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Story: The Hot Sex Story of Christine, the "good" Woman (Part 5).

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Little kisses on my eyes, my nose, bring me back to reality.

I open them, my little love lavishes his kisses on me.

We hug again after the evening we spent.

Anne brings a hand to my; pussy and puts two fingers on the edges of my lips.

I put myself on my back, I open my thighs so that his little hand can progress inside me. Anne hesitates to go further, doing as she did for her last night, I grab her wrist and push it forward.

It comes to the widest of her wrist, she insists a little, and my vaginal walls move aside to let her fingers pass. The ebony cock that Virginie had introduced to me has already removed my vulva, but this hand, even small gives me a very different feeling, it is hot, it moves, it is human, it is that of my little doll.

- Go deep, my love.

Immediately she gives the last flick of the wrist and, at the same time, triggers an orgasm in me rising from the center of my womb.

We become one through this hand.

- Can I spread my fingers?

- Yes, it's so good, don't hesitate, I want to feel what you felt yesterday.

- His fingers open, my private parts are distended and I go back to the stars that I have just left. She waits for the balance to be restored in my body and begins to move her hand, she takes it out of almost half to plunge it back to the bottom of my cave.

I enjoy, I enjoy, I still enjoy ...

My body is no more than an enjoyment, my brain is disconnected.

Time stands still, I have just taken another step in my sex education.

My sweetie stops moving her hand, comes up to my face, and for the first time our mouths are, open, our tongues turn, turn around. She ends up taking out her hand and as for her, a sucking noise is heard. I grab this hand, go up to our mouths and we each lick my secretions emitted by my little pussy.

Anne snuggles into my arms, eye to eye, we look at each other lovingly.

Suddenly a nervous laugh comes to my lips. Anne, greatly astonished, looks at me in disbelief, certainly thinking that she has done something wrong.

- Do not be afraid, you have nothing to do with it. Like you, I was betrayed by my man, who had a very small penis that he made enter my pussy. After the session that we have just experienced both, I saw his penis get lost in the center of my body.

She also bursts out laughing.

- Are you coming to the pool?

She agrees, both naked, hand in hand, we dive together in this pleasant water, the temperature has risen enormously in the last minutes between us.

After the bath, we eat and she leaves to join her daughter, not forgetting to give me a tender kiss. Spinning, she slips away, leaving me alone in this big house.


Not knowing when Virginie will be back, I sit in front of the TV and launch the porn CD.

An hour later, that's where Virginie finds me. The film is over, I didn't have time to see anything, I fell asleep like a mass in two minutes.

The follies I did with my body got the better of my resistance.

When I wake up, Virginie is naked next to me on the sofa.

- I didn't hear you coming. Anne is not there?

- She left a few minutes ago to join her daughter.

- How are you, did you have a good trip?

- Did your evening go well?

- How did we meet?

- Before kissing me.

We embrace each other, finding our mouths that have been missing for two days.

Satisfied with our kisses, I wait for her to give me some information about her trip to London.

- Everything went well?

I found the English capital for once under the sun. At the exit of the station, I took a taxi which brought me to the hotel. My room was wonderful. I rested for a while, naked on my bed.

As I was about to get ready, someone knocked on the door, I opened with the simplest device.

It is a hunter who brings me an exceptional bouquet of roses on which a card is held by a clip.

The hunter's eyes are bulging. He is flushed with confusion, not knowing where to look.

With the flowers placed in the vase on the table, he takes the path to the exit. -- Wait!

I grab my bag and retrieve a ticket. Forced, at my call, to turn around, he can not escape the sight of my privacy which is in the axis of his eyes.

Quickly he grabs it and sets off as quickly as possible.


After he left, I grabbed the card.

A few words are written in French in refined handwriting "My name is Patrick, I am Irish I will expect you at 8 pm at the hotel bar"

At the appointed time, I enter the bar where many people are present. I install the cardboard by hand. I only wait a few seconds and a very elegant man approaches.

- You are Valérie!

Name I use when meeting clients.

- Yes of course!

- You are French, we can speak your language, I practice it fairly well and that will help me to progress.

He leads me to a table where two other couples are seated. Patrick makes the introductions.

- What would you like to drink?

