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The Hot Sex Story of Christine, the "good" Woman (Part 7)

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Back in Chennevières after our trip to Bordeaux, we resumed our usual life.
The evening of our return, fearing that I would have trouble digesting my new situation, she invited me to a nearby castle for dinner.

Under the table, I feel his barefoot, come to rest on my knee. By a sideways movement, she makes me understand to open my thighs. The long tablecloth protects us from the eyes of our neighbors. His foot moves forward and joins my penis.
Through my panties, she massaged me until my body tensed with pleasure. Difficult to express my well-being without showing it. I can hardly be impassive.
In order not to be left out in front of Virginie, I also take off my shoe and stretch my leg up to her knees.
I do not need to wait, her thighs open, I advance my foot, my fingers caress her pussy.
Oh! Surprise, her pussy has no protection. No underpants, just her apricot that I adore. Opening and closing my fingers, I see that the pleasure rises in her, despite her efforts to hide it.
Suddenly my foot is flooded with small liquid jets.
A mad desire to dive under the table to receive its nectar titillates me.
Of course, a good session prevents me from doing it.

Brought to you by Wetpoints

- Honey tomorrow the cleaning lady will wonder why the carpet is dotted with small stains.

We burst out laughing, settle and resume the road to the pavilion.
Arrived in the room, showered, we find ourselves in each other's arms.
I ate well, drank good wine, but for my dessert, I want to receive his divine drink.
A few small laps and I receive my reward, my mouth fills up, I have deserved this little gift. Haven't I become a good little whore, his good little whore!

Virginie's phone rings, Chantilly, Tuesday 8 pm, Auberge du Jeu de Paume room 22.

- This contract requires two women, are you coming with me?

Having well integrated into my subconscious that I had become a prostitute, I give my agreement.
The place and time of the meeting allow us to ensure the work at the institute and to leave by car to the meeting.

Tuesday arrives, at the end of the afternoon, we take the road to Chantilly.
I'm very excited to see who we're going to spend the evening with. It's weird that we only have one room number, Virginie has a little idea but doesn't want to tell me more. It will be a surprise. I like his surprises. I have never been disappointed.

Arrived at the inn, Valérie and Magali gets out of the car.
We enter and ask for room 22.
When we enter, the door communicating with the neighboring one is open.
As soon as we enter, a woman in her forties appears.
She is very elegant in a suit identical to the ones I have worn for years.
She shows us into their room. A very elegant man walks towards us.
He greets us, immediately, I recognize our client, he is an influential man in the artistic world.
He explains to us that with his wife, since the beginning of their marriage, they have been libertines. His situation evolving, the arrival of an escort is the only way they have found to satisfy their desires without taking any risk with the paparazzi.

A table is prepared in the center of the room. A cold meal is served.
They introduce themselves Frédéric and Frédérique!

- You recognized me.
- Yes, of course, you are frequently on TV.

He suggests we clean up before going to the table.
Frédéric gives us our two envelopes. We go to our room to drop them off.

The meal is going in the best possible way. Remembering what my godmother had done to me at the restaurant, I stretch my leg towards Frederique, a slight movement of surprise and she quickly spreads her thighs.
Her very strict suit prevents her from dismissing them as she wishes.
Discreetly I see her pass her hand under the table and I feel her skirt go up.
I reach her femininity, she does not wear panties.
I insert my toes into her pussy which immediately starts to wet.
Her husband during this time discusses with Valérie.
While the masturbation of the lady, I do not hear what they say, but I see Frederic advance his hand, take that of Valerie and give him light kisses.
Quickly my friend gets up and gets naked. The man releases his chair and unbuttoned his pants. She takes out his already turgid cock and takes it in the mouth.
I see her come and go all the way up that rod, giving him licks he seems to enjoy.

- If you want to take advantage of it, go ahead!

This familiarity makes me understand that we are already accomplices and that she appreciated my initiative.
I get up, get naked and approach my lust.
Valerie leaves me room and we lick this well-hung rod.
Madame watches us do it and I see her, also getting naked.
She approaches but at three, the place is limited.
I leave the rod to take his mouth. Her tongue is soft, she pulls me towards the bed, my lips start to come and go on her unshaved pussy. She turns and also comes to swallow my already juicy pussy.
We - we suck each other. Head in her pussy, I can't see the movements behind my back, but I feel someone grabbing my hips.
I have a movement of surprise. I plunge back into the cunt of my new friend, her husband sticks me to the depths of my stomach.
The sight of my vulva penetrated by her man, makes her come to enjoy.
Oh! Divine surprise, Frédérique is also a fountain woman. I drink the maximum of what his body gives me. The taste of what I receive is a little different from the taste projected by Valérie.
The cock embedded in me makes me leave quickly, I enjoy it.
His wife is lying under me, licks my slit, and collects all she can of my secretions.
The sex withdraws and will immediately honor my godmother.
I quickly hear his cries of pleasure.
Taking the initiative, he places all three of us side by side doggy style.
Like Alain, he goes from one to the other, bringing great pleasure to each!
Sensing that he is going to ejaculate, he walks around us and presents his cock to our three mouths eager to receive his seed. The coveted jets come out, a good squirt comes to my glottis, I swallow everything. We let his wife clean our companion with her mouth.

