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The Hot Sex Story of Christine, the "good" Woman (Part 8)

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Several days have passed since I told you about my latest adventures.

Today, big day, the mummy sent me the summons to court to make my divorce effective.

I arrive at the tribunal accompanied by Virginie. Pierre is there in the captain’s uniform accompanied by Véronique his mistress. His big green eyes make me crack.

Like the last time, the judge receives us, binds us to the act of divorce.

- Is everything in order?

We both agree to the terms and sign our final separation.

After having made the photos copies, the secretary gives me the acts and a substantial check.

Pierre, for the balance of all accounts, has increased the sum as I planned it with Madam Judge.

Everything is settled, we leave the palace after having greeted the lawyer. Knowingly, I forget to say hello to Pierre, but I glance at his girlfriend. Redhead with green eyes, I find myself dreaming.

To end this week, during the last driving lesson, Stéphane gave me my invitation.

Monday I passed my driving license. I passed the code successfully a few days ago.

During the few days leading up to these two events, Virginie’s phone remains silent. I’m missing our getaways.

During the last driving lessons, faithful to the line I followed with Stéphane, I continue to turn it on. This man who has a presence that should allow him to have many female conquests seems to lose all his means in front of me.

We received Aline, Anne’s twin sister, to set up the continuity of the functions that my little one was providing for us. Anne comes with her pretty doll daughter like her mom.

While Virginie fixes the problems, I take Sindy to the pool. I put on my swimsuit. I take her in my arms to go down the steps.

As I hold her against me, when she feels the water, her legs are lowered. Surprised, I let go, and it floats without a problem. Anne goes to war with Virginie.

- For a few weeks now I have been taking him to the Champigny swimming pool with the baby swimmer.

I stay close to her in the water so that nothing can happen to her.

I get out of the water and wipe the baby off. I place it in his park.

We sit down at the table and the four of us take an orangeade.

Aline is as pretty as her sister.

- Why did your parents give you French-speaking first names?

Brought to you by Wetpoints
- From our birth, the question arose. Quickly, our dad and our mom agreed with Anne and Aline to prevent us from being teased at school with names that our friends would not know.

Monday noon, Véronique accompanies me to the driving test site.

The car is not there, a student is taking his exam. After parking, he comes out looking crestfallen, behind Stéphane does not look happy.

I learn later that the youngster has taken a forbidden direction. Look for the error.

The examiner asks me to settle down. I do everything well before starting.

I pulled out one of my BCBG tailors to avoid provoking the examiner’s libido.

The only concession made to my current condition is that I did not wear panties as usual.

Driving without fail, I see Stéphane in the back seat in the rearview mirror, very satisfied. I park the car.

- Come to my door!

I go down without forgetting to look in the rearview mirror.

I walk around the car from the rear. When you reach the door, the window is open.

- Hold. You have earned it. Friendly behavior, miss, you are received!

I see a pink butterfly. With joy, I jump to the neck of Virginie, then Stéphane.

As usual, it turns all red.

Virginie takes advantage of our presence near the institute to update the papers requested by the administration.

- You’re waiting for me, I’m going to race.

- I am waiting for you.

I walk happily to an address that I know.

I arrive at Stéphane’s driving school. When he sees me come in, he is very surprised.

The key is on the door, I close it, grabbed Stéphane by the hand, and lead him into the slide room.

I do not give him time to ask questions. Quickly I undo his belt, kneel while kissing his pants, I swallow his rod.

He’s so stunned that in a fraction of a second I’m afraid he’s going to get low.

Nature does things well, its stalk straightens.

I get up, turn around, lift my skirt, put one leg on the desk where the first few days I worked on the slides.

Stéphane seems to have emerged from his torpor. He planted his stake at the bottom of my vulva.

The position we have taken allows me to feel strongly about the stakes he hits me. My vulva bursts, my strongly solicited clit, are all moved. I take the tips of my fingers, pass them over to masturbate him. I enjoy, he enjoys, we enjoy.

I put my leg back on the ground, put my skirt back in place, and turn around.

- Thanks for the preparation! You deserve to fuck my pussy after all I’ve done to you.

I left the room not without noticing his rod which disbanded.

I open the door and quickly return to find my big bitch.

When I arrive, she’s finished, and we can enter the suburbs.

All along the way, I tell about the visit I made to Stéphane to thank him for preparing me to have my license. I give him all the details down to the second. She appreciates this initiative.

Arriving at the top of the Champigny coast, she stops the car at the garage where she bought her mini. I think she has a problem with her car.

She asks me to accompany her. We enter the exhibition hall; the sales agent comes to meet us, hands me a set of keys.

Astonished, Virginie leads me near a mini five-door identical to hers, black with a white roof.

