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The Hot Sex Story of Christine, the "good" Woman (Part 6).

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I take Alain in my arms, grabbed his penis in my little hand, I masturbate to give him strength. When it's ready, I get up and sit on it, I bring it up to the hilt, asking him to bring the unknown back into my vulva.

Sitting face to face with a man for the first time. The rod well stuck deep in my private parts, he takes me under the buttocks and helps me get up and slowly down along its rod. I close my eyes, the stranger has returned, once again my body no longer belongs to me. How good it is to have become a sex awaiting mating!


Suddenly I think of Odile who since the beginning of our antics has only been a spectator. She also has the right to pleasure. I give her husband the last kiss.

I release myself from his embrace and invite Odile to take my place. She jumps into his arms, impales herself on the rod.


The tension of our game was so intense that it left it on the verge of orgasm. So think with this rod in her, the firecrackers soon explode in her head, in her penis, in her body.

Alain was subjected to great tension, the two simultaneously have phenomenal enjoyment.

Sated, we fall asleep tangled arms and legs.


The following evening, in the morning, the summons were given to me to go to the Palace. Virginie has returned, we are heading back to our house, we are back in the sauna, the swimming pool and until the end of the week to see the two days of rest we remain wise to recover.

She asks me to tell her in detail about my two days with our friends.

I give him a detailed account of our antics.

She is delighted to know that I have taken advantage of Alain's cock as much as possible.

She is very happy that I have returned to straight pleasures.


As for England, she tells me about her trip to Russia, which was a little walk in the park.


Well rested, on Tuesday morning return to the institute.

The program allows it, Virginie decides to accompany me to the Palace.

At three o'clock we enter the Salle des Pas Perdus.

I spot the "mummy" who is with Pierre and a young woman whom I do not know.

The lawyer thanks us for being on time.

Pierre introduces me to Véronique, his friend, a very beautiful red-haired woman with green eyes. I greet her, remaining distant, not forgetting that she stole my husband from me.

I introduce them to Virginie.


The clerk comes to pick us up, Pierre and I accompanied by the lawyer follow her.

A female judge receives us, introduces herself, she tells us the terms of the proceedings.

It is addressed to my future ex.


- Do you have anything new to add?

- For me everything is in order, I caused the situation, I admit being the only person responsible.

- Madam, do you agree to divorce. ?

- Yes !


It binds us the preliminary act of separation, we confirm all the points and take the path of the exit.

In the Salle des Pas Perdus, we find Virginie and Pierre's mistress talking to each other.

The mummy tells us that he will keep us informed of the following arrangements.

He greets us and takes the exit from the courthouse.


We take leave of the couple very simply and go back to our work.


On Thursday, Virginie asks me to come to the break room. She has just received a call from the organization's phone asking her to go to Bordeaux the following Sunday, at five o'clock at the Grand Hotel.


- Since I have been working as an escort, I have been one of the young women who can recruit postulants. Regularly escorts stop for personal reasons. We need to replace them. I spoke about you with the people in charge. They are very interested in your profile.

Any beginner always does her first mission with a godmother.


In Bordeaux two men signed a contract for two escorts.


- If you wish, we will go together to make this trip!


My first reaction is that of the woman I was still a few days ago. Rather negative.

The woman I aspire to become.


- Oh ! Yes !


She hugs me and gives me a languid kiss. You will see we will have an interesting evening, I have already dealt with one of the two men I know he is a gentleman. His name is Christian and is a widower. He is an entrepreneur.

The other man is unknown to me, I would take care of him!


- I was convinced that you would agree to accompany me. I made an appointment with my bank to open an account for you which will be one of the links with the organization. When I decide that you are able to stand on your own, we will provide you with a dedicated phone for the organization where you will receive your contract proposals.


- Sunday morning, we will prepare your business as I showed you when I go to a meeting. We will take off from Orly, tickets and last information will be given to us at the airport bar as well as at the Gare du Nord.

Do you have a valid passport?


- Yes, I regularly make trips with "small cock", and it is still valid.

- Give it to me, I'll take care of the visas.


During the days that separated me from our departure, I am a real electric battery.

Fortunately, Anne was able to join us Thursday evening, her parents looking after her daughter. As usual, Virginie quickly put us at ease. Especially the little one who spends her first evening and night with the one who until this day has only been a patron.


On her arrival, we are dressed, Virginie leads us towards the swimming pool. June are the longest and hottest days.

We have set the table in the shade and the electric barbecue is on.


For once, Anne did not come to prepare our meal, we wanted my sparrow to have the impression that she was our guest and not our employee.


Arrived at the edge, Anne quickly takes off her attire and dives.

We imitate it and we also jump in the water at the perfect temperature.

As usual, I do a few lengths of basins, Anne quickly follows me showing that swimming has no secrets for her.


We join Virginie on the steps, my sweetie comes into my arms, looks at my friend and she takes my mouth without any hesitation.