We return to the table, we have a drink without alcohol.
During the night, we once again practice the games of love with them.
We - we fall asleep mixed up. To whom this arm, this leg, this pussy, this rod. No, we know.
These shaved pussies, belong to Valérie or Magali. In short, we are sleeping a restful sleep.
In the morning, we join the next room, we close the communication door. We ask for breakfast for two.
On the other side, a few minutes later they do the same. The rolling tables are served to us, I open to an almost naked maid having just put back my thong.
Valérie is in the bathroom. We join our friends and have this meal together with the four naked.
We - we bathe, dress again. We are kissing.
When we leave them, Frédérique tells us that she was very satisfied with our service and will call on us very quickly.

We leave the hotel, take the road to Paris. At the tollbooth, Virginie stops, opens the envelopes, and gives me my two thousand euros. I put them in my bag.

- Honey, the first time, Christian paid me for the night but I didn't know. I have become a half-whore, now fully conscious and willing, I am a full-fledged "professional". Look at the path you have taken me to take!
I bend over, kiss her mouth, put my hand under her skirt, and stroke her pussy.

- You could have told me that you weren't wearing panties, I would have done the same!

I lift myself off my thong, open the window, and let it fall outside.

- Can I ask you a question?
- You have all rights with me.
- Yesterday evening, at the table, was it you who started Frederique.
- Yes I remembered our evening at the restaurant and your foot on my penis. I took the same path. I have understood that it is up to us to propose initiatives to our clients.
- Very well my love, you learn quickly, soon you will be a fully liberated woman and you will go alone on a mission.

On Wednesday I go to a third code lesson. Stéphane is not there, he is giving a driving lesson to a student. His secretary receives me and shows me the slides.
Every night, I work with my friend. I am registered to pass the code within two weeks.
Next week I'm taking my first driving lessons.

For my divorce, things are moving quickly. It seems my ex and his lawyer have some knowledge to speed things up.

Thursday, Anne has the possibility of coming to the institute for treatment with Odile.
All-day long, she helps us, even going so far as to give some soft massages to clients.
Virginie asks her where she learned these massages.

- My mother in Indochina in her youth was sold by her parents to a massage parlor. They taught him the practice of massage with the hands and with the body.
A French from the merchant navy came to this living room, he fell in love with it. Taking all the risks, he removed him from his condition as a slave.
He managed to get her to board his boat like a stowaway. Hidden in a lifeboat until he returned to France, he fed her at night.
Lovers spent pleasant moments every night in this canoe. Arrived in Marseille, he managed to get her down without any problem.
Nine months later, we were born my sister and me. My dad married my mom. He left the navy and the four of us came to the Paris region where he opened a garage in Pontault-combault. He was a trained mechanic.
It is my twin sister Aline who keeps my daughter at home during these two days.
My mom thought it was helpful to teach her daughters what she had practiced in her coerced and forced country. She thought it might be useful to us in their lives.

Tonight, Virginie has a meeting in a Parisian palace.
Anne and I have to spend the evening with Odile and Alain. Hope I could spark some interesting situations between us.
In the afternoon, I tell Odile about the worries that my little doll has suffered from a man and the aversion that she has kept of them.
We both agree to do our best so that by tomorrow we will make her return to better feelings towards men ...
At the end of the day, Odile takes care of Anne. She meticulously removes her vaginal fleece.
I hold my baby's hand during this labor. When it's all over, she looks at herself in the mirror and thanks us for giving her back her maiden slit.
Virginie left for her meeting. I hope she will have a suitable partner. What is good, it will be the first time that she can tell me in detail about her evening. I think what she told me on these last trips, were cut off from the intense moments of decline.
Now that I know, having some practice myself, she can describe to me what her partners have done to her.