- My love, it’s yours. You have deserved it. You have given me so much satisfaction in a few weeks that you deserve this little gift!

- Sweetheart, I would prove to you that your gift was straight to my heart.

Virginie came three days ago to sort out all the formalities. Everything has been put in my name, everything is in order, we can leave. The salesperson takes the car out of the hall. I sit down, switch on the ignition and follow Virginie, a little trembling.

We arrive at the pavilion without incident; we enter, and as usual, we undress. I sit on a deckchair, pick up my phone. I call the weather forecast to get the weather forecast on Sunday.

I called Odile to give him the good news and invited them both next Sunday at noon. I did the same with Antoinette and her husband.

May I end with my little Anne, who is delighted to spend this day together?

Aline is at home, I ask her to pass it on to me; I give her the instructions for shopping and preparation by the pool for the expected time, very fine.

On Tuesday, I take Virginie and Anne in my car. I feel more and more comfortable behind the wheel. Odile and Antoinette have arrived. They come to admire my racing car. The week goes by quietly until Friday.

I ask the girls to leave me with errands to do.

I shop for good bills to find a Sunday gift for each of my guests.

I found almost everything. Each time I ask for my purchases to be delivered to the pavilion the next morning. Aline must all receive.

While around eleven o’clock, I leave a shop, I see Pierre and Véronique pass on the sidewalk opposite.

Why did I decide to follow them discreetly?

Pierre is dressed as a pilot. Not having his luggage, he did not return from a mission. Knowing the gentleman, if he is in uniform, it is because he is going to go away.

Two streets further, they enter a high-standing building. A coffee allows me to observe without being seen. A taxi arrives and stops, Véronique walks forward and talks to the driver. Two minutes later, Pierre leaves with his suitcase. They are kissing. Quickly and the taxi starts.

I think Véronique will go back into the building. No, she goes to oppose him, and I followed her. That it is existing! She walks into a post office and through the window I see her buying stamps.

When it comes out, I pretend to stamp it without seeing it. She apologizes and recognizes me.

- Hey, what are you doing here?

- I came to buy stamped envelopes.

- It’s good to see you, we don’t know each other and I regret it!

I would have liked to apologize for taking your husband from you, but when he seduced me, he didn’t tell me he was married.

- Pierre left, ten minutes ago, for five days, I live close by, will you come to my place for lunch?

I agree to follow her, do her red mane and green eyes attract me?

We enter the hall and take the elevator. The cabin is so small that to enter two; we have to be very close to each other.

The smell given off by this beautiful redhead must excite me because, without thinking; I put my hand behind the neck, attract him to me, and greedily take his mouth.

Véronique a fraction of a second to a slight withdrawal of the body. But she also puts her hand on my neck and makes me fucked me.

The elevator stops, without letting go we go out, she takes a key from her pocket. They enter, still welded to each other, with her foot she slams the door.

We fall into the hall. A thick carpet receives us. I tear her blouse, her chest appears bare to me.

I leave her mouth to swallow her breasts.

I crush them, knead them with my tongue. I sucked them greedily, stood up, and take off my blouse and my bra. Then I dived back into her mouth, her nose, her eyes, and nibbled on her earlobe, she seems to enjoy it. Her mouth makes little moans. I took off her mini and tear off her thong. I can’t believe that I’m on my knees over this woman I should hate.

It is magnificent red, almost red fleece attracts me, I dive forward and attack with my mouth and a little my teeth this juicy mango. My tongue penetrates her private lips, her pelvis has uncontrolled movements. I feel like I’m riding a wild mustang trying to throw me off the hook. I don’t want to be kicked out; I grab her tight and get what I want, she explodes with enjoyment.

Has she lost consciousness?

For a few seconds, she does not react. His eyes are rolled back. I lie down next to him and gently take his mouth back. I feel her reaction and surrender have fucked me.

- Come!

We get up; she leads me to her room. I drop my skirt and we roll onto the bed. I’m going to find her fleece, she does the same.

Our tongues are lost on our clitoris. During my first embrace in the center of her penis, I did not have time to notice her jewel in the center of her fleece.

I feel that she also mouths my clit and we suck each other.

We explode at the same time. We stay long minutes in each other’s arms.

A thought occurs to me, I just cuckolded the one who cuckolded me. I am in his bed with the one who allowed me to cuckold me.

I’m laughing ...

That awakening.

- Said so, we had come to eat! Follow me.

We win the kitchen in the simplest device. The fridge allows us to regain our strength.

We return to the living room and assail face to face.

- How did you know Pierre, my husband?

- I was assigned to his team because I am a flight attendant.

I didn’t know he was married. We did a few flights and quickly I realized how interested he was in me. In Istanbul, where we were stopping over with a night’s rest, I heard a knock on my door. Coming out of my bath, I put on a bathrobe and opened it.

