

I try not to waste a drop, but the flow overflows me.

We spent the two days of his rest, the living room closing on Monday, between our bed, the swimming pool, and the bell, taking advantage of the exceptional weather of these two days.

I met Anne, a pretty little Eurasian doll, her dad is Indochinese, her mom is from Joinville le Pont.

All Monday morning she fluttered around us.

She kept her things, she did not seem embarrassed by our nudity.

I observed Virginie when Anne was near us, but apart from her tongue passing over her lips, she gave no sign that between her and the doll, relations other than friendship were established.

I almost came to regret it, I would have liked very much to see her tiny breasts whose nipples were big enough like small balls pointed under the tank top. I would have liked to see her little pussy certainly covered with fleece as black as her hair.

But I respected the distance established between the two women, especially not wanting to put discord in this dream house.

During these two days, we talked about my future, my financial ease does not force me to rush for the first job found.

But even after the sale and repayment of the loan on our apartment, especially not wanting to part with this pretty house in Saint-Palais, the only link that still unites me to my missing parents, my assets risk melting like snow in the sun. if I want to keep my lifestyle.

Virginie offered me the following solution: Her beauty institute is always full, the workload is increasingly heavy for three people, especially since it is mandatory that one of them does not take clients, it is each, in turn, to receive these ladies, direct them to the cabins and get them ready.

Not to mention aftercare, the billing which makes them precious minutes.

She, therefore, wanted to create for weeks a position at the reception which in addition will receive the many phone calls to make appointments.

Having tested the station the morning spent near them on the day of Pierre's betrayal, I accept.

I see the possibility of being with my lover without being a burden for her.

When I arrived in front of the institute, the two young women were already there, we met to discuss the decisions of the weekend. The reaction of the two young girls to the announcement of my hiring is surprising, they jump at me and kiss me with a lot of friendship.

Subsequently, they tell me that my hiring will relieve them of the administrative part of their work, which for them translates into more clients, and therefore more tips.

They will thus be able to improve their lifestyle.

Before opening, the four of us go into the private part of the living room.

The three young women drop their clothes, including the bra, just keeping their panties on.

Odile hands them each a clean blouse flocked with their name. She asks me to do the same and hands me a blouse, virgin of any name. Once again, I can for the first time in my life admire three beautiful women almost naked and who without any restraint dare to be naked in front of me.

We open the salon, the first clients arrive and these ladies go to the treatment rooms.

Luckily, Virginie never has an appointment with customers on Tuesday, which is what allows her to take care of the logistics of the store for which I will be in charge from that day on.

In our conversations over the weekend, I explained that before my marriage, I had my baccalaureate with honors and then a BTS in accounting.

Virginie saw immediately, the interest of this training even if I only practiced this profession in an accounting firm between my diploma and my marriage.

My education described above is that a young woman does not work to be entirely at the disposal of her man.

When I realize where all these prohibitions have led me and the time lost since my marriage, it was time that I unwittingly threw in the trash all these barriers that a rigorous education taught me.

I have every intention of making up for the lost time.

Virginie has been there for a few days for that, especially since I love her now more than anything in the world.

I sit down at the counter. Two minutes and the phone rings, a client wants an appointment.

The institute being computerized, I just have to type in its name, first name.

I ask for confirmation that I am on the correct form by asking for the address and on the screen appears the name of the one who is used to taking care of her.

An availability schedule is proposed to him and saved if that suits him. For new clients, the form must be completed in full and one of the three free practitioners assigned to them for the first time.

Virginie asks me not to forget to call the divorce lawyer. I do, the secretary gives me an appointment on Thursday at three o'clock.

After this phone call, she calls the driving school, code lesson for me twice a week at six o'clock on Wednesdays and Fridays.

The customers follow one another in the hands of the two young women on duty and at noon, Virginie and Antoinette go out to eat.

Odile has to take me to a booth to perform some transformations on my anatomy. She asks me if I'm ready to follow her with my eyes closed, the latter having received her orders in the morning from the boss.

I accept.

In the cabin, Odile removes my blouse, my thong, and takes off her own.

She appears to me naked, perfect figure, high breasts, pear-shaped nipples. Little cat completely shaved, her hair as blond as mine suggests that her fleece must have been very close to mine.

She lays me down on the work table on my back and immediately takes care of removing my fleece.

In a brief moment I want to stop it but quickly my promise to my lover to follow his advice and his initiatives make me accept everything.

This operation finished, Odile makes me stand up to look at myself in the mirror on the left side of the table, I admire this slit that I had not seen so smooth since my puberty. Odile goes behind me, sticks her body to mine, and places one hand on my breasts, the other on my little pussy.

His hand begins to titillate the tip of my breasts meticulously, his fingers begin to search inside my slit.

These caresses make me feel, she turns me around and places her mouth on mine. Our tongues find each other, provoke each other, our saliva mixes. His deep blue eyes are starting to turn cloudy.

She leads me on the sofa placed in each cabin which allows clients to wait for the arrival of the one who is to officiate. I fall backward and when his tongue leaves mine, I feel in the fraction of a second that it penetrates my privacy. The speed with which she acted took away any hint of rebellion.

Quickly under his expert tongue, an extraordinary wave overwhelms me. Not letting me catch my breath, she installs me on the sofa with my legs halfway up and apart, she slides hers so that our two pussies are in contact.

She begins to give her body a rotating movement which has the effect of causing our vaginal lips to separate from each other and the more sensitive part of our anatomies to stick together.

Our clitoris are also in contact, his hands come to take my nipples, our mouths are found with envy.

Our sexes stuck, by this rotational movement that it makes me undergo and the work on our clits bring us in a few seconds to a phenomenal orgasm. When she feels that I start, she twists my nipples.

Normally, the pain I feel by this twist would have made me cry out in pain, there is a cry of intense pleasure coming out of my mouth.

A few seconds after me, Odile has an orgasm whose power overwhelms her. Sated, we fall each other back trying to come down to earth.

Have we slept?

I return to the space in which I am, we are still united by our intimate lips, I stand up slightly, give a movement to my body as my little mistress did to me previously. Feeling the movement on her vulva, she returns to the earth, looks at me, smiles at me and waits for the pleasure to submerge her again.

I manage to get her to go in seconds. For the second time in a few minutes, our pussies erupt with intense pleasure.

A noise reaches my ears, I have a movement of fear, Virginie and Antoinette are at the door and are looking at us.

“Bravo girls, I knew that two sluts like you would give you pleasure and what we have seen, for ten minutes that we have observed you, confirms my convictions. "

She comes up to us, leans over me and the kiss she places on my mouth reassures me, everything that has just happened is premeditated between the two women to test the degree of perversion that I am ready to accept.

She runs her hand over my naked penis, threads her fingers into my vulva, the spring wet with my secretions and sucks them greedily.

She plunges her fingers into my cave, in my pit I should say, presents them to Antoinette who sucks them greedily.

The day passes quickly. When it closes, Virginie takes me to a few shops where she has her habits in order to change my wardrobe to go from the BCBG style to the “I am a liberated woman” style. "

Two hours later, we drive to our cottage to end this memorable day for me.

She thanks me for everything I accepted that day without ever complaining or complaining. When she asked Odile to make love to me after having shaved my pussy, she wanted to test if I could fuck with people other than her as I had promised the day before.

She is very proud of me, my performances with Odile fulfill her beyond her expectations.

Our friends have arrived in their nest, I have to go home, I will meet you for the rest of BCBG, escort not whore…

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