When I'm on a mission, I never drink alcohol. I order a fruit cocktail.

Patrick already has, like a good Irishman, a double whiskey in his glass. He explains to me that all are gathered to celebrate his birthday and as he is alone in his life, his friends have offered him my presence.

- You know since I started being an escort girl, you can't know how many single men celebrating their birthdays offered by their friends spent the evening with me.

Having resumed another round of whiskey, we leave for a very chic restaurant. A high-quality meal that I eat true to my habit washed down with mineral water.

Patrick continues to "fuel" whiskey. The two couples seem legitimate. These ladies are very nice and elegant. They explain to me that the three men have a business management practice in Dublin.


The meal finished, we take the path of a very modern nightclub.

Patrick orders a bottle of whiskey and a bottle of water for me.

We dance until the end of the night. Patrick is finding it more and more difficult to stand up. I saw one, two, three bottles of whiskey scroll by.

Around four o'clock, the women tell me to go back to bed. They will ensure the return of the three men.

They ordered a taxi which took me to the hotel door.

I take a bath and go to bed thinking of you. What were you doing with Anne?

I fell asleep until eleven o'clock UK time.

There is a knock on the door, I open the hunter from the day before, bring myself an envelope.

Too bad I'm already dressed. His gaze shows his disappointment. He turns on his heels.

I open the envelope, a few words “Sorry, welcome back to France. Patrick »

I took the train back to France.

Before Paris, my phone rings, I have to go to a given address to drop off my passport so that my visa can be taken care of.

- I have to go to Russia for three days from Wednesday.

- I would take a flight around 2 pm from Roissy Charles de Gaules. Direct flight to Moscow. I have to find a gentleman "Igor" with whom I have already spent evenings.

- And you, what did you two do, tell me ?.

Red with confusion, I stammer a few words.

She stops me.

- Speak freely, I can hear everything.

I catch my breath and I start, I explain to her that the little one wanted to have a sauna, where I joined her.

I tell him about the initiative I took for the first time in my life by putting my hand on his calf. The initiative to bring my hand up to his knee. The one she took, dropping her towel, grabbing my wrist, and placing my fingers in contact with her little doll pussy covered with very black fleece.

As I say his words, my brain is replaying the images in front of my eyes, I feel that my pussy is wet.

The passage of my fingers in her vulva, the penetration of my knuckles, the thick part of the wrist are all images that will be engraved for life in my brain.

The spread of my fingers when I reach to do it from her cave, the movements back and forth, and her screams when she has come.

While explaining these intense moments to Virginia, my hand rested on her slit. It allows itself to be penetrated by two of my fingers. She's wet too.

I tell him about our night and our awakening. The hand of the little one at the edge of my vulva, his fingers, his wrist, the maximum penetration, and the spacing of his fingers.

My first orgasm, her hand, and wrist sliding freely.

My stomach stretched to the extreme and finally the groans of pleasure emitted from the bottom of my body.

Virginie is in heaven when she hears my story.

- Anne and you, alone, discovered "fisting". You know, this sexual practice is used by many women.

She herself had such an experience but did not retain a lasting memory of it.

I remove my fingers, make him suck. I take his head and lead it to my apricot which is no longer golden after Odile's treatment. She licks me, searches me with her tongue, I enjoy.


The next day, we return to the institute. My cell phone rings, the divorce lawyer calls me to let me know that the apartment is sold. He can therefore start the conciliation procedure at the courthouse and within a few days, the judge will summon us. I give him the address of the institute so that he can forward the papers and the letters of convocation.

The day goes by quickly, come home dear Virginie is preparing her things for her departure the next day.


On Wednesday, she leaves at the beginning of the afternoon for the airport. Considering my work, I cannot accompany him. I kiss her and watch her walk away with misty eyes.

At the end of the day, I take the road to the driving school. I have my first code lesson. I go there with Odile.

Virginie, Anne not being able to spend the nights in Chennevières, asked her to take me home so that I am not alone.

Stéphane is waiting for me, we go into the projection room where we work studiously for an hour.

When the course is over, Odile and I take a taxi to go to Montrouge where she lives. He drops us off in front of a recently constructed building.