Pierre is in front of me too in a bathrobe and asks me to enter.

Why did I accept?

Is it the separation with my ex that weighed on me?

He hugged me, and we kissed. He pushed me to the bed and stripped me naked.

Quickly, he lay down on me and penetrated me. One round trip and he ejaculated. I didn’t have time to feel.

He was happy with himself and slipped on the side.

In a tender gesture, I put my head on his shoulder and my hand on his penis, this movement seemed surprised but he let it go.

I put my mouth forward to suck it to restore its vigor.

- Oh! What are you doing? No one ever did that to me!

It tape, I have in front of my eyes mini format sex.

You know what they say, better a little vigorous than a big lazy one.

He turned to straddle me. The missionary position is where my enjoyment is weakest. I prefer to be on the man and put the piece on from the bottom up.

In this position, my clitoris is much better used and my enjoyment stronger.

- You have seen that its size should not be foreign to this phenomenon.

I push him away.

- Get on your back!

I ride it as I like. One round trip and I feel its panic downstairs. I emerge, he looks at me very surprised.

- You’re going too fast, calm down, you have all the time.

I handle it again three minutes later, it’s panic. I go out again.

- You always go so fast.

His response is astounding to me.

- It’s my wife’s fault!

- You are married?

- Yes.

- Why didn’t you tell me before? I’m not one of his wives who steal husbands.

- I wanted you too much.

- And why is it your wife’s fault that you’re going so fast?

- When I got married, I was a virgin. Our wedding night was the first time for me.

Every time we make love, she only agrees to put herself on the back and wait for me to finish before falling asleep.

In the six years that I married him, my sex life is still the same. She takes no initiative.

When I saw you, I felt an impulse for you that when I joined you tonight; I was hoping to materialize. Teach me, love, I will leave my wife if you bring me what is missing in my life.

This position of victim, which he sold me, moved me because I got down to bringing him the shortcomings that you could not give him.

I taught him to suck my clit, and you saw my reactions when you know how to take care of him.

I taught him to take me doggy style.

I taught her how to fuck sitting face to face.

I taught him to take me when I’m lying on top of him.

And above all, I taught him to know how to control himself.

You see, with patience, I knew how to make him, despite his tiny tail, a more or less satisfactory lover.

Very proud of where I had arrived with him, I convinced myself that this poor victim had the right to happiness and my reluctance vanished.

This story at first amazes me.

- Do you want me to give you my version?

She hugs me.

- Recount!

I tell him about my sex life since my youth, my marriage, until the announcement that he is leaving me.

When I come to the end of my story, her reaction makes me think she accepts my version.

She takes my mouth in a very tender kiss.

As we are always naked, we position ourselves so that our clits touch each other, we rub them against each other, they ignite and so do we.

Our spirits return to earth.

- I am on my love that the reality is closer to your version than that of Pierre. He is sewn with white threads.

- You know, he did not want me to work, because, in his environment, the education of the sons inculcates that the woman is there to stay at home and take care of the children, even if like me I did not have any.

- You’re right, he strongly suggested that I quit my job as a hostess.

He told me he was there to fully support me. For the past few days, I’ve been wondering if I will not prepare his suitcase for him, put it in front of the door so that he understands that between them everything is over.

I embrace her and assure her of my support.

- So that there is no ambiguity between us, I will tell you the truth about our meeting in front of the post office. I saw you with Pierre as I was leaving a store near you. How I saw the departure of your lover!

How I followed you to the post office!

How I caused our telescoping, which allowed our meeting!

She hugs me, I feel we are going to start again in erotic games.

- Stop my heart, my friend Virginie must wonder where I went.

- Is it the exquisite woman who was in court?

- Yes, Virginie could hold out her hand when I was dumped. She hired me at the beauty institute she created in the Opera district.

Of course, I omit to tell him about our brief trips with extra profit.

I tell him about Odile and Alain and about the evenings where I discovered eroticism and sensuality.

Finally, I tell her about Anne, my baby, whom I love with all my heart.

- The way you talk about one or the other with your lightning eyes shows me the love you have for them.

- Can you come tonight? After what I’ve just experienced, I’m afraid to be left alone?

- No, you get dressed and I’ll take you to Chennevières to introduce you to my friends. I’m going to ask Anne, who has just been hired at the institute if she can keep her daughter and come and join us.

- No problem, I accept, I would be ready.

I look for my things, jacket, blouse and the rest.

Dressed, I give a kiss to my new beautiful mistress.

- You have forgotten nothing she said to me?

- No why?

- Your panties?

I burst out laughing and tell him that thanks to Véronique I have abandoned this piece of fabric even if they are lace and alluring.

I go back to the institute. I give explanations to Véronique very watering down, failing to tell her I have found Véronique and what we have done.