The institute closed, we take a taxi to Montrouge. We reach the apartment. Alain is there, he kisses his wife. Takes my mouth in a warm kiss. He stops in front of Anne, he just kisses her on the cheeks. Odile makes the introductions. I can see that the little girl's slightly broken eyes do not leave him indifferent.
Quickly we take our meal. Odile leads us into the bathroom so that we shower. Anne quickly gets naked. Odile limit, I follow them.
Two in a bathtub, the space is limited. At three, the space is so small that our bodies are always in contact. Odile soaped Anne who soaped me.
Anne turns around and the two women kiss. I would never have believed that the little one, "my little one", was capable of taking such an initiative. On the one hand, I am happy, on the other a small movement of jealousy grips my heart. Quickly she turns around and kisses me passionately.
We rinse, we dry each other and we take the direction of the room. Odile takes Anne in her arms, lays her on the bed and while whispering sweet words to her, she presents her fingers to the freshly shaved pussy.
She spreads her thighs to be penetrated. I lie down at his height, our mouths meet.
Odile entered two fingers into her vagina.
I take her hand, make her close her fingers. She makes them go delicately in the vulva offered. His five fingers are together, I take his wrist firmly and push forward.
The hand is three quarters entered in the small. I feel that Odile does not dare to go further, the last movement of my wrist and his entirely passes.
The whole of his hand is in the lower abdomen. My lips on his lips receive his enjoyment.
A deep groan seized his whole being. I release my mouth, look at Odile whose eyes cannot believe what she sees.

- Open your fingers!

Astonished, she complies with my request. The taut belly of my little plug causes him an orgasm of such violence that Odile if I did not hold his wrist would have abandoned him.
Slowly, she withdraws her hand covered with the secretions of the little one. I grab it and lick it greedily.

- Can I join you?

Alain is on the doorstep of the bedroom completely naked. His cock proudly stretched, makes me want to take it in me. I motion for him to join us. He approaches. I put myself in my favorite position for a few days or men penetrated my doggy style.
He grabs me by the hips and plunges into my vulva. Anne begins to come to his senses and sees the man hanging on my hips.
A movement of recoil the seizure.

- Oh! Anne, how good it is to have Alain's big cock deep inside me! I feel like I'm going to go.
Contrary to the reaction she would have, she slips under me, and her mouth comes to join our two sexes.
His tongue on my clitoris brings me a first, the second wave of pleasure.
His tongue leaves me and Alain makes a funny noise.

- How good, she swallowed me a ball!

- Delicately I get my lover out of my belly, I turn around, look at Anne.
- You want this beautiful cock in your penis.
- Yes! In a breath.

Alain draws her to him and plunges deep into her vulva. He plows her quickly and the two lovers have simultaneous enjoyment. He pours into her. Anne takes refuge in my arms and falls asleep immediately. I was going to do the same when I see Odile greedily pumping her man. Seeing that I am looking at her, she lifts her head.

- I also wish to have my pleasure.

She stretches open her thighs for him to satisfy her. He rocks on her and penetrates her with a loving look and a lot of envy. I do not see the end of their frolics the sleep takes me before.

In the morning a good smell of coffee wakes us up. Alain brings us breakfast in bed. He is naked and wears a maid's apron.
He looks at Anne.

- I thought that for you men it was definitely over?

She lets out a mischievous little laugh.

- When I saw Alain take you and when I saw the pleasure you had!
When I saw the rod enter and exit in you when I sucked you, all my inhibitions dissipated and my belly only yearned to receive it.
Thank you, Alain, and you Odile, it is thanks to you that I found the taste of good manhood in me. I will always be available to come and see you, write down the address of your dream apartment.

Prepare, we leave Alain without forgetting to kiss him tenderly all three.
In the taxi, Anne snuggled up against me, one hand resting on the thighs uncovered by Odile's miniskirt.
Virginie has already arrived as well as Antoinette, she looks like someone after spending a sleepless night. We go into the restroom, undress, and put on our blouses.
Virginie and I are completely naked, the others have kept their panties in a postage stamp format.

- Anne take your things off!

We give her a blouse, she takes them all off and puts it on completely naked.
We open the institute, the first clients arrive.
Virginie goes to the restroom.

- Can you follow me, honey!

I am there, convinced that she wants to tell me about her evening of the day before.