We take the elevator to the fourth, she opens her door and enters. A male voice is heard.

- Are you alright darling?

A man appears Odile introduces me to Alain, her husband. I fall from the clouds. When I agreed to come, no one told me that Odile was married.

Handsome man, thirty to forty years old, he embraces my friend and gives her a kiss at the height of his love.

He leads us into the dining room where the table is set for three.

Seeing my astonishment, Odile told me that after Virginie asked her to receive me, she telephoned her husband to inform him of my arrival.

Odile installs me in the guest room and shows me the bathroom.

I clean up and find them in the living room. We have a drink, go to the table. Alain is a real cordon bleu, the ham salad is tasty, the dish beautifully presented.

We take the coffee and having to get up early, especially him, we return to our rooms. I go to the bathroom and take a shower before finding my cozy bed.

I hear the sound of water for a few minutes. The door to my room opens, Odile appears naked to me.

- I can enter?

I open the sheet of the bed, inviting him to join me.

- And your husband?

She laughs.

- We are a libertine couple and live according to our desires. I'll explain it to you later.

She kisses me, caresses me especially the breasts which seem to her a source of intense pleasure.

I hear the door open, I turn around Alain is there, naked.

- Do you accept that he joins us. You know we tell each other everything and he knows what happened between us in the cabin of the institute.

I hesitate for a moment but I open the sheet so that Alain takes a seat next to me.

I feel for the first time in a long time a man's skin along with mine. A man's skin and above all a rod that grows along my hip.

While he kisses his wife, she takes my hand and lays it on her man's penis. It is still developing and I can contemplate its powerful member.

Remembering the movie seen at the pavilion, I lean over and kiss his penis.

The ebony cock was slightly bigger but this penis does not lack charm. For the first time, I take a cock in my mouth, I suck it, kiss it along its entire length and finally make it penetrate to the back of my throat. Unlike the first time with the dildo, I am not choking.

During this time, Odile joined my pussy which she sucks meticulously. I can not wait to feel this beautiful rod deep in my vagina.

Knowing only the missionary position, I lie down and spread my thighs.

- No, come and impale yourself on me!

Seeing my dismay, Odile makes me pivot above her man. She grabs his rod and guides it into my vagina.

That it's good, that it's hot, that it fills me well.

- Now, slide this rod inside you which will give you a lot of pleasure.

I take a slow pace and quickly my pleasure rises in me. While we are copulating, he kisses my breasts mainly my nipples which are swollen to the maximum.

How good a good big cock, well-stretched deep in my belly!

Alain stops me.

- I want to take you both. Odile, show our new friend how to get on all fours.

She takes the position asks me to do the same, side by side, we are on all fours.

Alain passes last us and takes my friend by the hips and plunges his cock into her vulva. He plows it quickly, Odile looks at me with already cloudy eyes.

Our mouths are, I feel his first enjoyment on my lips. Alain withdraws, grabs me in turn, and nails me with his mandrel.

The feeling is very different from what I knew, his cock comes and goes at a steady speed. His testicles come to beat against my clitoris which is thus well stimulated.

He grabs my breasts so strongly that I have the impression that he wants to pull them out. I enjoy. He leaves me and stabs Odile. He goes back and forth in each of us more and more quickly. I have the impression that his cock is permanently inside me. An immense pleasure seizes us both at the same time. He walks past us and presses his rod to our mouths. We suck it each in turn or our languages ​​are found along this rod. Odile kneads the balls for him, I imitate him, you have to learn well.

- I am going to leave. You are ready?

Odile lets go of the rod and opens her mouth, I imitate her, cheek to cheek, one, two, three jets of sperm go towards us. I'm lucky that one of these jets hit the back of my throat. Each turn, we take our partner's privacy in the mouth. He groans with pleasure that I hear so distinctly for the first time.

Pierre, when he discharged into my pussy, closed his mouth tightly, his education prevented him from showing his pleasure.

Seeing Odile swallow her man's sperm with envy, I swallow it too.

The slightly bland taste is not unpleasant.

Emptied, especially Alain, we sink into a very compensating rest.

In the morning the alarm goes off. I notice that our man has quietly got up and left to work.

We prepare ourselves and we take the path of the institute.