His hand descends on my body and his fingers caress my vulva. My fingers make him suffer the same fate. She spreads her thighs so that I penetrate her more deeply.

Seeing Virginia alone on the side, I make a sign to her, Anne feels her close to her turning her face, their mouths are found.

I feel Virginie's fingers join mine in our little chick's pussy. We-we-we-we-too. Anne has a start, we feel that she enjoys.


We leave the pool, Anne has trouble following us her balance is precarious after the discharge she felt. Taking each one by one hand, we hoist it up to us.


I see that Virginie's gaze is focused on the anatomy of the baby doll.

It is true that for several years that she engaged there, she never saw naked there.


We-we settle down, an alcohol-free cocktail awaits us on ice. We savor it before attacking the kebabs that the hostess is cooking.

A little cheese, and a strawberry pie that she went to get from the refrigerator.

I serve the traditional coffee at the end of the meal.


We-we lie down on the deckchairs, Anne comes to the foot of Virginie. She spreads her legs slightly and comes to suck her pussy.

The little one advances her mouth and I see her pretty pink tongue pointing to the coveted privacy.


Placed as I am, I clearly see this language that it forms a point, back and forth in the body of our friend. She begins to squirm.


- This is the first time that a woman licks my pussy there, bringing me so much pleasure. Christine, I feel the pleasure rising from the depths of my stomach.


She draws Anne to herself, takes her face in her hands.


- I have often thought of giving you pleasure!

Anne kisses him and with the help of her body begins to practice a massage, going up, down, pressing her breasts on his. I see that Virginie is not insensitive to this treatment, she takes my hand, her eyes roll back, I think she feels pleasure.


My little love sees that his work has borne fruit, come join me and practice the same convolutions on my body.

I simply start with the contacts of his body. She goes behind our two files and with one hand for each mass our necks which gives us a great moment of relaxation. Her work finished, she dives into the pool where we join her.


The three of us end up in the bathtub, we soap each other, which allows us to play with our breasts and our intimacies. We - we wipe each other off and then go back to bed or take a well-deserved rest.


The next morning when we wake up, she asks us if we can remove from her body this imposing fur that she possesses.

Virginie offers to take her to the institute where Odile will take care of removing all her fleece.


Sunday morning, we get ready to leave for Bordeaux. Virginie bought me two bags that were identical to the ones she uses.

We place the same objects there. My friend takes a pretty pink box from her nightstand. She opens it and takes out a dozen condoms which she places in one of my bags. When I go to meet men, it can happen that I accept the advances of one of them if they are sympathetic to me, it is always necessary to provide the necessary protections.


She takes out one of the outfits bought together. Thong, small pale pink mini shorts, a push-up bra and a white blouse with over it a small jacket in the same color as the shorts, not to mention the shoes with very high heels.

Virginie chose some very sober jewelry from my personal box.


At the end of the morning, we get dressed, I look at myself in the mirror of my room.

I must admit in front of my silhouette, that I have definitely just changed from “female BCBG” to “female escort-girl”


We take a taxi to Orly.


As we walk up the terminal side by side, I appreciate the focused gaze of many men who would like to be in our arms.


The helmeted person joins us. Véronique quickly retrieves the envelope.


We take the direction of the check-in terminal. We embark and take off on new adventures for me.


We land at Bordeaux - Mérignac airport.

A taxi drops us off at the "Grand Hotel" where we settle into two adjoining rooms.


At the scheduled time we go down to the bar. Christian already knows Valérie, he approaches us.

Valérie introduces me under my escort's first name.




Christian, a handsome man in his fifties, with salt and pepper hair, is accompanied by a younger man but with a crazy class.


- Antoine, my personnel manager and longtime friend.

- What would you like to drink, ladies?

- A non-alcoholic cocktail for us!


No problem. After that, if you don't mind, before going to eat, we would like to go to the Opéra national de Bordeaux where we have reserved places to attend La Bohème.

I am very surprised that two men bring two pretty women from Paris to go see a performance at the opera.

I'm not saying anything of course.


Taxi, entered the theater under the still lustful gaze of many men.

Some women also elsewhere. We attend the show of great quality.

The opera finished, a taxi drops us off in front of the restaurant "L'oiseau Rouge".

The temperature is mild, a table on the terrace awaits us.


Order placed, we have dinner talking about things and others.


I listen to Valérie a lot, in order to learn well what it is possible to say or not to say with these gentlemen.

No problem, Christian has a knack for talking about everything and nothing. He was a great sportsman, and therefore visited many countries. Since she started practicing my new job, Valérie has had no trouble conversing with him. Antoine is more reserved. As for me, some of the countries mentioned are not unknown to me and I participate in the conversation without any problem.


When the meal is over, our companions take us into a coffee-shop. The place has a subdued atmosphere.

We-we settle in very comfortable red armchairs.


Antoine speaks in Valérie's ear, she seems to appreciate what her companion is saying to her.

Christian comes closer to me talking to me closely. Background music prevents us from hearing what our friends are saying to each other. Quickly, Christian told me that he appreciated my beauty all evening, he takes my hand which he brings to his lips from time to time to kiss it.