- Yesterday I was at the home of a middle-aged woman, divorced who had three children.
She doesn't want to risk being recognized by going to a hotel.
- Where were you?
- I promised not to reveal it. What I can tell you is that we were in the center of Paris.
Her slender figure, despite the years, makes her a very attractive woman. Certainly, when we are naked, her breasts, which she refused to be remade despite her means, attest to her age.
When her husband dropped him for a youngster, she didn't complain.
Especially since in her inner self, she has always known that women seduce her more than men.
One day, when she had just had her third child, a friend came to visit her.
They were alone in the living room. The time to breastfeed the baby has arrived.
Naturally, in front of a woman, she took the little one and opened her blouse to release a breast which she cleaned as all nursing mothers do.
The little one began to suck greedily from this breast full of milk. Like a good mother, she burped him. She placed it in its cradle, the breast still out to clean it before putting it back in her blouse.
She sat on the sofa. Her friend joined her, she took the cotton to gently clean the breast of the small flows left by the child.
The feeling was wonderful.
Not stopping there, she took out the other breast, and before she reacted, she began to suckle it.
What pleasure, what enjoyment. They kissed but her friend did not continue and despite her frustration, everything stopped there.
When she divorced, the feelings felt with her friend and whom she never forgot, came back to her head.
Not seeing herself flirting with someone in the streets, she had the idea of ​​going on the Internet to see what is said about female encounters.
A site talking about escort girls caught her attention. He gave him the opportunity to meet women, men, or couples on a simple phone call.
She called the number indicated, she had just come across our organization.
The person who answered him presented him with the official and above all unofficial price list of our services. She asked him about her preferences over the woman she wanted to meet.
I was the first woman she chose.
I made her discover feminine love. She adores that I take in the mouth her clitoris which has an extraordinary size. I feel like I have a little cock to suck.
She regularly meets up with other escorts from the organization, but when I am available, she likes to receive me.
All night long I gave her pleasure, all night she did the same for me. At the next meeting, if you agree we will surprise her, we will both arrive and we will take care of her beautiful pussy as a duo.
- What you just told me about this lady excites my curiosity. Of course, we will only take the price for one visit and we will share.
- And you, how was the evening?

I tell her in great detail what Anne has to accept despite her blockage. How she received Alain in her, and how all together we had a good evening despite his absence.
Too happy Virginie kisses me.

- Since yesterday I have been thinking. I often have to take time off to work for the organization.
You joined the institute but with the speed in which you have evolved to become the little whore that I love, you are away, and above all, you will be away more and more.
- Thank you, sweetheart, I'm trying to be up to you, but it's hard.
- The living room is full, we need one more person. The way Anne made us see her massage skills is very useful in our profession. I think it is possible to offer him to work here.
Odile will train her if she accepts.
- Of course, I agree, Anne near me every day, what happiness.

We call the little one and we make the proposal to her, she jumps to the neck of Virginia then to mine. She does not forget in passing to take our lips in a fiery fucked.

- For your work at the pavilion, we'll have to replace you.
- My twin sister has just been made redundant and will gladly accept the place if I ask her. For my daughter, mom will be delighted to keep her during the week during her working hours. - Phone her if you can reach her?

She calls him and speaks to him in her native language.

-She is delighted with the proposal, she even told me, laughing, that she will give you better services than mine.
Before closing, we meet Odile and Antoinette to tell them about the decisions taken.
We are very happy.

I leave them forgone over to the code. Virginie takes my baby home. We will take her tomorrow morning for her first official day at the institute.
Stéphane is there when I arrive at his agency.
I take my heart and he offers to escort me.

- Would you go have a drink.
- Why not!

We spend a few pleasant minutes. I can tell he wants to go further in our relationship. Too happy to make this big stupid walk, at no time do I give him the hope that he will achieve his ends.
Haven't I become a bit “bitchy, see bitch”?
Arrived near the car, he hands me the keys.

- Get behind the wheel!

Panic seized me, I never thought of getting behind the wheel that day.

- Do not be afraid, look I have double controls. Nothing can happen to you.

I sit down, my short skirt goes up against my will, and for a few cents, my pussy remains hidden.
He gives me directions to young drivers.
I won't remind you of them, you are all seasoned drivers ...
First gear engaged, handbrake removed, I let go of the clutch pedal.
Boom I stop.
It starts well.
Stéphane is hilarious.

- Don't worry, nine out of ten newbies have the same problem.

I start again.
I am starting.
We drive for a hundred meters, at thirty an hour, the engine rumbles.

- If you do not pass the second as I explained to you, we will arrive at Chennevières after dark.
Quickly I understand the maneuvers to be carried out. When we arrive in front of the house, I am not yet a rally driver but I am very satisfied with my performance.
The time to untie me, Stéphane has walked around the car and he is up to the door.
He opens it.
I rotate my legs, my mini goes up a few pennies inopportune.
Stéphane certainly has time to realize that not only do I have no panties but that I am shaved.
Immediately her cheeks blush confirming to me that her eyes haven't lost anything from the show.
He shakes my hand and waits for me to enter before heading back to Paris.

When I enter Virginie naked as usual has set the table, I go to the bedroom to remove my belongings and join her for supper.
The meal finished and having everything put away, we sit on the sofa.

Virginie starts the CD, we start from the beginning. With the experience gained, I appreciate all the scenes.
Several girls are put on by males who have nothing to envy the men I have met and received in my pussy.
Tof the actor with only one ball makes me envy. I share it with Virginie, who has a smirk.
In passing, I notice situations of penetration that I put in memory, determined to practice them with my lovers or my clients.

Once the cassette is finished, we return to the room after this busy day.

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