The day goes by quickly, given the workload. I just get a call from the mummy of Peter, in short from the lawyer. I will receive the summons to the palace for the following Tuesday afternoon, my ex being in Paris that day.

In the evening, we make the way to Montrouge together with Odile.

Before going up, we go to a delicatessen to buy the evening meal.

Alain has not yet returned, we prepare the table, he arrives, kiss us and we eat quickly.

He suggests we join the room.

- Do you accept to become our slave, while respecting your femininity and your honor?

Odile told me to accept, I wouldn't regret it.

- Do whatever you want with me.

Odile cover my eyes with a wolf. I can not see anymore.

During this time, Alain undresses me, he settles me on the bed and ties my hands with a cord as soft as velvet to the bedpost. I can no longer escape.

Do I really want to escape?

Am I really their slave?

Am I not just looking for my inner self?

Am I not just waiting to find out how far my body is capable of rejecting my rigorous upbringing?

When I can no longer defend myself, is it of course the cord is so thin?

I'm sure if I shoot it will give way, I think it's just psychological links.

- Odile, go find in the street, a stranger who wants a slut!

For a moment I tense up, but the desire to break down my barriers makes me accept the situation.

The door slams, Alain is alone with me, he takes me immediately with his penis.

The movements in my vulva, linked to the expectation that a stranger arrives, in turn, to take me quickly bring up my first orgasm.

- Put yourself on all fours, little female, it will happen!


Little time has passed when the sound of the door is heard.

- Enter!

Alain withdrew, my cock is waiting.

- Do you take off your clothes?

A growl seems to say yes.

- You would see the beautiful piece well-stretched that I take my heart in my mouth. Go ahead, it's yours!

My belly can't wait any longer, for it to come quickly, I am waiting for it, even though my brain is wondering, how is it, tall, short, fat, skinny, beautiful or ugly.

I feel a movement on the bed, two fingers search my vulva.

Suddenly, I feel a cock spreading my labia majora and penetrating the depths of me.

What a feeling ! His hands rest on my hips, pressing lightly so that I arch my back, my cock opens a little more, it gains a few millimeters.

A stranger searches me, yet, I admit, the quest for my pleasure makes me readily accept this situation.

The penis in my cunt has very slow back and forth movements as if the man who works for me wanted to give me pleasure and make his pleasure last. Isn't he very lucky to fuck this pretty woman!

A mouth comes up to my face and a tongue lovingly licks my nose, my ears.

I can smell Odile next to me, her perfume reaches my nostrils.

- So what do you think, it's good to get caught by a stranger?

The lump that rises in my stomach confirms that the situation they are making me live is exceptional.

I enjoy, more than that, I have never felt such enjoyment in my life.

The rod withdraws.

- Alain, take it again, while her vulva is hot, do not let down his pleasure. !

As soon as he does, I feel the movements of my first lover stronger, more manly than those of the stranger. The two successive yards are relatively the same size.

As a master of our games, Odile is in charge.

- To you, sir, resume there.

the stranger puts me back on.

Immediately the slower movements in my vagina start again.

It's good! That I enjoy, enjoy, enjoysssssss.

- To you Alain!

Again his penis replaces the other and resumes its faster movement.

- To you!

Sex change, with in addition to penetration and smoother movements, caresses on my hips, my buttocks, his hand surrounds my body, and his fingers stimulate my clitoris.

Once again one, two, three orgasms devastate me. My pussy is on fire. Finally, the one who is in me gives a cry of pleasure and I feel the jets of semen hit my vaginal partitions through the condom.

- Do you want me to set you free?

- Yes my darling!

She takes off the cords and the wolf.

A few seconds I do not see anything.

Yet I wish to see this stranger who has been so gentle with me, I turn around, surprise!

Alain and Odile are alone behind me.

For a split second I'm sad the stranger is gone so quickly.

- I went through the same situation and felt the same frustration. There have always been only three of us in the room. Alain played the double role of your lover and the stranger. A simple game of speeds, fast or slow, when making love to you gave you the illusion that there were two of them.

I fall into their arms, I kiss them with so much love in my eyes.

We - we fall asleep quickly. In my dreams, a faceless trunk man gives me pleasure until my brain disconnects.

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