On Valérie's side, things seem to be moving quickly. She looks at me, gives me a sign of friendship and leaves for the door followed by Antoine.

My companion seeing us alone, emboldened, his hand brushes my breast. Our eyes meet and I accept his lips.


- Magali I like you, will you accompany me to my hotel very close to here?


Why do I accept without much resistance! Certainly, this man is attractive.

Do I want to discover new sensations?


We leave the coffee shop, he takes my arm, we walk a few hundred meters, and we enter a high standard hotel.


Arrived in the room, he kisses me much less chastely than in the bar.

Quickly he takes off my clothes except my thong.

I take off his shirt and undo his pants. I see that this is the first time in my life that I have undressed a man.


I take out his cock a little smaller than that of Alain but much greater than that of small cock.

I grab it, I cajole it for a few minutes and quickly I take it in the mouth. I give him a pipe that seems to have an effect on him given the groans he emits.


He gets me up, throws me on the bed, takes off my panties and plunges his head into my privacy. I spread my thighs so that his tongue goes very deep at the bottom of my pussy. He does it so well that a first orgasm seized me.

I sit on the bed and I impale myself on this rod. I love this position discovered with Alain. The stake of my new lover, penetrates me.

I slide it inside me for long minutes. He changes my position, puts me on all fours and holding my sides, pounding me vigorously.

I feel he is waiting for me to take my pleasure before taking mine. I manage to have an orgasm quite quickly.


I pull him out of me, turn around, and gobble his cock. Quickly jets of cum fill my mouth. I swallow all with envy and conscientiously cleans his penis.


We lie down, Christian sticks to me takes my breast in hand.

I'm falling asleep.


In the night, I feel the hand of my companion looking for my pussy. Caress her. I put myself on my back, spread my thighs, and let his fingers penetrate my privacy.

I feel the tail of my lover straighten up and come to put on me.


We stayed in the dark, it reminds me of my years of marriage where we always did the deed in the dark.

Of course, Christian's tail has nothing to do with Pierre's and to avoid spoiling anything, maneuver it well inside me. My body takes pleasure, it ejaculates, turns around and goes back to sleep.

I fall asleep too.


Around nine o'clock, I wake up, the room is empty. I go to the bathroom, there too, he's not there. It is at this moment that I notice that his effects are no longer there, he left without a word.


I go back to the bathroom, take a bath and get dressed. When I retrieve my little bag from the nightstand, tickets are placed with a piece of paper. " Thank you "!

I count the banknotes one hundred, two hundred, five hundred, one thousand, two thousand euros.

What does all this mean?

I hurriedly left the hotel, took a taxi, and joined ours. I rush into Virginie's room, she just woke up.

I throw the tickets on the bed.

- What is all that money I found on the nightstand when I woke up?

Virginie takes me in her arms. She cuddles me.

- Honey, when men on the go want to spend some time with a pretty woman without risking being alone after taking a rake in bars. They use an agency like ours. Besides the possibility for them to walk a pretty woman on their arms, they are sure to end the night in gallant company.

I told you that I knew Christian, as a godmother, I called him and I asked him to proceed as he does so as not to rush you.

If I had not proceeded like that, it is not sure that your rigorous upbringing has not taken over and that you refuse to sleep with him.

- If I hadn't agreed to come to his room?

- He would not have spent his money and the organization would have compensated him with an all-expense-paying evening.

Yesterday looking at me in the mirror, I saw myself passing, “from BCBG woman to Escort girl” This morning I wake up “Escort girl and whore”

A few minutes, she gets ready, we collect our things, and leave the hotel.

Virginie takes me to a park to explain certain things to me.

We - sit on a bench.

She takes my hands.

- When you got married, you belonged to a man who was interviewing you. Each time he penetrated you, he recouped part of the investment put in you on your wedding day. Doubly with your Pierre who was only concerned with his pleasure. If you think about it, by living with him, you were his "whore" at home.

- Come to think of it, you're right sweetheart.

Since my deflowering in the kitchen by Olivier, I quickly over my love affairs realized that my body belonged to me, that only I could dispose of it.

Since that day that's what I've been doing. I go down like yesterday with Antoine, who by the way was an exceptional lover, while collecting two thousand euros.

Not to mention what the organization will put in my account for escort work.

You see, I may be a whore, but I take it without any problem. Don't forget that thanks to what this parallel life brings me, I was able to buy my beauty institute, Chennevières. Not to mention my bank assets which will one day allow me to stop and become the whore of one man too.

As you tell me, you want to have children, too.

- Now that you know who we are, do you want to continue?

Quickly I assess the situation. I weigh the pros or the cons. The pleasure that I took last night with this client not knowing that I was prostituting myself calls for only one answer.

- Yes !

She kisses my fingertips, the doors to her mouth not being able to decently embrace us in this park.

We reach the airport and leave in the afternoon for Paris.


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