I want to surprise him tonight. I ask Anne if she can free herself.

She telephones her sister, who takes care of her child.

After closing, I take my car back, I take the path to Véronique’s home located a few kilometers away.

- You are on the wrong road, you should have turned left!

- I have a surprise for you.

- With you, I go from surprise to surprise.

I arrive in front of the building, Véronique is waiting for us in front of her door.

- Well, isn’t your ex’s mistress?

I don’t have time to answer, Véronique walks towards the car that I have just stopped. I go downstairs and kiss her.

I open the back door for her to go upstairs. Véronique opens the front door and comes and gives two kisses to Virginie.

Stunned, she said nothing and returned her kisses.

I’m in heaven, it’s the first time since I’ve known her she’s thrown off her feet. Everyone is mounted, I’m leaving, in the right direction.

- I present to you Véronique, mistress of my ex-husband.

I quickly explain to Virginie and Anne how while I was shopping, I ran into Pierre and Véronique, how I had followed them.

How I saw Pierre leave and Véronique goes to the post office!

How I deliberately jostled her when she came out and how we found ourselves in her apartment where we were explained between grown-ups! I explain we compared the events that led to my divorce. We realized that Pierre, my ex, fooled him as I was.

And how Véronique left her lover upon his return, as he did with me.

- Do not worry about his suitcases are ready, since your departure I have put everything in them. When he comes back Tuesday morning, I’ll take them out on the landing, he’ll understand. I have no problem, I own my apartment.

The time for all these explanations, we have arrived.

I enter the car into the garage.

We enter the house. I go to my room and take off all my clothes. When I return to the living room, these ladies are waiting, my outfit surprises them. This stupor is short-lived, Virginie kidnaps her family one by one. While I was expecting Anne to be the next one, Véronique surprises me and quickly finds herself naked. Finally, Anne follows suit and we can admire four women all more beautiful than the other naked in the room.

Virginie wants to show our new friend around her house.

I lead Anne towards the swimming pool where Aline has set up the meal table as I asked her to. We dive and, as usual, we start our competition. I stop on the steps, my stopper twists and ends in my arms.

Finally, I take his mouth.

Finally, I eat her breasts.

Finally, I drink her pussy.

My little one swoons under my caresses.

- Can I ask you something?

- Of course sweetheart, I’m sure I know what you’re going to ask me.

- Did you make love with Véronique?

I explain to her the part of my meeting with our friend that I did not say in the car.

- You were right, she is so beautiful.

The time taken by Virginie and Véronique to reach us seems particularly long to me.

I step out of the pool, followed by the doll, and take a towel and dry it completely. I insist on his button which appreciate.

We sit down at the table.

Twenty minutes later, they arrive, Véronique’s cheeks are very red.

- Dive into the pool, it’ll cool you off! Does she know how to make my girlfriend there?

She blushed even more. She dives, followed by my godmother. Both swims up to each other. She seems to enjoy the coolness of the water on their bare skin.

Meanwhile, Anne and I set up the meal. Aline concocted a cold meal for us comprising salad and fruit.

My two friends come out and dry each other off. I see the hands of Virginie insist on the private parts of the great Veronique.

We go to the table. Véronique admires the garden and the swimming pool.

- Your beauty institute must work well so that you could afford such a house.

At these words, we look at each other with a knowing smile.

- Anne can you give our guest a body massage.

Always leaving my baby spreads a towel on the floor. She lays Véronique on her stomach to start. She begins with a classic massage with her hands. Having no massage cream, she uses the bottle of sunscreen to soften her skin.

Little by little, her body comes into contact with that of the big one. Until lie fully on her and by wavy movements of her breasts, she plunges our friend into close pleasure.

She turns her around and starts her face-side maneuvers again.

The pressure of the breasts on her breasts gives her more and more pleasure. On the verge of ecstasy, she grabs his head and kisses him.

I sit down next to them, my hand comes to rest on Veronique’s crotch, she pulls them aside and I penetrate her with my fingers.

I do the same on the little one.

Her lips part, I dive into her, as I know she likes to be fisted.

My hand finds its place at the bottom of her vulva. Both flare-up. I separate from Anne’s vulva.

The little one rolls over and dives into the water. I embrace Véronique who thanks me for the good evening we are giving her.

She dives.

I approach Virginia installed on a deckchair. Discreetly, I ask him if the visit to the pavilion, especially in the rooms, was interesting?

She bursts out laughing.

- I just saw that your ex-husband’s mistress has a fiery temperament.

The two naiads come out of the water.

- Véronique, are you available on Sunday because I am celebrating with close friends my driving license and the signing of my divorce from my ex?

- Okay, I can come without a problem.

We clear the area around the pool. Virginie leads Véronique in her bed, and I a little bit of a woman.

- Good night!

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